Steel Ball Run - Chapter 63

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Seven Days in a Week (7日で一週間, Nanoka de Ishūkan) is the sixty-third chapter of Steel Ball Run and the eight hundred fifteenth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


While the two are strolling down a road astride their horses, Gyro comes up with a "gag" that he presents to Johnny. He says the days of the week from Monday to Sunday in Italian. However, by Wednesday he would turn stupid, by Thursday he would make espresso (demonstrating with his hair), by Friday he would mix in the sugar, by Saturday he would drink, then on Sunday, it being a day of rest, sleep. Johnny writes down and compliments Gyro on the gag, and the two go on their way.




  • This side story was not originally published in Ultra Jump. It was included in SBR Volume 16 and, for unknown reasons, is officially listed as Chapter 63. As a result, it is the shortest chapter in the entire series.
  • The gag is a combination reference of a well known Russian Folk song, One Week (一週間), in Japan, as well as a gag by the Japanese comedian Atsumu Watanabe who becomes silly whenever he says a number that is a multiple of 3 or contains a 3.


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