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As long as it's living, then Cioccolata's Green Day...will kill it...always...

Green Day (グリーン・ディ Gurīn Di) is the Stand of Cioccolata featured in the 5th part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Vento Aureo. It is a humanoid Stand that can generate and spread a deadly mold. Said mold will trigger and consume anybody whose altitude decreases.


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Green Day is a humanoid Stand with dark lines over its body and cylinders on its head, which are constantly releasing a fog like smoke. Its lower body (below the waist) is never shown in the manga, but the PS2 video game adaptation shows that it has no legs and instead a slug-like foot, while the anime adaptation shows Green Day to have human-like legs. Befitting its name, Green Day is colored green in all media featuring it.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

(Light Green with steel blue-striped forest green patches and steel blue tubes)
Eyes (White, fading to red at the edges)
Mold (Rainee green)

(Yellow-green with striped dark green patches)
Eyes (Yellow)
Mold (Norway green)

(Light Green with striped dark green patches and green knuckles)
Eyes (Red)
Mold (Viridian green)


It is said that because its user, Cioccolata, is full of malice, Green Day developed an ability to inflict tremendous pain and damage to its victims' bodies. The Stand's own personality, if existent, is unknown, though it is seen smiling when it pushed Giorno Giovanna out of Cioccolata's helicopter to see him fall to his death, indicating that it shares its master's sadistic personality.


Green Day is an overwhelmingly deadly Stand as its mold has the potential to massacre whole cities. Although it shows enough combat ability to pummel Giorno and send him flying,[1] Cioccolata relies on trickery and the mold to fight.

Green Day and Oasis form a deadly combination of Stands because Secco can force targets to sink underground, accelerating Cioccolata's mold's growth.

Mold Infestation

Green Day's primary ability is to produce a potent mold that rots and destroys the flesh of those it infects in an instant.[2] Said mold is spread into the air through several tubes protruding from Green Day's head, shoulders, and hands.

Mold growth is triggered by moving down.

The mold's growth is triggered when the potential victims lower their current altitude, a condition that applies even to individual limbs, forcing them to either stay immobile or go upwards.[3] If one lowers themselves, such as to pick up something or if they are on the floor, they will fall victim to the mold. The lower the altitude, the faster it spreads; a person lying on the floor can be consumed in a matter of seconds, while someone bending over may take a bit longer to die. However, the growth is stopped if the victim manages to increase their altitude before it is too late.[4]

Green Day's mold indiscriminately attacks all life forms, whether they are people, animals or plants.[1] However, things that are not living, such as Bruno Bucciarati's body after he was killed by King Crimson, are not affected.[5][6] Stands are also not affected, as Mista was able to retrieve his gun from a lower altitude using Sex Pistols.[7]

The mold rapidly spreads from corpse to corpse, thus potentially having an infinite range and could slaughter a high number of people in populated areas, as well as making its User harder to find among the corpses.[3]

Green Day's Stand stats state that this ability stems from Cioccolata's morbid curiosity.[8]

Dismemberment Control

Cioccolata can dismember himself and put himself back together safely

A hidden ability of Green Day is that Cioccolata can implant its mold within his own severed limbs and body parts.

Doing so allows Cioccolata to control his limbs freely, as if they were still attached to his body.[9] With this technique, Cioccolata can ambush opponents or attack them from multiple directions with his severed limbs and hide within cramped spaces.[1][10] He can also call his severed pieces back together when he needs to, restoring Cioccolata to his original form.

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