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The Old Man Stand User (スタンド使いの老人 Sutando tsukai no Rōjin) is an enemy Stand user exclusively featured in Chapter 2 of Volume 1 of the Drama CD, based on Stardust Crusaders. His real name is unknown.


The unnamed strange Old Man is a senile 89-year-old organ-player who likes to have fun. His idea of fun, however, is to force people to compete with each other using his Stand, Strange Relation. Considering himself strange, he chooses to attack strangers without any motive aside from having fun. Because of that, he is the only Stand user who attacks the Joestar group without having any relation to DIO.


Drama CD

When the Joestar group reaches India they are attacked by the Strange Old Man, who uses his ability to control and turn one against the other to have fun. With great pleasure from the situation, he is taken by surprise by Joseph Joestar, who managed to use his sharp wit to defeat the Strange Old Man with psychological damage. Developing dementia due to the battle and his age, the Strange Old Man retires.


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