Steel Ball Run - Chapter 29

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Scary Monsters, Part 2 (スケアリー モンスターズ その②, Sukearī Monsutāzu Sono 2), originally Diego Brando, Part 2 (ディエゴ・ブランドー②, Diego Burandō 2) in the UJ release, is the twenty-ninth chapter of Steel Ball Run and the seven hundred eighty-first chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Johnny and Gyro now assume the transformed Diego to be a Stand user. He proves difficult as his kinetic vision allows him to dodge fast projectiles, rendering Tusk and the Spin inefficient.

As the Steel Ball returns to Gyro's hand, the transformed Diego rushes to pin him down. Gyro presumes that Diego must be looking for a corpse part, or that he will kill both him and Johnny before taking it. He takes note that Diego is only sensitive to fast movements, not slow-moving objects. This allows Gyro to manage one hit with a hidden Steel Ball in a can.

Johnny and Gyro then run outside blocks the door. While trapping Diego inside, Johnny questions his Stand ability, to which Gyro tells him about 'dinosaurs'. Diego catches up to them by ripping the door, but they manage to hide near the bear's carcass which covers their scent. Johnny takes notice of Diego's inability to see unmoving things as he recalls him being unable to recognize the coffee earlier.

However, the bear carcass catches Diego's attention and the duo narrowly avoids his tail attack on the body. He momentarily leaves, only to come back with one of Gyro's Steel Balls. Knowing that the ball returns to Gyro, Diego chases it, but it only flattens Gyro's legs and stops as it hits a wall. Diego, thinking that the duo went over the wall, descends the cliff to chase them.

As he goes away, Gyro points out the placement of the "Movere crus" on Johnny's left arm. Suddenly, a dinosaur emerges from the carcass and the two has to hide in a sewer. Gyro then tells Johnny that they may be closer to their destination that they thought, noting that the letters are in the shape of the mountain to which the Big Dipper constellation aligns with.

The chapter ends with the duo deciding to get the Corpse Parts on the hill.


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