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Named Characters

Noboru MochizukiLink to this section
Noboru Mochizuki.jpg
Noboru Mochizuki (望月 昇 Mochizuki Noboru), aged 50, is the husband of Haruko and the father of Aki and Takeru.
Haruko MochizukiLink to this section
Haruko Mochizuki.jpg
Haruko Mochizuki (望月 晴瑠子 Mochizuki Haruko), aged 46, is the wife of Noboru Mochizuki and mother of Aki and Takeru. She is a full-time housewife, and it's revealed that she has cervical cancer, as shown by a positive test result she had received. Noboru reassures her that if she lives past midnight on their moon viewing, her medical treatment will go well, and her health is guaranteed to recover.
Mitsu MochizukiLink to this section
Mitsu Mochizuki.jpg
Mitsu Mochizuki (望月 ミツ Mochizuki Mitsu), aged 78, is the wife of Sakuzo Mochizuki and mother of Noboru, Mamoru, and Akiko. She is also the grandmother of Aki and Takeru. One day, as the family goes out to the backyard during the harvest moon, a chain reaction of events causes a goldfish to be flung into Mitsu's mouth, almost choking her to death. However, Takeru's toy helicopter lands on her throat, making her spit it out. She places the fish back in its bowl afterwards.
Takeru MochizukiLink to this section
Takeru Mochizuki.jpg
Takeru Mochizuki (望月 猛 Mochizuki Takeru), aged 15, is the son of Noboru Mochizuki and younger brother of Aki.
Your date of death is the Harvest Moon! But think of it conversely. If you live past midnight tonight, your treatment will go well, and your health is guaranteed to recover, because on any other day, the Mochizuki family is immortal.
—Noboru Mochizuki to Haruko Mochizuki, Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 4: The Harvest Moon

The Mochizuki Family (望月家 Mochizuki Ke) is a family both introduced in and acted as the main group of focus within the one-shot, Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan - Episode 4: The Harvest Moon, as the current family must deal with a mysterious curse that has been affecting their family lineage for decades.


Current family

The Mochizuki family currently consists of five family members and their pet dog.[1] The complete family genealogy goes back sixteen generations, with the family being around as far back as during the time of the Battle of Sekigahara.[2] The current family resides in Morioh, as Rohan Kishibe states they live near him.[1] Their real family name is unknown since Rohan used "Mochizuki"[Note 1] as a pseudonym before telling the story about them.[1] Every direct descendant of the family shares the exact date of death[3] of September 8th, the date of the Harvest Moon[4], which ties to a curse that has been dealt with for every generation.

Family Curse

I suppose I'll return to the skies... Though I come back every year. Time will always continue to flow... Generations will come and go... and within this family, someone will eventually get careless, and forget the rule to always go moon viewing during the Harvest Moon.

Every year during the Harvest Moon, they must view the moon altogether until midnight.[5] If they follow this rule, they will live long lives, as shown by Seizo Mochizuki and his wife Sae, both living to 100+ in good health.[6] However, if a family member doesn't follow the rule, they will be killed by unfortunate events. These unfortunate events can be seen with Noboru's brother Mamoru who died by drowning at 17 while trying to help a neighbor's kid from drowning, and his father Sakuzo, who died of an allergic reaction to a giant hornet sting at 46.[3] Unbeknownst to them, the family is stalked by a spirit known as the Moon Rabbit, who is the one that brings misfortune to anyone in the family who doesn't follow the rule. The origin and reason why this curse has befallen this family for past, present, and future generations to come are unknown.

One way to avoid this misfortune is if a family member accepts someone's hand in marriage. This condition is met when Aki is narrowly spared of misfortune by hornets by accepting her boyfriend's proposal, thus causing the spirit to proclaim she is no longer part of the family in mind or body.[7] Instead, the misfortune was redirected to a motorcyclist driving by that caused them to crash and be killed to even the balance.[8]


Mochizuki Family
Kayo Mochizuki
Sae Mochizuki
Mitsu Mochizuki
Aki's Fiancé

Family Tree

The number of relatives some members may have is unknown because the family tree is only partially shown within the one-shot. Some names are also obscured, as seen with Kentaro, where the first kanji in his name is partially shown. Another example is the partial names of "-zo" ((ぞう)) and "-mon" ((もん)) for the two additional siblings of one of the parents of Tsukiji, two unnamed children, and Kentaro.

"-mon" Mochizuki
"-zo" Mochizuki
Tsukiji Mochizuki
Kentaro Mochizuki
Kayo Mochizuki
???Yoshigoro MochizukiSeizoAv.png
Seizo Mochizuki
Sae Mochizuki
???Miwa Mochizuki
Yamato Mochizuki
Sakuzo Mochizuki
Mitsu Mochizuki
Haruko Mochizuki
Noboru Mochizuki
Mamoru Mochizuki
Akiko Mochizuki
Aki's Fiancé Av.png
Aki's Fiancé
Aki Mochizuki
Takeru Mochizuki
Mochizuki Family Dog Av.png
Mochizuki Family Dog
  • Dashed lines indicate adopted children, couples who have divorced, extramarital affairs/unmarried couples, or illegitimate children.
  • Blue boxes indicate direct descendants of the Mochizuki lineage.
  • Red boxes indicate family members through marriage.
  • Gray boxes indicate pets that are part of the family.



  1. First kanji in their name is assumed due to it only being partially shown.