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Vanilla Ice or Iced in the English localization, initially appeared as a sub-boss in the Venture Arcade game. He was later made fully playable in Heritage for the Future with an alternae moveset and spritework.

Movelist & Gameplay

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Vanilla's specialty is to use the powers of the "void" to crash into his opponents and damage them. He can take the form of the void ball while on the ground, in mid-air, and even change directions in the middle of a charge. This allows a player with quick reflexes to counter an oncoming attack, juggle an opponent into the air with careful timing, or even retreat in the face of danger. Vanilla Ice is vulnerable while in his "void ball" form, and can be hit by projectile attacks (or even certain physical attacks, if the angle is correct).

Ice can also take the full form of his Stand Cream, who possesses very powerful and far-reaching attacks, but it comes at a steep penalty in speed and some mobility.

Story Mode

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A B C Stand Start

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ViceChallengerA.png ViceChallengerB.png ViceChallengerC.png ViceChallengerStand.png ViceChallengerStart.png

Boss Form

Vanilla Ice's Boss Form is the unplayable version of the character encountered in Story Mode, with a different moveset and sprite-work. This boss uses a simpler moveset, with increased damage on his specials.

In Heritage for the Future, he can be fought when you reach the second to last opponent in Challenge Mode.

When other characters (such as fellow villains) fight him in the game's Story Mode, the spiraling grooves from his attacks are not present in the stage.

Boss Playable

BossIce.gif VanillaIce.GIF


Vanilla Ice's defeat in Story Mode

This version of Vanilla Ice is significantly simpler, and a lot stronger (given, as the sub-boss).

When he activates his Stand, he'll start to use special moves that travel across the screen and must be evaded. These moves are unblockable and very quick, but he will immediately return somewhere on the stage after performing them.

This boss has two supers. In the first one, Cream begins to travel around the stage until he reaches the center. In the second super, Cream will move erratically on whichever side of the screen the player is on. These supers are also unblockable and deal a lot of damage.

This form of the character has a few quirks, he can’t crouch, he has the longest reaching dash and only a few normals. Almost none of it carries over to the playable version.

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