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Wamuu (ワムウ, Wamū) appears in Diamond Records as a playable character in both the Action Battle and Tactical Battle game modes. He has a few unlockable statues of the 'Courage' type, ranging from 3 stars to 5 stars.

Wamuu's moveset in both game modes is comprised of various attacks inspired by the anime using his wind abilities and body manipulation. As a pillar man, Wamuu constantly regenerates health, but has a weakness to attacks from ripple users. Playing as him will force any outdoor stages to take place at night.

Wamuu's basic attack string is a combination of up to five various attacks comprising of different kicks and hand strikes. In Tactical Battle, this is cut down to only three hits.
Wamuu bears his wind suit to land a strike on an opponent, followed by a pose.
(Counter) Wamuu uses body manipulation to move his upper body rapidly from side to side, and if he is hit by an opponent during this motion he will counter with various strikes of wind around his body. (Unlockable)
Wamuu releases a medium Divine Sandstorm that has a long range and deals medium damage to opponents caught in it. In Tactical Battle, this hits all opponents present on the stage.
Wamuu uses his horn to shoot a series of powerful gusts of wind at his opponents. (Unlockable)
Wamuu unleashes two close-range miniature Sandstorm gusts back to back using each of his fists. This attack replaces SP Skill 1 in Wamuu's 3 star statue.
Wamuu unleashes his signature Divine Sandstorm with great strength and a long range. In Tactical Battle, this hits all opponents present on the stage.

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