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Sound can't be beaten! Sound can't be burned! Sound can't be cut! Therefore... sound is primordial! The heartbeat of life!
—Strange Old Man, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (CD)

The Old Man Stand User (スタンド使いの老人, Sutando tsukai no Rōjin), also referred to as the Strange Old Man (ストレンジじじい, Sutorenji Jijī), is an unnamed tertiary antagonist featured in the second chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure drama CD's first volume, which is based on Stardust Crusaders.

He is a Stand user who attacks the Joestar Group in Calcutta, India. His Stand Strange Relation uses the music he plays on his organ to manipulate the hearts of his opponents. Unlike the other Stand users fought by the group, the old man does not work for DIO nor is his Stand related to tarot cards.


It is unknown how he looks like aside from being an elderly 89-year-old man. He travels on the streets while playing a barrel organ.


The old man is a senile organ-player who likes to have fun. However, his idea of fun is to force people to kill each other with his Stand ability. Considering himself strange, he chooses to attack strangers without any motive. He is a psychopathic individual who forces the Joestar Group to fight each other and harm innocent bystanders using their Stands, taking great pleasure in watching them hurt others and wanting them to kill people.

He is conceited and enjoys taunting his opponents, declaring that the manga will now be called "Strange Old Man's Bizarre Adventure" after he assumes that he won. His deranged hobby means everything to him, and he doesn't know what he could do without it. When Joseph Joestar destroys his organ, he forgets the meaning of his existence.



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The strange old man was born with his Stand, which activates when he plays music on his barrel organ. It allows him to manipulate and control one or many individuals to do his bidding, although only Stand users are able to hear it.

Strange Relation (ストレンジ・リレイション)Link to this section


Drama CD

When the Joestar Group reaches Calcutta, India, the old man appears in front of Noriaki Kakyoin while Jotaro Kujo and Joseph Joestar are on their own, looking for a hotel. After asking Kakyoin whether he is a traveler, he warns the boy to be careful. Suddenly, Kakyoin is affected by the melody of the man's Stand and falls under his control. Avdol and Polnareff ask Kakyoin what's wrong but he just responds in a trance. The old man commands Kakyoin to summon Hierophant Green to attack innocent civilians. Polnareff and Avdol attempt to stop him but are worried of harming more people, so they decide to run away instead.

Polnareff and Avdol go in separate directions assuming they'd be safer that way. Anne meets up with Polnareff and they spot the old man, realizing that he was on the side of the road with them earlier. Polnareff assumes that the old man's organ took control of Kakyoin and the old man confirms his suspicion. Avdol then appears, also under control. Cackling, the old man explains his Stand ability. Although Polnareff thinks he's a minion of DIO, the old man states that he isn't and was simply born with his ability. He declares that he'll make them all use their Stands to kill each other. Polnareff tries using Silver Chariot, but the man says it's pointless since sound can't be defeated even by DIO.

As Polnareff is taken under control as well, Anne runs to tell Joseph and Jotaro. Jotaro and Joseph summon Star Platinum and Hermit Purple, but Jotaro falls victim to Strange Relation's ability as well. Controlling all of them, the old man takes great pleasure in getting them to attack various buildings and people. Avdol burns down a shop, Kakyoin pushes a car toward a man's girlfriend with Emerald Splash, and Polnareff cuts off a girl's dress. Thinking that he's won, he declares that next week the manga will be titled "Strange Old Man's Bizarre Adventure". The old man assumes that he also has Joseph under control, but Joseph reveals that he was just acting.

Joseph hits the old man and divulges that he tangled the vines of Hermit Purple earlier in the organ's revolving drum. It gradually became entangled as the old man kept cranking his organ. The old man declares he could still use Strange Relation to make high energy, low-frequency sound waves and crush Joseph to death with rubble. However, Joseph reminds him that Hermit Purple is still wrapped around his organ. As Joseph destroys his organ, the old man begs for forgiveness as he doesn't know what to do without it.

No longer having anything to do in life, the strange old man retires, forgetting the meaning of his existence. He can no longer walk and thinks back to when he was a baby eighty-nine years ago.[1]


Quote.png Quotes
  • Music shakes people's emotions! Music dominates people's hearts! (音楽は人の感情を揺さぶる! 音楽は人の心を支配する!Ongaku wa hito no kanjō o yusaburu! Ongaku wa hito no kokoro o shihai suru!)
    —Old Man Stand User, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (CD)
  • Fool! Your assumption that being a Stand user means that you're working for DIO is a feeble way of thinking. (バ~カ スタンド使いイコールDIOの手先というのが貴様の発想の貧弱なところBa~ka! Sutando tsukai ikōru DIO no tesaki to iu no ga kisama no hassō no hinjakuna tokoro)
    —Old Man Stand User, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (CD)
  • It's useless! It's useless! Sound can't be beaten! Sound can't be burned! Sound can't be cut! Therefore... sound is primordial! The heartbeat of life! There is nothing in this world that can resist the magic of sound! Even a man like DIO... (無駄じゃ無駄じゃ!音は殴れない!音は燃やせない!音は切り裂けない!そして・・・音は原始の響き!生命の鼓動!音の魔力に逆らえるものはこの世のどこにもいないのだ!たとえDIOとかいう男であってもな・・・Muda ja muda ja! Oto wa nagurenai! Oto wa moyasenai! Oto wa kirisake nai! Soshite... on wa genshi no hibiki! Seimei no kodō! Oto no maryoku ni sakaraeru mono wa konoyo no dokoni mo inai noda! Tatoe DIO toka iu otokodeatte mona...)
    —Old Man Stand User, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (CD)
  • It's time for the dance of death! Use your Stands to kill each other with all your might!
    —Old Man Stand User, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (CD)
  • I win! Starting next week, the title of this manga will be "Strange Old Man's Bizarre Adventure"! (勝った!次週からこの漫画のタイトルは「ストレンジじじいの奇妙な冒険」じゃ!Katta! Jishū kara kono manga no taitoru wa `Sutorenji Jijī no Kimyō na Bōken' ja!)
    —Old Man Stand User, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (CD)


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