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Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli (シーザー・アントニオ・ツェペリ, Shīzā Antonio Tseperi) appears in Diamond Records as both a playable character and an assist character. His playable character is based on his appearance in Battle Tendency, whereas his assist is based on his younger self seen in his flashback.


Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli
Caesar's playable form can be used in both the Action Battle and Tactical Battle game modes. He has a variety of unlockable statues varying between the 'Tactical', 'Unity' and 'Courage' types, ranging from 3 stars to 6 stars. Caesar's moveset in both game modes is comprised of various Ripple-based attacks inspired by the anime. As a ripple user, Caesar has an advantage over vampires, zombies, and pillar men. Unlike a majority of statues in the game, Caesar lacks an unlockable SP skill.

Caesar's basic attack string is a combination of up to five various attacks comprising of various hand strikes and kicks. In Tactical Battle, this is cut down to only three hits.
Caesar hits his opponent with an uppercut using the ripple that can leave them temporarily stunned.
Caesar sends the ripple into an opponent, causing them to take damage. (Unlockable)
Caesar creates a Bubble Barrier to briefly trap an opponent and make them take repeated hits of damage.
Caesar launches a basic version of his Bubble Cutter. This attack replaces SP Skill 1 in Caesar's 3 star statue.
Caesar launches his signature Bubble Cutter Gliding as a ranged projectile. This attack replaces SP Skill 1 in Caesar's 'Courage' type 6 star statue.
Caesar launches a Bubble Cutter at opponents that transitions into his cutscene, where the bubbles reflect light using his Bubble Lenses, which are used to attack the opponents caught by his bubbles.


Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli ~Devilish Youth~
Caesar's assist form takes on his appearance from before the events of Battle Tendency, and he can be used in both the Action Battle and Tactical Battle game modes. He has one 'Solitary' type 4 star assist statue. Like all assist characters, when the active assists link together, his assist ability may provide extra effects (Action Battle mode only).

(Assist Ability) Caesar will uppercut a nearby opponent with a wrench, and then punch the opponent using the ripple. This second hit has the ability to stun the opponent.

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