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Rubber Soul (ラバーソール, Rabā Sōru) appears in Diamond Records as a playable character in both the Action Battle and Tactical Battle game modes. He has a variety unlockable statues under the 'Fighting Spirit' and 'Solitary' types, ranging from 3 stars to 5 stars. Rubber Soul's moveset in both game modes is comprised of various attacks inspired by the anime, using his stand Yellow Temperance. Most of his attacks deal damage over time to opponents.

Rubber Soul
Rubber Soul's basic attack string is a combination of up to five various strikes. In Tactical Battle, this is cut down to only three hits.
Rubber Soul uses Yellow Temperance to strike opponents.
Rubber Soul shoots a blob of Yellow Temperance as a projectile. (Unlockable)
(Counter) Rubber Soul wraps Yellow Temperance around himself. When hit by opponents, he still receives the damage but the opponent who hit him will be affected by a damage over time effect.
Rubber Soul stomps the ground, propelling a small blob of Yellow Temperance at opponents. (Unlockable)
Rubber Soul uses Yellow Temperance to create a massive blockade that damages opponents who come in contact with it. This attack replaces SP Skill 1 in Rubber Soul's 3 star statue.
Rubber Soul unleashes Yellow Temperance all around him, stretching out across a wide area. In Tactical Battle, this damages all opponents present on the stage.

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