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Ewww! What are you doing?! You licked inside my mouth! And you've been eating cockroaches!

Sunny Stefen Nozzo (サニー・ステフェン・ノッツォ, Sanī Sutefen Nottso) is a secondary ally featured in Baoh the Visitor. She is a strange marsupial created by the Dress Organization. She is also the pet of Sumire.


Nozzo has large, cute, red eyes that can see at night. She resembles a squirrel but has traits from different animals such as a pouch for raising children. She has large fuzzy ears and a long striped tail that is fluffy at the end, resembling dandelion fluff. Her knees also have porcupine-like quills which are normally folded.

Nozzo is often seen standing on Sumire's shoulder.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Light brown fur, off-white near the mouth and on the chest, black stripes at the back and on the tail)


Nozzo has some anthropomorphic traits[3] and is loyal to Sumire. She shows her affection by licking Sumire's face. She seems to eat insects such as cockroaches.[4]


  • Nozzo can jump up to five meters high.
  • The quills on her knees are capable of piercing and killing.
  • Her fluffy tail makes her capable of flying in the wind.[3]


Nozzo was created by the biological research institute, Dress. At some point, Nozzo meets Sumire and becomes her pet, of a sort. Nozzo and Sumire stay together until Dordo kidnaps the girl. Nozzo thus stays with Ikuro. During Ikuro's assault on Dress's laboratory, Nozzo stays a bit with Ikuro but scurries away as soon as the fights begin.

In the epilogue, Nozzo is shown to have reunited with Sumire again.


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  • In Sendai dialect, "Nozzo" means to laze around and wander aimlessly.


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