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My Stand, Manhattan Transfer... is completely tracking your movements inside that meeting room!

Manhattan Transfer (マンハッタン・トランスファー, Manhattan Toransufā) is the Stand of Johngalli A., featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

It is a small satellite-like Stand that Johngalli A. can send afar, floating around and detecting the air movements near it.


Manhattan Transfer Anime Design Sheet.png

Manhattan Transfer appears as a small satellite or stealth fighter consisting of a round, metallic core around which four, rectangular wings are regularly positioned. It is designed to look like a sort of large and fluffy plant that grows in the tropics flies around.[1] Two hanging, key-like antennae are attached to the core.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Satellite(Cyan and blue with black markings.)
Antennae(Steel blue)
(Blue to white gradient with black markings.)
Antennae(Light blue)


Manhattan Transfer is a Stand with no combat ability of its own. However its long-range and set of powers complete Johngalli A.'s sniping, enabling him to shoot his targets from afar, precisely, and through blind spots.

Wind Reading

Johngalli A. seeing Jolyne & Jotaro through the air currents.

Manhattan Transfer is able to read the air currents around it and react accordingly.[2] The Stand can precisely sense the movements of the air around it and transfer the information to Johngalli A., who can visualize what is happening around Manhattan Transfer with precision, guess the position of his targets[2] and even have an idea of their general appearance.[3] Manhattan Transfer floats along air currents moving erratically but then is able to move whenever it senses an object moving towards it through air current. Its precision is such that it can effortlessly avoid many falling water drops.[4] Because it is dependent on reading air current, it is possible to fool Johngalli A. into misreading the wind, as creating different layers of gases will result in the distortion of the air currents.[3]

Bullet Redirection

Manhattan Transfer redirects a bullet

Manhattan Transfer's primary ability is to change the direction of bullets shot by its user, allowing Johngalli A. to change the trajectory of his bullets once and thus shoot around covers and blind spots.[2] Although Johngalli needs to be able to shoot at Manhattan Transfer to redirect the bullets, his innate talent alleviates this weakness.

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