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Wired Beck (鋼線(ワイアード)のベック, Waiādo no Bekku) appears in Diamond Records as a playable character in both the Action Battle and Tactical Battle game modes. He has one 'Fighting Spirit' type 5 star statue.

Wired Beck's moveset in both game modes is comprised of various attacks inspired by the anime using the spikes covering his body. As a vampire, Wired Beck constantly regenerates health, but has a weakness to attacks from ripple users. Playing as him will force any outdoor stages to take place at night.

Wired Beck
Wired Beck's basic attack string is a combination of up to five various attacks comprising of different strikes with his spiked arms. In Tactical Battle, this is cut down to only three hits.
Wired Beck strikes at an opponent with a chopping motion.
Wired Beck summons a door in front of him to block incoming attacks. The door also deals a small amount of damage to opponents if it's summoned in their place. In Tactical Battle, this door merely acts as nothing more than an attack, but it grants Wired Beck a temporary defense boost when used. (Unlockable)
Wired Beck jumps towards his opponents, spinning in the air, grabbing at his opponent when he lands.
Wired Beck charges at his opponents with his shoulder, repeatedly ramming into them, dealing multiple hits of damage. (Unlockable)
In the cutscene, Wired Beck lets out a battle cry as he shows off his body full of spikes. He then jumps at his opponents, unleashing a powerful spinning attack, ending with him grabbing at his opponent.

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