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Character Image Cause of Death Source

Darnley Explosion.png Died in an explosion caused by reasons unknown to history. His death was used as an excuse for Mary Stuart's execution, as Elizabeth blamed her for his death. Chapter 27
Episode 5

Mary dead.png
Mary's head.png
Beheaded by an executioner following the orders of Elizabeth I in 1565. Chapter 27
Episode 5

Bruf mad.png
Beheaded in 1565 by Elizabeth I's executioner due to supporting her political rival, Mary Stuart. Three centuries later, he is revived as a zombie by Dio Brando. Chapter 27
Episode 5

Tark mad.png
Executed along with Bruford in 1565 by Elizabeth I's executioner. Three centuries later, he is revived as a zombie by Dio Brando. Chapter 27
Episode 5

NoPicAvailable.png When executing Bruford, the knight's long hair somehow entangled the executioner's feet and pushed into his flesh, killing him. Chapter 27
Episode 5
(Mentioned only)

Becomes a vampire from the Stone Mask and brutally kills everyone in his archaeology group aside from his son. When he begins to go in pursuit of his son in desire of more blood, he is killed by the light from the morning sun. Chapter 20
Episode 4

NoPicMini.png Dio mentions that he hates his father for making her suffer and "working her to death". Chapter 1
Episode 1
(Mentioned only)

Carriage Accident.png
Dies in a carriage accident twelve years before the start of Phantom Blood in 1868, as the carriage slips off the cliff due to the rain. Chapter 1
Episode 1

Dario tomb.png
On his deathbed at the start of the story due to being poisoned by his son, Dio Brando. He dies in 1880, and his grave is spit on by Dio. Chapter 1
Episode 1

Danny in flames.png
Unknowingly burnt alive by the Joestar family butler, when Dio traps him in a box put in the incinerator. Chapter 5
Episode 1

Killed when Dio puts the Stone Mask on one's face and then pushes him into stabbing his partner. The mask turns the man into a vampire but he soon disintegrates in the sunlight when attempting to suck Dio's blood. #1: Chapter 9
Episode 2
#2: Chapter 10
Episode 2

George dying.png
Takes the blow from Dio's knife, sacrificing himself for Jonathan's sake. Dio attempted to kill Jonathan with a knife to activate the Stone Mask with his blood. While Dio becomes a vampire, George admits his mistreatment of his son, then dies in Jonathan's arms. Chapter 12
Episode 3

His head is torn off by Dio after the latter becomes a vampire. All of the other police officers are then killed as well. Chapter 12
Episode 3

PoliceZombieDeath.png He places his palm on Speedwagon's face in an attempt to suck his blood but is interrupted by Jonathan who pokes his head with a spear. Subsequently, Jonathan decapitates the zombie, killing him. Chapter 14

Jack killing.png
One late evening, Jack and his date are in Whitechapel district. The girl starts talking about Jack the Ripper (unaware of her date being the serial killer). Jack then reveals his identity and kills her by slicing her neck with a knife. Chapter 18
Episode 2

Eliminated as a zombie by Jonathan, who sends Sendo Ripple Overdrive through a brick wall where Jack was hiding. Chapter 23
Episode 4

Bruf happy2.png
Defeated by Jonathan. The Ripple sent to him "frees his soul" allowing him to feel human again. He loses his hatred towards the world and is thankful for his chance to meet the honorable Jonathan. Moments before he disintegrates from the Ripple, Bruford gives Jonathan his sword, Luck and Pluck. Chapter 30
Episode 6

Will die.png
Allows his body to be sliced in half by the chains of Tarkus, so that Jonathan could be free and defeat him. He is able to transfer his remaining Ripple energy to Jonathan before dying. Due to Tonpetty's prediction of his death, Will was fully aware of it, and for this motive he dies without regret. Chapter 35
Episode 7

Killed by a tearful Jonathan who succeeds in avenging Zeppeli. Chapter 35
Episode 7

Dies when Jonathan rips his tongue out and then stomps on his head. Chapter 36
Episode 7

Led to a quick death after Jonathan catches his snakes and charges them with the Ripple. Doobie's snakes betray their master and bite him, causing the Ripple to be injected throughout his body. Chapter 37
Episode 8

Faces Dio, only to be frozen by the latter's powers. He is then shattered into pieces, but shoots a Ripple infused rose at Dio as a head before being completely frozen and destroyed. Chapter 38
Episode 8

Destroyed by Straizo, who traps the four zombies by kicking down a hanging chandelier. He then strikes the iron part of the chandelier with the Ripple, which melts them. Chapter 39
Episode 8

Tries opening Dio's coffin, which activates the security mechanism on it. The gem above the lock shoots out and fires straight into Styx's face, causing his head to explode. Chapter 42
Episode 9

Wang Chan Head Explode.jpg
Destroyed by Jonathan, who uses the last of his strength to crush Wang Chan's head and send a Ripple throughout his body. The impact from the attack sends Wang Chan's headless body flying into the ship's machinery, causing the ship to explode. Chapter 43
Episode 9

Jonathan dead.png
Jonathan's Death (Anime).png
Tragically dies from overexerting himself against Wang Chan and Dio, so that Erina and a baby on the ship could be safe. Before dying, he attempts to take Dio down with him by holding Dio's head in his arms just before the ship explodes. Chapter 44
Episode 9