Steel Ball Run - Chapter 47

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The Promised Land: Sugar Mountain, Part 3 (約束の地 シュガー・マウンテン その③, Yakusoku no Chi Shugā Maunten Sono 3), originally Rules of the Lakeside, Part 3 (湖畔のルール③, Kohan no Rūru 3) in the UJ release, is the forty-seventh chapter of Steel Ball Run and the seven hundred ninety-ninth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


A shootout ensues between Gyro, Johnny and the Eleven Men, collective users of the Stand TATOO YOU! which allows each of them to merge into each others. Johnny and Gyro manage to kill the two shooters who emerged from the first one, but the rest of them emerge simultaneously, and shoot in unison, forcing the duo to hide behind a column. Johnny uses a nail to kill a fourth shooter, but he realizes that he's nearly spent every nail in the shootout, having only one nail left. Besides Gyro can only use one arm thus one Steel Ball, and is in need of medical assistance since he was hit in an artery. The gangsters of the casino refuse to help Gyro and Johnny, not being involved in this and despite Gyro's offers. The rest of the Eleven Men stay hidden in their comrades' corpses, slowly dragging them on the floor as mobile covers. Once they are sufficiently close, they emerge. Johnny shoots his last nail and Gyro his last Ball, incapacitating two of the remaining seven. The five left surround the duo and almost shoot them, only to be interrupted and shot from behind by the gangsters, as Gyro offered them their entire fortune in exchange for protection.

When Gyro and Johnny leave the casino, Gyro suddenly turns into a root, the sun is close to set and Johnny realizes with horror that he has to spend the Corpse Parts they've obtained as well.


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