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For a similar phenomenon, see D4C Love Train.
Cut... Don't cry... You have to cut...

Ticket to Ride (涙の乗車券(チケット・ゥ・ライド) Chiketto u Raido, lit. "Ticket of Tears") is the Stand used by Lucy Steel, featured in the seventh part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run. Temporarily gained through the power of the Saint's Corpse, it manifests as a set of abilities that protect Lucy.


As a Phenomenon-type Stand, Ticket to Ride does not have a physical appearance, only manifesting as a supernatural concept aiding Lucy throughout the latter of Steel Ball Run. The Stand triggered after the Corpse's head lodged itself inside Lucy's womb after her encounter with the Courier of the Head. When active, she is able to use her tears as blades and invoke karmic wounds on others around her.


They say that tears are a woman's weapon, so the tears themselves turn into blades... I guess that's all there is to it.
—Hirohiko Araki, JOJOVELLER Stand Guide page 297

Ticket to Ride consists of a set of indirect but useful defensive powers that serve to protect Lucy once she becomes the host of the Saint's Corpse's Head.

Tear Cutter

Tear Cutter

Aptly named Tear Cutter (涙のカッター Namida no Kattā),[1] this ability allows Lucy to pull streaks of tears from her eyes and use them like knives. As the blades immediately decompose upon contact with someone,[2] they are unable to be used offensively. However, when they successfully strike someone or something, the target becomes vulnerable to Lucy's primary ability: Divine Protection.

Divine Protection

A cart suddenly being drawn towards a coachman to protect Lucy

This ability protects Lucy from any harm done to her by creating a chain reaction of unlikely coincidences from the surroundings to neutralize any assailant or force a target to do as Lucy wants. For example, when two people try to tranquilize Lucy, but she accidentally knocks a bottle onto the ground and spills some liquid. One of them suddenly steps onto the liquid and slips, letting Lucy escape, then other chases after her but steps on a glass bottle, causing it to break and shatters pieces into his eye.[2] This can also be applied to nonliving objects; Lucy writes a note and hides it on a dock, where Valentine destroys it, only for a series of coincidences to recreate the note in its entirety and stick it back to nearly the same place.[3]


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  • Ticket to Ride's blade-tear ability was inspired by the phrase "tears are a woman's weapon".[4]
  • The Stand's name was revealed in the JOJOVELLER Stand book, although it was hinted at as it appears in the chapters titled Ticket to Ride.
  • Coincidentally, the Stand's name in kanji, 涙の乗車券 (Namida no Jōshaken, lit. "Ticket of Tears"), is also the Japanese name of the Stand's namesake. When The Beatles' single Ticket to Ride was released in Japan on May 15, 1965, it was released under the title 涙の乗車券. The same title appeared on the Japanese release of the band's studio album Help!, released on September 15 that same year.[5]


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