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In the Heritage for the Future release, Kakyoin has a separate version referred to as Fearless Kakyoin (恐怖をのり越えた花京院) or simply "New Kakyoin" in the English Localization.

It is noteworthy that even in the video games (excluding the Super Famicom RPG), especially in the fighting game made by Capcom, Kakyoin's fate in his own storyline is to apparently die, whereas other characters have more pleasant endings (except Midler, who also dies, but by DIO's hands). New Kakyoin's storyline in the game is killed, just as it occurred in the original storyline from the manga.

The endings where Kakyoin survives the adventure are in Iggy's and Avdol's storylines. This is because DIO attacks Iggy or Avdol before going after Jotaro, Kakyoin, and Joseph.


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  • New 20m Emerald Splash: A move only available to New Kakyoin, Mystic Traps appear everywhere, that upon connecting, holds the enemy in place as Kakyoin moves far to the background where he strafes the victim with Emerald Splashes. This move is likely a recreation of his trap-like attack that he could've unleashed against DIO, an idea later revisited in All-Star Battle.


Fearless Kakyoin has different attack methods and physics offsetting him from the original. He loses his mobility, some moves, and some range, making him substantially inferior in comparison to his original self.


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