Phantom Blood - Chapter 15

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Youth with Dio, Part 4 (ディオとの青春 その④, Dio to no Seishun Sono 4), originally Settling the Youth with Dio! (ディオとの青春に決着!, Dio to no Seishun ni Kecchaku!) in the WSJ and tankobon releases, is the fifteenth chapter of Phantom Blood and the fifteenth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jonathan and Speedwagon look at Dio burning under the curtain thinking that they have killed him. However, Dio pulls the curtain off himself, revealing that he is still alive. Dio suffers burns because of the fire, but they are healing rapidly, like the bullet wound to his head did. Dio throws a burning chair at the two of them, and Jonathan pushes Speedwagon out of the way telling him to flee the mansion. Jonathan takes a sword from the wall and uses it to get to the upper level of the foyer as the chair is about to hit him. As the fire spreads throughout the mansion, Jonathan climbs up to the second floor with the point of the spear still lodged between his collarbone and left shoulder. He dares Dio to follow him as he continues to climb up the stairs of the mansion. Amused by JoJo's will to save his friend, Dio decides that he will go after Jonathan and use his blood to heal his burns, and kill Speedwagon afterward. He follows Jonathan to the second floor by walking up the wall, jamming his feet into it with each step and declaring that Jonathan's only trapping himself by going up.

Jonathan leads Dio to the roof for the final confrontation. He tries to take the spear head out of his shoulder to use as a weapon, but Dio kicks it as Jonathan takes it out, bending it and rendering it useless. Meanwhile, Speedwagon has escaped the mansion and is standing outside, wondering why Jonathan went deeper inside. He realizes that Jonathan plans to sacrifice his own life to kill Dio when the flames are strong enough. Jonathan charges at Dio as the floor gives out from under them and they begin the fall back down to the first floor. Speedwagon screams out in fear for his friend's safety.


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