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Diamond is Unbreakable

Rohan's ParentsLink to this section
Manga Debut: Rohan at the Louvre (Mentioned only)


LandownerLink to this section
Manga Debut: Rohan at the Louvre (Mentioned only)
In 1989, a landowner from Nanase Kishibe's hometown found the "Under the Moon" painting in the back of his barn. A Louvre curator then obtained the painting from them.
Louvre CuratorLink to this section
Manga Debut: Rohan at the Louvre (Mentioned only)
In 1989, after a Japanese landowner found the "Under the Moon" painting, a curator from the Louvre acquired the painting and brought it back to Paris to be a part of the Louvre's collections. At some point the painting had killed them, and they still appear on a list of missing persons.
Rohan's FansLink to this section
Rohan's Fans.png
Manga Debut: Rohan at the Louvre
Three men visiting the Louvre. They recognize Rohan Kishibe and ask for autographs. One of them asks what Rohan is doing in Paris and if it's for research for his next series. Another asks Rohan to sign something for his girlfriend. Rohan questions them if they like manga, to which they say yes. Rohan questions the trio if they had looked at what they are wearing, asserting that if they love manga, they should respect this place. Explaining that since they are admiring masterpieces, they should be dressing up better than how they are right now. As he is walking away from the trio, one man reasks for an autograph, to which Rohan replies to look closely. To their surprise, he already did the autographs with his special dripping technique.
FirefightersLink to this section
Manga Debut: Rohan at the Louvre
These two firefighters accompanied Rohan, Gaucher and Noguchi to the abandoned warehouse Z-13 to find the painting "Under the Moon", art of the painter Nizaemon Yamamura, in case the group got lost or something happened. When they found the painting, one of the firefighters had his skull pierced after moving closer to it. His body was sucked into the darkness in the ceiling. The remaining firefighter, once a war veteran, witnessed Gaucher die and recognized one of their attackers as someone who died in the battlefield. He asked himself how that was possible and begged for him to get away. Numerous gunshot wounds appeared on his body and he too was sucked into the darkness. Their bodies were never found and both were considered missing.
Rohan's GrandfatherLink to this section
Rohan's Grandfather.png
Manga Debut: Rohan at the Louvre
The grandfather of Rohan Kishibe. He lived with Rohan's grandma who owned an inn in the quarter of Morioh, S City. When he dies in 1994, his wife closes the inn and rents out the rooms. He later appears as a "ghost" summoned by the "Under the Moon" painting at the Louvre. He gets recognized by his grandson, who is terrified by his presence as he died 12 years prior.
Firefighter's ComradeLink to this section
Firefighter's Comrade.png
Manga Debut: Rohan at the Louvre
A soldier who fought with one of the firefighters in the past. At some point during a war, he had died on the battlefield by gunfire and the firefighter had witnessed it. He laters appears as a "ghost" summoned by the "Under the Moon" painting at the Louvre. The firefigher recognizes him and asked himself how it was possible for him to be here, before begging him to get away from him. When close enough to him, numerous gunshot wounds appeared on the firefighter's body.
InterpreterLink to this section
The interpreter is a beautiful woman hired by Rohan Kishibe in his trip to Italy to visit a Gucci factory and fix the Gucci Bag Stand. Even though he counted on her, she spent most of the time changing clothes at the boutique and claiming that Rohan was rude, his impoliteness not shared by her. Rohan often scolded her because of that, saying that there wouldn't be any problem if she just did her job. After fixing the Gucci Bag Stand, she got Rohan drunk and stole his money and passport.
Leather Goods ArtisanLink to this section
Gucci Artisan.png
He is one of the leather goods artisan of the Gucci brand and also one of Gucci's "skilled workers". He holds great respect for Frida Giannini and Gucci' traditions. He informs Rohan and his interpreter about Frida and the Gucci Bag Stand, warning Rohan about how he doesn't seem to know the bag's true purpose. The mangaka, however, doesn't seem to care about all his "maniacal information" and just wants the bag to be "fixed".
Genius ArtisanLink to this section
Manga Debut: Kishibe Rohan Meets Gucci (Mentioned only)
Creator of the The Gucci Bag Stand
The Gucci Bag StandLink to this section
The Stand of an unnamed genius artisan from the Gucci brand, who bound it to a Gucci bag. It is mentioned that three bags with the same ability were made by the artisan, making it possible his Stand can grant its ability to an unlimited number of bags. Anyone can use the bags, even if they are not Stand users themselves. It has the ability to vanish valuable things that the owner keeps in the bag. When the owner of the bag is in trouble, the bag will return the vanished objects in some way (the objects do not appear in the bag, but the owner will recover them in an unexpected event).

Rohan Kishibe's grandmother had one of those bags and gave it to Rohan Kishibe. Rohan, not knowing the ability was due to a Stand, made the Gucci factory fix the bag (probably the artisan unbound his Stand from it), but, after knowing the bag's true nature, the mangaka lamented for not being able to use it anymore.

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

(Brown, green, and red leather with silver buckles and zippers, brown strap, golden casing.)


Trinita's MotherLink to this section
Novel Debut: The Book Chapter 1: Kyrie (Mentioned only)
The mother of Trinita


ClementineLink to this section
CD Drama Debut: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (CD)
Voice Actor: Yoko Soumi
Clementine (クレメンタイン Kurementain)
Clementine's FatherLink to this section
The father of Clementine