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I am "Van Gogh's Self-Portrait". I cut off my ear with a razor last night. (『ゴッホの自画像』です きのうカミソリで耳を切り落としました, "Gohho no Jigazō" desu. Kinō kamisori de mimi o kiriotoshimashita.)

Van Gogh's Self-Portrait (ゴッホの自画像, Gohho no Jigazō), or simply Van Gogh (ゴッホ, Gohho), is a tertiary character featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

He is a painting by artist Vincent van Gogh that was manifested by Bohemian Rhapsody.


Van Gogh is a middle-aged man of average height with multiple light swirls surrounding his head. He has a beard and short-length light hair with a widow's peak. His outfit consists of a dark fur cap, semi-dark overcoat, light pants, boots, and a bandage covering his right ear and extending under his chin. He is also shown with a pipe in his mouth and holds a razor in his hand. His appearance is likely based on the Van Gogh painting, "Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear and Pipe."

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Tan, vermilion lips)
Eyes(Seafoam Green)
Hat(Baby blue with grayish blue fur)
(Dark green coat with yellow button and piping, burnt orange pants)
Bandages(Milky White)
Pipe(Dark brown and gold)
Hair(Burnt Orange with ginger beard)
Eyes(Olive Green)
(Baby blue, dark brown fur with grayish blue spots)
(Dark green coat with orange spots, orange button, burnt orange pants)
Bandages(Milky White)
Pipe(Reddish brown and beige)


Frightened to even go near the pistol in fear of his life

The self-portrait of Van Gogh is mostly calm throughout his interactions with Weather Report. He is shown to be quite knowledgeable of the life experiences, hardships, and general info about the real Vincent van Gogh.[1] As Weather begins to experience the story of the famous painter, including his death, the portrait is seemingly uncaring of Weather's fated demise. When Weather warns not to touch the pistol, Van Gogh is frightened by the prospect of even going near the weapon to avoid meeting the same fate befalling Weather. As Weather begins to experience the end of Vincent van Gogh's story, the portrait starts to gloat about taking over Weather's place. His cowardly side is revealed when Weather threatens his life and pleads he'll do anything Weather asks.[2]


After being manifested by Bohemian Rhapsody, the self-portrait of Van Gogh asks Weather Report for directions to Saint Rémy's. Upon realizing that Weather knows him, he asks Weather if he is correct. Weather tells Van Gogh that he doesn't know him and how he isn't from this town, apologizing that he can't help. Van Gogh corrects him by noting he has admired his work before, revealing himself as a portrait of Vincent van Gogh and how he cut his ear off with a razor last night, as Weather's soul separates from his body.[3]

"You were touched by my art, yes?"

Van Gogh explains that the real Van Gogh was the kind of painter whose soul slowly wasted away as he continued painting. He states the real Van Gogh barely sold any of his paintings while alive and begins to quiz Weather about how many self-portraits the real Vincent van Gogh had made. Weather responds aggressively by taking Van Gogh's razor. The razor quickly morphs into a brush. Van Gogh tells Weather the answer to his question and explains that for the real Van Gogh to see into his own soul, he left many portraits of himself.[1]

He further mentions that Van Gogh cut off his ear and ended his own life by shooting himself with a pistol. Van Gogh explains that since Weather is now a self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh, he will continue to cut off his ear and shoot himself twice, the second killing him. Suddenly Weather's ear falls off, and the paintbrush shoots a bullet into Weather's head as it morphs into a gun. After the first shot, Weather releases his Stand to try and take out the user.[1]

Weather warns Van Gogh not to shoot him with the gun, and Van Gogh says he would never go near it to protect his own life. A police car passes the both of them, being the same one Anasui was on while trying to escape from the Mother Goat and Seven Young Goats. Anasui falls from the car and knocks Weather into the gun, which fires immediately into Weather's Head. Van Gogh states he will happily live in Weather's place, but Weather grabs him and threatens Van Gogh's life in exchange for making Weather a drawing. He makes Van Gogh draw him the hero, "Put Back", to bring back the characters that Bohemian Rhapsody brought to life. Thus, the Stand is defeated, and Van Gogh is returned to his painting.[2]

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Quote.png Quotes
  • It's not that... You like me, correct? Your face says it all. You were touched by my work. My name is Van Gogh.
    —Van Gogh's Self-Portrait to Weather Report, Stone Ocean Chapter 108: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 5
  • The answer is B, 40-45. In order for him to see into his own soul, Van Gogh left that many portraits of himself... And then he cut off his ear, and at the age of 37... He ended his own life by shooting himself with a pistol.
    —Van Gogh's Self-Portrait to Weather Report, Stone Ocean Chapter 109: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 6
  • It's over. Just like how it should be. I'll live happily in your stead.
    —Van Gogh's Self-Portrait to Weather Report, Stone Ocean Chapter 110: Bohemian Rhapsody, Part 7



  • The way Van Gogh describes certain aspects of the real Van Gogh is historically inaccurate. The portait states to Weather that Van Gogh painted 40 to 45 self portraits, he cut off his ear, and he ended his life by shooting himself twice in the head.
    • It is estimated that he painted between 35 to 40 self-portraits. The anime changed the answer to about 40.
    • It is unclear whether Van Gogh cut his entire left ear[a] off due to conflicting accounts. Some describe that he only cut his earlobe off, he cut off the lobe and a little more of his bottom ear, or severed the entire outer ear.[4]
    • Van Gogh died two days after a single gunshot wound to the stomach. His death is commonly associated as an attempted suicide but some evidence suggests it was rather manslaughter.


  1. The character of Van Gogh is drawn with a bandage covering his right ear due to the real self-portrait being mirrored.


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