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I'm not all that book smart. But... My Body... It's telling me to finish you off!!
—Baki Hanma, New Grappler Baki Chapter 188: Revival

Baki Hanma (範馬 刃牙 , Hanma Baki) is the main protagonist of the Baki the Grappler franchise.

The son of Yujiro Hanma and Emi Akezawa, Baki has been raised with a the goal of surpassing his father in combat. However, his first match against his father lead to a humiliating defeat at the hands of Yujiro, who also proceeded to murder Baki's mother. Fueled by a resolute desire for revenge, Baki embarks on a two-year journey across the globe, honing his skills through intense training. Upon his return to Tokyo, he joins the Underground Arena and quickly rises to become its renowned champion fighter.

While Baki doesn't possess any supernatural abilities, his Shadow Boxing (シャドーファイティング, Shadōfaitingu) ability is powerful enough to visualize opponents that can be seen by onlookers.

Baki does not appear in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, however, in All-Star Battle R, Toru is voiced by Baki's voice actor, Nobunaga Shimazaki.


Baki Hanma Appearance section.png
Baki Hanma Appearance section anime.png

Baki is a character known for his evolving physical appearance throughout the series. Initially portrayed as a muscular yet slightly short boy with a childlike demeanor and short hair that extends longer in the back, his image undergoes significant changes as he grows older. Notably, Baki's body bears extensive scars, a testament to his unwavering commitment to intense and uncompromising training. Surprisingly, his face remains unblemished, setting it apart from the rest of his heavily marked physique. Additionally, a distinctive mole above his upper lip, inherited from his mother Emi Akezawa, adds to his recognizable features.

During the Childhood Saga, at the age of 13, Baki sports a spikier, shorter hairstyle, colored in a vibrant orange shade, possibly an attempt to emulate his father's appearance.

In "New Grappler Baki," Baki matures to 17 years old, reverting to his initial appearance seen at the start of "Baki the Grappler." He adopts a more mature and relaxed demeanor, shedding his childlike nature. Notably, his hair grows considerably longer, extending below his ears.

In "Baki: Son of Ogre," at the age of 18, Baki's appearance remains largely unchanged from "New Grappler Baki." However, his hair exhibits more pronounced curls, and he has experienced a slight increase in height.

Baki's extraordinary physical attributes stem from his rigorous training regimen, endowing him with exceptional muscularity, flexibility, and durability. His physique surpasses that of the average adolescent due to his constant engagement in intense combat training. Remarkably, his bones and muscles are often described as superior to those of an Olympic athlete.


Baki enjoys toying with his enemies...

Baki is a multifaceted character who embodies a carefree and laid-back demeanor, but beneath that exterior lies a determined and hard-training teenage boy. Throughout much of the series, his primary goal is to defeat his father, Yujiro Hanma, renowned as the strongest entity alive. However, Baki's aspiration isn't to replace his father as the most potent force on the planet; rather, he yearns to acquire enough strength to conquer Yujiro in battle. This deep-seated desire to surpass his father is fueled not only by a natural instinct to prove himself but also by the need to avenge his mother, Emi Akezawa, who tragically fell victim to Yujiro's brutality.

...but when the people he cares about are in danger, a more violent side comes out.

Baki's commitment to self-improvement is unwavering, and he engages in near-constant training day and night, relentlessly striving to refine his martial skills as rapidly as possible. As a relatively well-known martial artist, especially among those familiar with the Underground Arena, Baki often finds himself in skirmishes with various opponents, either intentionally or by unfortunate circumstances. His belief in the importance of challenging adversaries stronger than himself is deeply ingrained, as it is a core principle of the Hanma bloodline – battling formidable opponents not only strengthens his body but also allows him to learn and grow from the experience.

However, Baki's way of fighting sets him apart from his father. He values building relationships with his formidable foes, drawing incredible strength from these connections. On the other hand, Yujiro's philosophy centers around the relentless pursuit of absolute power, often leading him to crush opponents without mercy. Baki's compassionate approach and occasional leniency towards adversaries infuriate Yujiro, creating tension between them.

Baki reaches new heights of strength following an elongated intimate session with his girlfriend.

Despite Baki's fierce determination in combat, he displays a softer side when it comes to those close to him. He harbors a profound love and respect for his girlfriend, Kozue Matsumoto, and becomes fiercely protective whenever she faces danger. This deep emotional bond with Kozue serves as a wellspring of strength, empowering Baki in his quest for greatness.

Apart from his impressive physical abilities, Baki possesses an exceptionally high level of martial intelligence. He exhibits resourcefulness and tactical acumen, often employing a combination of combat styles to outmaneuver his opponents. His imaginative approach to training, such as visualizing and interacting with mental representations of creatures and individuals to develop new techniques, showcases his creativity and dedication. Despite this high level of martial intelligence, Baki is an honorable fighter, and doesn't display the same level of ruthlessness that his father is known for.

During his formative years, Baki briefly goes through a cocky and hot-headed phase, yearning to prove himself to others and match his father's strength. However, this aspect of his personality evolves over time, and he reverts to his laid-back self while retaining his desire to surpass Yujiro. Baki eventually accepts that his ambition is not to be the strongest man alive, but rather to achieve a level of strength surpassing his father's.

Outside of training and combat, Baki displays good manners and politeness, likely stemming from his upbringing in a wealthy family until the age of 13. However, he can be provocative to goad opponents into fighting him at their full strength, as he believes that true fighters don't need rules or conditions to engage in battle.

Baki's relationship with his father is complex and tinged with sadness. He rarely speaks about Yujiro with enthusiasm, often expressing reluctance and anger. Nevertheless, Baki seems deeply affected by Yujiro's opinion of him, hinting at an intricate father-son dynamic between the two. Despite their status as deadly enemies, they occasionally cooperate as a team when the situation demands it. The depth of their complicated relationship is most evident during their final confrontation in the third manga series. Baki's conflicting emotions towards his father and his admiration for Yujiro's unparalleled strength add layers of complexity to their interactions.


Shadow Boxing

Baki fighting an imaginary boxing champion

Baki possesses the ability to materialize an array of historical fighters, whether human or otherwise, through his vivid imagination. Though not physically present, these "manifested beings" can inflict real damage upon Baki if they attack him. A notable instance of this ability occurred when he manifested the legendary Mike "Iron Michael" Tyson to showcase his Shadow Boxing prowess to Rumina. In a swift encounter, Baki engaged in a brief bout with the champ, ultimately emerging victorious. Later, driven by a desire to surpass his father's extraordinary feat of defeating an African prehistoric-era-looking Elephant, Baki manifested a formidable 100kg praying mantis in his basement. This endeavor was not without peril, as the fight against the mantis pushed Baki to the brink of death, causing him to teeter on the verge of losing consciousness. Such exceptional manifestations exemplify the extent of Baki's remarkable capabilities and the risks he willingly undertakes to achieve his aspirations.

Shadow Boxing (シャドーファイティング)Link to this section
SoG Chapter 3
Vivid imaginated fights with nearly any opponent

Fighting Knowledge

Baki possesses an unparalleled depth of fighting knowledge, constantly honing his skills through rigorous training and relentless battles. From his early days as the champion of the Tokyo Underground Dome to his encounters with formidable adversaries like Shinogi Kureha and Yujiro Hanma, Baki's strength continues to grow, making it challenging to pinpoint a definitive level of his prowess.

Endorphin manipulation

Baki triggers the release of Endorphins in his brain

Baki possesses a unique and special ability that allows him to elevate his endorphin levels, resulting in increased durability and pain resistance. By twisting his right ear, Baki can activate the production of endorphins within his body, effectively inhibiting the transmission of pain signals. This ability sets him apart from other characters in the series, as he is the sole practitioner of harnessing endorphins to enhance his combat capabilities. Baki first discovered this power during intense training before facing Yasha-Zaru in the initial series, marking a significant turning point in his fighting prowess.

Ultimate Techniques

As a natural progression and evolution of his Shadow-Boxing prowess, Baki possesses a pair of distinctive and original special techniques that rightfully earn the moniker of his "ultimate" techniques.

Triceratops Fist

An exemplification of Baki's profound mastery of Shokeiken/Xing Yi Quan, a formidable Kung Fu variant intricately woven with the combat essence of animals such as the agile praying mantis and the soaring eagle, is showcased through his astonishingly expansive imagination and the vivid artistry of his shadow boxing. Baki's remarkable prowess manifests when he seamlessly amalgamates the imagery of extinct dinosaurs, including the formidable T-Rex and the majestic Pterodactyl, into the tapestry of his formidable combat repertoire. However, the zenith of this unique ability is eloquently articulated in the evocation of the Triceratops Fist (トリケラトプス拳, Torikeratopusu ken).

Through his consummate command of shadow boxing, Baki not only assumes the physical semblance of the mighty Triceratops but also conjures a mental projection of such astonishing clarity that his adversary finds themselves viscerally transported to the prehistoric era, where the colossal dinosaur reigned supreme.

The genesis of this awe-inspiring technique unfolds during Baki's fateful encounter with Pickle. Instead of employing it merely as an instrument of aggression, Baki astutely wields the Triceratops Fist to psych out his adversary. The lifelike manifestation of the Triceratops is so compelling that Pickle becomes enveloped in an aura of Baki's most formidable rival, feeling the earth-shaking tread of its massive legs and the menacing presence of its titanic horns.

Subsequently, in a climactic confrontation with his own father Yujiro, Baki discerns Pickle's vigilant observation from a nearby edifice. This revelation galvanizes him to once again harness the might of the Triceratops Fist. In this pivotal moment, Baki doesn't merely employ the technique for psychological warfare but instead fully harnesses its raw power. He charges towards his father with the unstoppable force of a creature weighing several tons, an order of magnitude greater than his own weight. The sheer potency of Baki's Triceratops Fist is graphically illustrated when a hapless automobile, impeding his path, is upended by the cataclysmic force he wields.


Throughout his battles, Baki exhibits an impressive array of techniques that demonstrate his exceptional fighting prowess. Some of his notable moves include the Eye-Poke, Endorphin release, Death Concentration, Ippon Ken, Rear Naked Choke, Roll Kick, and the powerful King Tiger.

He employs the Bow and Arrow technique, and relies on Seiken, a basic karate move. The Submission move, one of Baki's signature techniques, makes a significant impact on his battles. Baki showcases his agility with the Dropkick and Suplex, both used effectively. The Goutaijutsu, based on Seiken from karate, proves formidable against adversaries. In the heat of combat, Baki deploys various original moves, such as New Cobra, Single-Leg Figure-Four, and New Swastika.

Techniques like Jumping Backdrop and Antonio Driver provide him with a tactical edge. The Spinning Lotus, Soccer Ball Kick, Shining Wizard, and Cord-Cut display his versatility in battle. Baki's speed and precision are highlighted through the execution of the Mach Punch, while the Arm Breaker and Demon Back attest to his fierce fighting spirit.

Against some opponents, Baki employs the Backhand Blow and Axe Kick to great effect. The Whip Strike, utilized against formidable foes, demonstrates his resourcefulness. Baki also showcases unique skills like Yawara and the remarkable 0.5 Second Unconscious, which he employs strategically. In a decisive moment, he uses a Slap to assert dominance. Baki's diverse and dynamic repertoire of techniques makes him a formidable and versatile combatant.


Childhood Saga

A Young Baki Against Several Menaces

Baki challenges Yuri Chakovsky

Baki trains rigorously from birth to surpass his father, Yujiro, and gain his love. His mother, Emi Akezawa, ensures he has top-notch training resources and staff. He becomes feared for fighting local thugs, eventually challenging five elite school martial artists, each whom he defeats effortlessly. His next goal is the boxing champion, Yuri Chakovsky, whom he challenges and loses to.

Baki Hanma VS. Yasha-Zaru

Following this defeat, Baki goes into the mountains to train, meeting an old friend, Reichi Ando. Baki decides to camp near the territory of the Yasha Ape, a monstrous creature only his father has survived fighting. Despite Ando's warnings, Baki confronts and is beaten by the Yasha Ape, even as he manages to set the creature on fire.

Ando gets severely injured in the process but before being taken to hospital, he warns Baki against reckless behavior. Undeterred, Baki continues his relentless training and goes on to fight the Yasha Ape again. After an intense battle, Baki wins and returns a memento from the Ape's deceased wife that his father had killed. The Yasha Ape gifts Baki one of its fangs in gratitude.

Baki Hanma VS. Street Brawler Kaoru Hanayama

Later on, Baki's rival Yuri Chakovsky is defeated by yakuza street fighter Kaoru Hanayama, who then targets Baki. After a violent confrontation, Baki manages to win but his victory is overshadowed by his father, Yujiro, brutally attacking both Hanayama and Baki. Yujiro challenges Baki to a fight, presenting him the head of the Yasha Ape to provoke him.

Baki Hanma VS. The Super-soldier Gaia

Gerry Strydum, a companion of Yujiro, advises Baki to gain experience by battling five formidable soldiers in Hokkaido. Baki, accompanied by Strydum, lands there only to be captured and intended to be used as food by these soldiers. He escapes and battles each of them. His notable opponents include Sanada, a knife specialist, and Kuraishi, an incredibly resilient fighter. Baki defeats them and the less skilled Nomura before engaging with the twins, Chiba. As he overcomes them, Nomura's alter ego, "Gaia", emerges as a formidable foe.

Gaia believes he's the god of the battlefield and proves tough to hit due to his control of adrenaline. Baki counters using endorphins but is almost killed when Gaia uses his environment-based techniques. In a decisive move, Baki lands a non-damaging, "loving" attack, causing Gaia to lose consciousness. Upon Gaia's awakening, the soldiers share a meal with Baki, further solidifying bonds with those who have forced him to become stronger.

Emi Akezawa's Tough Love

Returning home, Baki encounters Kurokawa, a master swordsman whose skills inspire Baki to challenge him. Baki emerges victorious and extends an invitation to Kurokawa to witness his upcoming fight against Yujiro. Baki also duels with Chinen, a Kenpo master, and defeats him as part of his preparation for the battle against his father.

Baki attempts to earn his mother's love and respect...

As the fight nears, Baki's relationship with his mother, Emi, becomes strained as she lashes out at Baki out of frustration with Yujiro's indifference towards her. Baki comforts her, seeking reassurance of her love if he emerges victorious in his duel with Yujiro. Baki then spends time with Hanayama, sharing intimate conversations about their mothers and growing their bond.

Baki Hanma VS Yujiro Hanma, Round one

...only for his mother to bite him and flee the scene.

On the day of the fight, Baki undergoes an intense warm-up, aided by fellow fighters including Yuri Chakovsky and Hanayama. The fight commences dramatically, with Yujiro halting an earthquake with a single punch, leaving the spectators in awe. Despite his best efforts, Baki proves to be no match for his father, but Yujiro takes pride in his son's tenacity.

In a shocking turn of events, Emi intervenes in the fight to save her son, earning her death at Yujiro's hands. As she dies, Baki, in a hallucination, shares tender moments with her, believing her to be alive. He carries her body through the city, causing panic, but he manages to escape the police and lays his mother to rest in a meadow.

Yujiro Hanma, Baki's father utterly demolishes Baki in battle

In the aftermath, Baki embarks on a two-year journey across the globe, challenging and defeating various martial artists. At 15, he reaches Brazil and encounters Dickson, a crippled fighter who informs him about the Underground Arena in the Tokyo Dome.

Baki's mother, Emi sings her son a lullaby as she slowly dies from wounds given to her by Yujiro

Arriving in Tokyo, Baki visits Mitsunari Tokugawa's household where he meets Kanji Igari, a fighter he warns not to stand in his way. He then battles Tokugawa's bodyguards and his best bodyguard, Shumei Kano, whose defensive style initially surprises Baki. However, Baki's offensive prowess proves superior, and he emerges victorious. Impressed, Tokugawa grants Baki permission to join the Underground Arena, setting the stage for new battles.

Baki Hanma, 15 years old, landing in Brazil to further hone his fighting skills in order to defeat his father.

The Underground Arena Saga

The saga begins with a Shinshinkai Karate tournament. Baki, now 17, impresses with his skill despite being new to karate. He swiftly makes it to the finals, where he faces off against Atsushi Suedo. Prior to their match, Baki encounters Doppo Orochi, the grandmaster of Shinshinkai Karate. Baki provokes Suedo into breaking a rule, resulting in Suedo injuring his hand and Baki's victory. Afterwards, Baki meets Kiyosumi Kato, who challenges him to a fight. However, their confrontation is interrupted by Izo Motobe, an old jujutsu master. Overwhelmed, Baki returns home to his loyal dog, Musashi, and his neighbors Kinuyo Matsumoto and her daughter, Kozue. Despite being a rare sight at school, Kozue encourages Baki to attend more regularly. At school, he easily defeats the boxing star, Takayama.

Baki Fights the Shinogi Brothers

Baki Hanma VS. Cord-Cutter Shinogi Kosho

Baki's next fight is in the Underground Arena, where he is pitted against Shinogi Kosho, the "cord-cutter". During the battle, Kosho injures Baki's nerves, but Baki perseveres, knocking out Kosho instead of breaking his arm. Post-fight, Baki encounters Strydum, who asserts that despite his victory, Baki is not yet strong enough to take on Yujiro.

Later, Mitsunari Tokugawa selects Baki's next opponent, Junichi Hanada. However, after Hanada fails a "test" from Tokugawa, Baki ends up fighting Mount Toba, a pro wrestler. Despite Toba's initial advantage, Baki wins by attacking Toba's knee joint. After the fight, Baki's father, Yujiro, who had been watching, knocks Baki out when Baki attacks him.

Baki tries to dissuade Doppo from fighting Yujiro but is impressed by Doppo's skill at a Shinshinkai event. After their skirmish, Baki revises his opinion of Doppo's chances against Yujiro. Baki rescues Takayama from thugs and learns his next opponent will be the doctor Shinogi Kureha, arranged to fight after Doppo and Yujiro's duel.

Baki Hanma VS. The Super-Doctor Shinogi Kureha

The day of Doppo and Yujiro's fight comes. After Doppo's dramatic loss, Baki, shaken, has to face Kureha. Former patients of Kureha's who have suffered from his medical experiments fuel Baki's rage for the battle. He attacks Kureha relentlessly and, despite Kureha's attempts to use his medical knowledge in the fight, Baki wins with a Goutaijutsu punch, leaving Kureha with ruptured intestines. A former patient, Yasuko, steps forward to donate blood to save Kureha. Afterwards, Baki retreats to the mountains to meditate.

The Maximum Tournament Saga

The Tournament Begins!

Baki Hanma discovers that Tokugawa is orchestrating a grand martial arts tournament. The prize for the victor is a coveted belt, historically bestowed upon the champions of Roman pankration. He extends an invitation to Kozue Matsumoto to join him at Tokyo Dome, providing her with a glimpse into his clandestine world. In the subterranean arena, Baki reunites with several old friends who are also competitors in the tournament. The initial battle pits him against an imposing wrestler, Andreas Regan. Regan initially underestimates Baki due to his size, but quickly recognizes the young champion's formidable prowess, which encourages Regan to push his abilities to their limit. Nevertheless, Baki skillfully parries Regan's attacks and triumphs in the duel.

Post-match, Baki and Kozue converse in the hallway, where he shares his philosophy. He expresses his belief that all young men dream, at least once, of being the strongest in the world, and for some, this ambition persists into adulthood, leading to deadly confrontations in places like the Underground Arena.

When Kiyosumi Kato's turn to fight arrives, his opponent is revealed to be Yasha-Zaru Jr, the offspring of Yasha-Zaru. Baki objects to this pairing, arguing that the ape agreed to participate solely for a chance to battle Baki in retribution for his father's defeat. Consequently, Baki intervenes in the match, which he deems Kato has no chance of winning. However, even Baki struggles against the powerful Yasha. It's then that Katsumi Orochi, the adoptive son of Doppo, makes his appearance. Katsumi incapacitates the ape and nearly kills it before being halted by Baki, thereby igniting a rivalry between them. The defeated ape is subsequently taken to receive medical care.

Later in the tournament, Baki encounters Kaoru Hanayama and wishes him luck. However, the Yakuza dismisses the courtesy, viewing the tournament as an act of war. Following Katsumi's brutal defeat of Roland Istaz, Baki confronts him, expressing his disapproval of Katsumi's methods. Their brief skirmish is interrupted by Hanayama, who lands a punch on Baki's face. Suddenly, Yujiro Hanma appears in the underground area of the Tokyo Dome, introducing his companion Amanai Yu, who will also compete.

Jack and Baki: An Unknown Connection

At a certain juncture, Jack Hammer encounters Kozue in the corridor while she's waiting for Baki. He strikes up a conversation and makes flirtatious overtures. This provokes Baki's ire, who assumes a combative stance, but Jack merely turns and expresses a desire to meet him in the tournament finals. Following Jack's fight, he and Yujiro engage in a dialogue that nearly escalates into a brawl. Baki, however, intervenes, jealous of someone usurping his chance to defeat his father. He interrupts by striking Jack in the face. Subsequently, Jack whispers something into Yujiro's ear, which triggers uncontrollable laughter from the latter, leaving Baki pondering the nature of Jack's remark.

Baki Fights More Increasingly Terrifying Opponents

In the second round, Baki takes on Zulu, a formidable Brazilian vale tudo fighter. Prior to the match, Baki and Kozue share their first kiss. The fight commences with Zulu surprising Baki and swiftly knocking him out, leading to Zulu being declared the victor. However, the audience protests, arguing that a proper fight hasn't taken place. Tokugawa retorts that a true fighter should always be prepared for battle, and a surprise attack cannot be used as an excuse. Nonetheless, when Baki regains consciousness and attempts to exit the arena, Zulu attacks him once more, prompting Tokugawa to acknowledge that the fight isn't over, given that both fighters are still willing to compete. Baki eventually overpowers and terrifies Zulu into submission. After the fight, he extends a hand to his fallen opponent, indicating that just as Zulu gave him a second chance by initiating another attack, Baki is extending the same courtesy. Zulu recovers and they commence a "third round", where Baki's superior skills prompt Zulu to surrender. Following the fight, Kanji Igari approaches Baki, declaring his intention to be the next challenger.

In the third round, Baki's contender is Kanji Igari. Prior to the commencement of the bout, Igari entreats Baki to permit him victory. Baki, taken aback and offended by this display, refuses. As the duel progresses, it becomes apparent that Igari's plea was a calculated performance. The wrestler had realized that he stood little chance against the underground arena champion in a straightforward contest and thus opted for unconventional tactics. When Baki has him in a headlock, Igari feigns surrender, only to launch a surprise attack. Despite Baki's superior strength, Igari manages to inflict significant damage. He further introduces psychological warfare, manifested by a woman resembling Baki's mother, Emi Akezawa, in the audience. This is intended to disconcert Baki, but Baki thanks him for the chance to see his mother again. Baki then goads Igari into a classic pro wrestling match, and despite Igari's efforts, Baki emerges victorious by deploying a series of professional wrestling moves. A friendly post-match conversation transpires between the two.

Baki Hanma VS. The wielder of 4,000 years of Chinese Martial Arts, Retsu Kaioh

Baki's opponent in the subsequent round is Retsu Kaioh, a formidable Chinese Kempo practitioner. Before the match, Baki prepares by visualizing his fight against Retsu, learning his opponent's movements through mental simulation based on past observations. Once the match begins, Baki withstands Sunkei, Retsu's most potent technique. Baki employs his unique ability to release endorphins in his brain, a skill he has refined to the point where merely pinching his ear triggers the release. Baki sustains extensive injuries during the match but successfully defends against Retsu's top techniques. The climax of the duel sees a primal surge in Baki, reminiscent of his father Yujiro, where he nearly breaks Retsu's neck. Baki displays a momentary murderous intent, but soon regains his composure. Retsu ultimately survives, though defeated. Post-match, Yujiro expresses his disappointment in Baki's compassionate restraint.

Baki Hanma VS. Jack Hanma: A Battle of Two Brothers

Baki and Jack Hanma embrace before their battle, recognizing their sibling connection

The tournament culminates in Baki facing his final adversary, Jack Hammer. In the arena, Jack divulges his true identity as Baki's brother, Jack Hanma. Both fighters express mutual respect and pledge to give their all. In the ensuing battle, they unleash their best techniques against each other. At one point, Jack injures an artery in Baki's hand, leading to blood loss, which Baki mitigates by tying a bandage around his hand.

Baki puts Jack in a neck-hold, right before collapsing from blood loss

When Kozue implores Baki to forfeit, arguing that they have inflicted enough pain on each other, Baki remains resolute. Their intense duel continues even after Jack suffers an adverse reaction to performance-enhancing drugs, resulting in his body undergoing bizarre transformations. Despite this, Jack poses an even more formidable challenge. Ultimately, Baki withstands all of Jack's wild onslaughts and secures victory with a Front Neck-Lock.

Baki Hanma: The winner of the Maximum Tournament

As Baki claims the victor's belt from Tokugawa, Jack extends his hand to raise Baki's in a show of respect for the champion. All tournament participants congratulate Baki on his triumph. The closing scene presents Baki alone in the now-empty arena, clutching a handful of sand, acknowledging his insatiable thirst for combat.

The Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga

Baki, Your Average High-Schooler

The saga (and the second installment of Baki the Grappler: "New Grappler Baki") commences within the precincts of Baki's educational institution. The Underground Arena's manager, Tokugawa, makes his appearance, informing Baki of an impending convergence of five formidable convicts descending upon Tokyo, driven by a phenomenon known as synchronicity. These convicts are notorious for their ruthless nature and inexplicably seek defeat in their otherwise victorious lives.

Spec gives Baki a powerful first impression

In subsequent events, a gang within the school premises attempts to target Baki with the intention of overpowering him. They organize an offensive squad against Baki, who effortlessly neutralizes them. The scenario takes an unexpected turn when Spec, one of the convicts, makes an appearance. Baki engages in a brief conflict with Spec, which gets interrupted with the arrival of law enforcement officers. Spec willingly submits to them, remarking his anticipation for his encounter with Baki.

Later, the narrative presents a physical fitness examination at Baki's school. Despite his superior strength and agility, Baki fails most of the tasks due to overcompensation of force or inappropriate methodology. Baki's attempt at breaking the 1,500-metre run record is also unsuccessful due to his subconscious alteration of technique to overly stress his muscles. Although he doesn't pass the examination, the instructors comprehend his distinctive approach and make an exception for him.

As the story progresses, a crucial encounter takes place at an underground arena where Baki, his allies, and the convicts assemble. An agreement is reached regarding a battle between the main characters and the convicts, with the condition that they could seek out their adversary at any time. A significant incident occurs when Spec interrupts Baki's date with Kozue Matsumoto, but is deterred by Kaoru Hanayama.

For the first time in years, Baki loses to Yanagi's Vacuum Palm

In another incident, Baki is ambushed during a class by Hector Doyle, an English convict. Baki escapes to avoid putting his classmates in harm's way and safeguard his underground fighter status. However, he's soon attacked by another convict, Ryuko Yanagi, known as the "poisoner". Yanagi manages to defeat Baki with his Vacuum Palm, marking Baki's first defeat since childhood.

Baki and Kozue's Bond Reaches New Heights

Baki fights Sikorsky after the latter kidnaps his girlfriend, Kozue

Following this, Baki and his allies assemble at Tokugawa's residence, where they are confronted by Kaioh Dorian, another convict who plans to ignite a fire. Katsumi Orochi intervenes to prevent the catastrophe. In the succeeding events, Sikorsky, another convict, kidnaps Kozue, leading Baki to engage in a vengeful pursuit, only to discover that his father was behind the abduction. Sikorsky manages to escape, but is eventually defeated by Baki.

Baki fights Yanagi, using the latter's own Whip Slap against him

After a significant development where Baki strengthens himself physically and emotionally through an intimate encounter with Kozue, he faces Yanagi and Sikorsky again. After successfully defending Kozue and escaping from the convicts, Baki falls gravely ill due to Yanagi's Poison Hand technique. Baki retreats to the mountains to recover, but is eventually "kidnapped" by Retsu Kaioh and Mitsunari Tokugawa to participate in the "Great Raitai Tournament".

Baki entering the Raitai Tournament in a near-death state after being poisoned by Yanagi

This impending tournament offers an opportunity for recovery and retribution as Baki is told that his father, Yujiro Hanma, will also be participating. Despite his critical health condition and the strong objection from Kozue, Baki decides to participate, setting the stage for an epic battle in the "Great Raitai Tournament", potentially against his father and his ongoing battle with the deadly poison.

The Great Raitai Tournament Saga

Baki vomits blood after getting poisoned by Li Kaioh

Upon the commencement of the Raitai tournament, an engaging combat ensues between Baki and Li Kaioh, an adept practitioner of the Poison Hand technique from China. Almost immediately, Li succeeds in landing a potent strike, resulting in the formation of a tumescent bulge on Baki's foot. This manifestation signals the inception of the poison's infiltration into Baki's system. Without wasting a moment, Baki extracts the venom and recommences the duel. Shortly thereafter, Li lands a series of blows on Baki, depositing nearly the entirety of his lethal poison into the young warrior's body. Overwhelmed by the toxic intrusion, Baki's system succumbs, causing him to regurgitate blood and fall unconscious on the battleground.

Baki returns to the fight after the poison in his body got harmonized

In the midst of the spectacle, Kozue, Baki's significant other, kneels next to his prostrate form, lamenting how his unchanging spirit since his youth is now on the brink of extinguishment. Her emotional distress culminates in tears, one of which inadvertently trickles into Baki's mouth. Abruptly, Baki reawakens, grinning up at Kozue before swiftly rising to his feet. Retsu clarifies the miraculous development: the harmonization of the residual poison in Baki's system with the newly introduced poison from Li's strikes has counteracted their harmful effects, thereby sparing Baki from a seemingly inevitable end.

Realizing the dire consequences of this unforeseen turnaround, Li endeavors to assault Baki. However, he is instantly repelled by a rapid and fatal counterstrike from Baki, thus ending the fight. Baki, victorious yet gracious, refrains from inflicting further harm upon the unconscious Li, a gesture of gratitude for inadvertently saving his life.

Baki is Saved From the Poison!

"Baki Hanma has Revived!"

Post-combat, Retsu serves Baki an extensive meal, a culmination of Chinese culinary heritage spanning four millennia, replete with various traditional dishes and delicacies. Touched by the gesture, Baki expresses his gratitude, causing Retsu to blush. Subsequently, Baki devours the feast, savoring every morsel before being presented with a unique dessert: a large bucket consisting of 10 kilograms of water and 4 kilograms of glucose. Retsu elaborates that this unconventional mixture is designed to stimulate and rejuvenate Baki's cells, thereby facilitating his complete recovery. Baki, comprehending the intent, consumes the concoction in its entirety. Inside Baki's system, his cells embark on a rapid regeneration process, driven by a newfound determination to compensate for their previous weakened state.

Baki then falls into a restful slumber, his body radiating steam and fumes for several hours before he awakens, completely healed. The sight of his miraculous recovery elates Kozue and Retsu, with the latter joyously declaring, "Baki Hanma has revived!" several times. Reenergized and raring to go, Baki voices his eagerness to engage in the next battle, "I want to fight!"

Baki makes very quick work of Shunsei Kaku

In the aftermath, the Chinese delegates, displeased with foreign competitors claiming the majority of the victories, adjust the tournament's structure, introducing a Chinese team and a Strangers team. Shunsei Kaku, the son of the Chinese team's leader, joins the ranks. Subsequently, the much-anticipated match between Baki and Shunsei Kaku commences. Shunsei lunges at Baki in an attempt to gain the upper hand, but is promptly met with a swift blow to his jaw from Baki, resulting in a violent reverberation within his skull. Baki follows this with a powerful left-handed uppercut and a left spinning-heel kick to Shunsei's head, effectively disabling him within a matter of less than 2 seconds.

Godlike Clash of the Kids Saga

Muhammad Alai Jr., A Formidable Foe(?)

Upon the conclusion of the Raitai Tournament, Baki Hanma's significant other, Kozue, finds herself the object of affections of Muhammad Alai Jr., a fellow contestant who had competed alongside Baki in the aforementioned tournament. While Baki does not express extreme agitation regarding Alai Jr.'s overtures towards Kozue, recognizing her autonomous capacity to make decisions, he does, however, harbor a desire to engage in combat with Jr., especially after the latter initiates a challenge to duel for Kozue's sentiments.

Alai Jr. prepares for his fight with Baki

In preparation for the impending battle, Alai Jr. engages in training sessions by contesting against a number of Baki's companions, which include Doppo Orochi, known as the "God of War", Goki Shibukawa, a master of Jujutsu, and Jack Hanma, Baki's sibling. Initially exhibiting a successful performance against his rivals, Alai Jr. eventually comes to realize the underestimation he had made of Baki's comrades' persistence and resilience, consequently succumbing to consecutive defeats in the rematches.

The day of the anticipated match between Baki Hanma and Muhammad Alai Jr. arrives. Jr., however, is petrified at the prospect of facing Baki, whose strength is reputed to surpass that of all the adversaries he had previously been defeated by. Nevertheless, the young warrior enters the underground arena to confront Baki, who is already present, poised for the forthcoming bout.

Prior to the commencement of the match, Baki's father, Yujiro, dramatically steps into the ring. The crowd is taken aback by his unexpected appearance, but instead of challenging either of the fighters, Yujiro extends his good wishes and expresses his intent to confront the victor, effectively "consuming them". Yujiro proceeds to strike the drum, marking the official start of the duel.

Alai Jr. is No Match for Baki Hanma

Baki strangles Jr., intending to kill him

The match kicks off, with Alai Jr. attempting a rapid jab directed at Baki's right side. However, before he is successful, Baki preempts the strike with a swift left hook, thereby knocking Alai Jr. to the ground. Upon questioning Alai Jr.'s readiness to proceed, Baki receives an affirmative response, along with the assertion that he has made a critical error by allowing his adversary to recover. Nevertheless, while Jr. is still making his claim, Baki delivers a potent kick to Jr.'s groin, causing him to collapse again. Following this, Baki appears to attempt to strangle Alai Jr., seemingly intending to end his life, until Muhammad Alai Sr. intervenes, physically separating Baki from his son.

Baki provides a revelation to the elder Alai, saying he was fully intending to kill Jr. in their bout. In addition, Baki states that Jr.'s defeat was not a reflection of his fighting ability, but rather, his reluctance to risk his life in the fight. Muhammad Alai Sr. concurs with this assessment, marking the end of the match.

Baki Challenges His Father Once Again!

Baki challenges his father, Yujiro Hanma for their long-awaited rematch

However, Baki has yet to make his final announcement. He boldly issues a challenge to his father, Yujiro Hanma, proposing a final match aimed at settling their longstanding paternal conflict. Yujiro receives the proposition with glee, leaping into the arena and expressing his delight, likening Baki's growth to that of a fearful kitten evolving into a lion courageous enough to meet his gaze. Yujiro accepts the challenge, instructing Mitsunari Tokugawa to keep him apprised of the details of their impending duel.

Baki about to fight a mental projection of his father

Subsequently, at a predetermined time of exactly 8pm, all of Baki's companions convene within an empty stadium, unaware of the exact nature of the event they have been summoned for. Upon their arrival, they observe Baki positioned at the center of the stadium, poised for a combat with no apparent adversary. Suddenly, all attendees become aware of an almost ethereal projection originating from Baki's consciousness. This projection morphs into the form of Baki's father, Yujiro, eliciting an enthusiastic response from Baki, who proclaims, "I'm coming for you, old man!" before engaging in combat with this mental representation of his father.

Yujiro feels Baki's strong bloodlust thousands of kilometers away

Meanwhile, thousands of kilometers away within a national park in Tanzania where the time is 2pm, Yujiro is preparing to engage in a confrontation with an African lion. However, he abruptly turns around, visibly startled as he experiences the powerful aura of his son's bloodlust, detectable even from this considerable distance.

The second installment of the Baki the Grappler series concludes.

Combat Shadow Fighting Saga

The third installment of Baki the Grappler: "Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre" commences with the introduction of a young elementary school student, Ayukawa Rumina, who, after being threatened by school bullies, embarks on a quest to seek out and challenge the reputed "world's strongest high schooler". Entering the local high school, Rumina encounters three delinquents who respond with mirth at his youthful bravado. They subsequently direct him towards the Tamagawa River.

Baki and Rumina: Now friends.

Upon reaching the river, Rumina encounters Baki Hanma. Baki promptly introduces himself and queries whether Rumina is prepared for a serious confrontation. Baki asks if Rumina can swim, to which Rumina tentatively responds, "a little". Baki then playfully slaps Rumina, causing him to fall into the river. Realizing the water is shallower than expected, Rumina stands up and is assisted out of the river by Baki, who proclaims the commencement of their friendship.

Shortly afterwards, the two sit by a nearby walkway where Baki conveys to Rumina that he had exerted his full strength against him, thereby exemplifying the relative weakness of his school bullies. As Rumina is about to ask additional questions, they are joined by Captain Strydum, a longtime acquaintance of Yujiro Hanma. Strydum questions Baki's comprehension of the serious implications of his impending conflict with his father, to which Baki nonchalantly responds with a yawn. Baki goes on to downplay their conflict as a mere familial disagreement and suggests that Strydum, an American, refrain from meddling in such matters. Strydum, however, insists on his involvement, comparing the clash between the powerful Baki Hanma and Yujiro Hanma to a war between world powers. Strydum then departs, with Baki bidding him farewell.

Shadow Boxing

Later in the evening, Baki and Rumina are walking along the street when Baki asks Rumina if he is interested in witnessing him spar with a random adversary. Rumina is perplexed, reasoning that an arbitrary opponent would likely not be sufficiently strong to serve as training for Baki's upcoming confrontation with his father. Baki counters by asserting that a "random opponent isn't necessarily lackluster". Baki proceeds to initiate a series of rapid punches and kicks in the air, gradually increasing in speed. Rumina recognizes this as "shadow boxing", a classic boxing training regimen that involves visualizing an opponent and reciprocally dodging and landing blows on imagined weak points.

Baki fights the imaginary Iron Michael

Subsequently, Rumina begins to discern a faint but discernible aura before Baki, which Baki continues to engage with in increasingly serious attacks and defenses. Observing Baki's maneuvers and techniques, Rumina deduces that Baki is fighting the mental image of none other than the former heavyweight world champion, Mike "Iron Michael" Tyson.

Despite being merely a figment of imagination, Iron Michael lands a blow on Baki's abdomen, causing injury. Following this, Baki announces that he is now "warmed up". Iron Michael launches another attack, but Baki retaliates with a swift right kick to his head, effectively disabling him. Rumina accuses Baki of committing a foul, but Baki clarifies that he is not adhering to the boxing rule set.

Upon conclusion of the imagined fight, Rumina's bullies arrive at the scene. They are puzzled by Baki's injuries, which seemingly resulted from combat with an imaginary opponent. In response, Baki uses a mental trick to induce the sensation of tasting sour prunes and a lemon, thereby demonstrating the complexities of the human body and its reactions to perceived stimuli.

Shadow Fighting!

As Baki and Rumina proceed towards Baki's residence, they pass by various instances of graffiti defacing Baki's name. Baki dismisses these as futile attempts to challenge him. Upon their arrival, Baki describes his imaginary bout with Iron Michael as merely a warm-up, noting that the boxing champion's strength is incomparable to that of his father, Yujiro Hanma, known as the "World's Strongest Being".

Baki VS. the imaginary 100kg praying mantis

In Baki's dark basement, Baki discloses his intent to outdo his father's feat of fighting a giant African elephant by taking on an even more formidable opponent. Suddenly, Baki is struck by an unseen force, which he traces back to the tabletop in the basement. Upon approaching the table, Rumina discovers the unexpected source of the attack: a solitary, small praying mantis.

Baki explains that his decision to engage with a praying mantis in combat was informed by the remarkable capabilities of insects, which include feats such as carrying prey that weighs 7-8 times their own weight and jumping extraordinary heights, in the case of a flea. Baki regards the praying mantis as an ideal opponent. Rumina expresses skepticism regarding how Baki could engage in combat with such a diminutive creature. However, Baki counters that by harnessing the power of his mind and heart, he can envision a formidable iteration of a praying mantis, weighing an astonishing 100 kg.

Baki strikes a Mantis pose, signaling a shift in the match

What ensues is an astounding spectacle of Baki punching, kicking, and evading the maneuvers of the imagined mantis. The mantis exhibits remarkable strength, causing fissures in the wall as Baki is hurled into it. As the combat progresses, Baki's fighting style evolves from conventional bare-handed techniques into a more primal, animalistic approach. This shift reflects the unique challenge posed by his insect adversary. Despite delivering a swift kick to the mantis's head, Baki realizes that such a tactic is ineffective given that insects do not house their brains in their heads. Baki is temporarily ensnared in the mantis's forelegs, but he manages to extricate himself.

Rumina, witnessing the increasing danger to Baki, endeavors to terminate the combat by urging Baki to cease fighting. However, Baki is deeply immersed in the fantastical confrontation and does not heed Rumina's pleas. Suddenly, Baki lands a punch on a softer spot located at the base of the mantis's neck. In doing so, he recognizes that he has executed the "Praying Mantis Punch", an ancient technique from Chinese Kempo. Inspired by this realization, Baki decides to apply more of these Praying Mantis punches against his imagined opponent, thereby transitioning from traditional martial arts to a mixed-species combat strategy.

Baki adapts the fighting maneuvers of a bird, bringing the mantis much closer to defeat

Baki's blows start landing, inflicting damage on the mantis. With each successful hit, Baki starts to comprehend an even more effective method of combat against the mantis, the Fujian White Crane. By emulating the form of a bird, Baki succeeds in landing more hits on the mantis, which attempts to evade Baki's onslaught.

Upon mastering this technique, the dynamics of the combat undergo a significant shift. Having discovered the mantis's vulnerability, Baki gains the upper hand, and the imagined mantis diminishes in size, reverting to the actual size of a real-life mantis. This signifies Baki's triumph and the resolution of this unconventional bout.

The Great Prison Battle Saga

Baki Enters Arizona State Prison

Baki kidnaps George W. Bush

Four decades subsequent to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush, the incumbent US President, partakes in a parade down the same historical street in Dallas, surrounded by a security detail tenfold that of JFK's. In an unexpected turn of events, the President vanishes, with media outlets reporting: "An Asian youth has abducted the President!". Subsequently, Baki escorts Bush to a nearby restaurant.

During their brief exchange, Bush inquires about Baki's intentions, whether they are monetary or otherwise. Baki calmly responds, revealing his intention to be apprehended and consequently sentenced to Arizona State Prison, colloquially known as "The Fortress". His objective, as he elaborates, is to confront "Mr. Unchained", otherwise known as Biscuit Oliva.

Baki is arrested and sent to Arizona State Prison

In due course, Baki is arrested, brought before a court, and sentenced to an extended term in Arizona State Prison. Following an extensive drive through Arizona's desert, Baki arrives at the imposing penitentiary. He shares an insight into American criminal geography, citing the two 'pentagons' - one in Virginia, known as "The White Pentagon" and another in Arizona, termed "The Black Pentagon". He surmises that the nomenclature could be attributed to the prison's architectural design or perhaps its reputation for incarcerating certain criminal 'elites'.

Subject to multiple security protocols, including fingerprint and retina scans, DNA registration, and a thorough body examination, Baki remarks on the somewhat VIP-like status the inmates appear to have.

Baki subsequently engages in a conversation with the prison warden, Michael Holes. Commenting on Baki's superior physical condition that eclipses that of nearly all inmates, the warden makes mention of Baki's desire to meet Oliva. Baki affirms this. Holes notes that while many have sought to meet Oliva to no avail, Oliva himself has requested that Baki be brought to him immediately.

"Mr. Unchained", Biscuit Oliva welcomes Baki to his "humble" abode.

As Baki is escorted through the prison towards Oliva's quarters, he observes various malevolent inmates in solitary confinement. Upon arrival at Oliva's quarters, he is taken aback by the opulence that belies the austere setting of a prison cell. Instead, Oliva's quarters bear more resemblance to a luxury hotel suite.

Baki is startled by the unexpected appearance of Oliva, who warmly welcomes him. As he takes in the opulence of Oliva's quarters, adorned with precious artifacts and artworks, Oliva offers him a choice between a glass of cognac and Chinese jasmine tea. Baki declines. Before Baki can proceed further, Oliva correctly deduces his intent: to engage in a bout, presumably as preparation for Baki's impending fight with Yujiro Hanma.

Oliva maintains that he reigns supreme in the prison and asserts that of the 4071 inmates in Arizona State Prison, 4070 aim to defeat him. Therefore, Baki, a newcomer, cannot merely challenge the reigning champion. Unperturbed, Baki counters that he is referring to a fight in the broader sense, not confined to boxing or similar rules. In an attempt to underscore his point, Baki lands a punch on Oliva's face, which surprisingly has no effect. Oliva calmly responds, advising Baki to relax and enjoy the moment, informing him of a forthcoming bout with the prison's second-strongest inmate. At that moment, Oliva decides that Baki will reside in the quarters of this "Mr. Second".

Baki's Meeting With Mr. Second

Upon arrival at his assigned cell, Baki encounters a familiar face: Ian McGregor, a participant in the Maximum Tournament. Baki inquires if Ian is the second strongest individual in the prison. Ian reveals he was once "the champion", but currently, he isn't even among the top ten. His aspirations are to live and die peacefully in the prison. They are then interrupted by another, older prisoner who advises them to avoid disturbing "Mr. Second".

Baki meets the elusive "Mr. Second".

When Baki awakens, he meets Mr. Second, a compact, seemingly Spanish-American man. Baki queries why Mr. Second was sleeping inside a closet, to which he responds that a warrior must rest standing in darkness, reserving lying down for death. When Baki asks if defeating him would elevate Baki to second place, Mr. Second affirms, declaring, "Today is a good day to die."

Prior to the initiation of a potential fight, a prison guard intervenes, entering the cell and commanding the inmates to dress and prepare themselves, thereby interrupting the duo's confrontation. Subsequently, a morning roll call is conducted, the regimented nature of which Baki likens to a military exercise. Throughout the roll call, Baki observes Mr. Second, nonchalantly strolling about and pilfering a cigarette from a guard's pocket, leaving Baki unsure of how to interpret this action.

As the lunch hour approaches, Baki is seen partaking in his midday meal. An older inmate joins him and advises Baki to closely observe the unfolding events. A wrestler, once a prominent sumo competitor, attempts to challenge Mr. Second. Baki notes the prevailing silence amongst the inmates, and the older prisoner asserts that they are aware of the inevitable outcome. Their confrontation is staged in the prison gym, where Mr. Second swiftly dispatches the challenger who subsequently succumbs to a fatal gunshot wound to the back of the head from a guard.

Baki is placed in solitary confinement

Upon his return to the main prison hall, Mr. Second encounters Baki. Baki articulates his understanding that Mr. Second's designation stems not from his ranking within the prison hierarchy but rather his anticipated ascension to the title of "Mr. Unchained". Following this, Baki questions Mr. Second's nationality, drawing parallels with the American Bush and Oliva. In response, Mr. Second advises him to be more circumspect with his words. Shortly thereafter, a guard brandishes a firearm at Baki, commanding him to cease his discourse, and subsequently Baki is sentenced to solitary confinement.

A few hours later, it's time for Baki's evening meal. His older cellmate delivers his dinner: a humble serving of soup and bread. Baki then inquires about Mr. Second's origins, to which the older inmate responds cryptically: "He's a president". Upon observing Baki's shock, he elaborates: Mr. Second, real name Jun Guevaru, hails from a minor island in South America.

Initially a pirate, Guevaru was spurred into rebellion against the imposed American regulations on his island after witnessing the exploitative treatment of his people. Despite being a native of the South American island, Guevaru's lineage traces back to Japan through his grandfather, who had imparted some fundamental martial arts training during his youth. Empowered by this knowledge, Guevaru proceeded to train his fellow islanders in this martial art that forbade the use of weapons – a style that would come to be known simply as "The Guevaru Style".

Guevaru was instrumental in securing his island's independence from US rule after managing to blackmail President Bush. His subsequent imprisonment was driven by his desire to challenge "Mr. Unchained", Biscuit Oliva, who he considers to be as influential as President Bush himself.

Upon concluding his explanation, the older cellmate is assaulted by a bald guard who enters the cell and strikes him with a baton. In response, Baki retaliates, but in the ensuing chaos, the guard nearly plummets from the nearby railing. Baki, despite his handcuffed hands, manages to prevent the fall, ignoring Guevaru's warning that the guard would likely continue to mete out punishment even after being saved. However, in gratitude for saving his life, the guard decides to overlook the incident.

Subsequently, Baki and the other inmates are seen laboring under the searing sun, laying the foundations for a new road.

"Are you two joking with me here?!"

Back in their cell, Baki and Guevaru engage in a discussion about a potential bout between them. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Oliva, who has come seeking Guevaru. The two exchange words about their personal motivations for engaging in combat, with Oliva revealing his is driven by love for his girlfriend. Baki interjects, expressing his disillusionment with their romanticized reasons for fighting and accuses them of evading their true feelings, an act he equates to cowardice. In response, the two men forcibly eject Baki from the cell, rendering him unconscious.

Later, the much-anticipated match between "Mr. Unchained" Biscuit Oliva and "Mr. Second" Jun Guevaru takes place in the prison yard. As Baki observes, the two legendary figures engage in a battle of epic proportions. After an exhaustive contest, Guevaru is defeated.

A New Mr. Unchained?

Several days following the intense face-off, the familiar procedure of morning roll call is observed once again at Arizona State Prison. During this customary routine, Baki inquires the overseeing guard, "May I go outside for a moment?" The guard, caught off guard, approaches Baki, only to be rapidly incapacitated. Another officer steps up to restrain Baki, but swiftly meets the same fate. Witnessing the unfolding events, fellow inmates cheer and sing for Baki, fueling his apparent daring attempt to escape the facility.

Navigating through a gauntlet of guards and an array of weapons, Baki manages to arrive at the main entrance of the prison. He is met by the head of the facility, Warden Holes, surrounded by several armed guards. The warden issues a warning that lethal force will be employed if Baki does not surrender. Baki, however, remains undeterred, claiming he simply wished to ascertain his potential as a "Mr. Unchained". Questioned by the warden on his conclusion from this reckless stunt, Baki confidently responds, "I believe I could."

Baki holds the prison staff hostage

Doubting Baki's assertion, the warden is surprised as his sunglasses abruptly shatter, and the buttons on the uniforms of the surrounding guards scatter across the floor, demonstrating Baki's control over the situation. Despite the threatening display, the warden orders his guards to fire upon Baki, who are too stunned to execute the command. Baki then instructs the warden to accompany him out of the facility, navigating through multiple prison gates, with the guards too intimidated to intervene. Once outside, amidst the desolate Arizona desert, Baki triumphantly declares "game over!" before turning to the warden, requesting to be re-handcuffed. The warden, baffled, questions Baki's intentions, to which Baki merely grins, satisfied with his newfound confidence and assurance of his potential freedom.

At this moment, Biscuit Oliva arrives on a large motorcycle, querying Baki's actions. When Baki questions if Oliva is envious of his demonstrated potential for freedom, Oliva retorts, "Do you believe we are on equal footing now, lad?" Baki points out that both have demonstrated the ability to escape the prison unarmed, leading him to question the differences between them.

Baki angers Oliva

Oliva, deciding to demonstrate the disparity, instructs the warden to release Baki's cuffs, intent on teaching Baki a lesson. Baki, however, intervenes and effortlessly breaks the cuffs himself, arguing that Oliva had just fought two days ago and hadn't recovered fully yet. He yells, "Return once you have nourished yourself. You must be at full strength for our duel - no excuses!" The warden and guards are taken aback by Baki's audacity, and Oliva's face exhibits a rising rage. However, he composes himself, conceding that he had missed breakfast that day. Baki proceeds to throw a few more verbal jabs before telling the warden he wishes to return to his cell, expressing his disappointment in the dullness of "Mr. Unchained".

After his verbal clash with Baki, a guard attempts to relocate Oliva's motorcycle, but Oliva asserts he'll handle it personally. In a show of strength and a clear display of his suppressed anger, he hurls the heavy motorcycle into the garage with considerable force.

Subsequently, Oliva makes an appearance at the cuffed Baki's cell, launching into an eloquent narrative of his impending gourmet experience. He outlines his imminent feast, meticulously prepared by a celebrated Italian-American chef. This culinary journey will begin with a staggering 100,000-calorie meal, a gastronomic spectacle intended to engage all of Oliva's senses. An exquisite aperitif will prime his palate, followed by the pairing of his sumptuous meal with a selection of exclusive wines, carefully chosen to enhance the flavours of each dish. For dessert, Oliva will indulge in a unique culinary creation - a muskmelon, hollowed out and filled to the brim with the finest cognac. To conclude the feast, he will savor a glass of sweet cherry wine, its fruity notes a perfect finale to his indulgent meal. A Cuban cigar, renowned for its robust flavour and superior quality, will mark the end of his dining experience. Following this gustatory delight, Oliva intends to enjoy a serene walk under the starlit sky before retiring to the comfort of his king-sized bed, where his girlfriend Maria awaits.

Upon completing his culinary narrative, Oliva unzips his pants, proceeding to urinate on Baki Hanma. He underscores the vast disparity between their circumstances, framing Arizona State Prison as his kingdom, with its pleasures and luxuries at his disposal.

Oliva urinates on Baki, who finds the act quite amusing

Baki laughs gleefully, swearing that in the very near future, Oliva will beg him for a fight. He questions whether a man who just urinated on a helpless boy truly holds the upper hand. Baki continues his mocking laughter, questioning why "Unchained" isn't amused by the absurdity of the situation, Oliva leaves the cell.

Later, the older cellmate presents Baki with a cup of water, with Baki claiming it tastes "like heaven".

Baki Hanma VS. "Mr. Unchained" Biscuit Oliva

Some time passes, and Oliva enters Baki's cell donned in a tuxedo. He announces, "You're going to get what you want." In two weeks, their duel will be broadcast nationwide. Baki is unimpressed, dismissing "Mr. Chained" as weak for needing to schedule the fight in advance. Baki lands a few attacks, stating this isn't a contest of beauty. Oliva acknowledges his "mistake" and understands the situation now. Subsequently, he launches Baki through the cell wall with a powerful slap, declaring, "The match has already begun!".

Continuing their tense confrontation, Oliva parallels the grim determination of Baki with that of his father, Yujiro Hanma, the formidable "Ogre". Both father and son, Oliva comments, are fiercely focused on the art of combat. With a flourish, Oliva flexes his enormous muscles, causing his tuxedo to disintegrate under the sheer force, setting the stage for the real combat to begin.

In preparation, Baki demonstrates his uncanny ability to dislocate his joints at will, removing his cuffs before restoring his limbs to their natural alignment. His calm demeanor belies the anticipation for the violent clash that was imminent.

Oliva uses Baki like a towel, flailing him around

Baki initiates the exchange by delivering a punch so potent it rends a hole in the prison wall. Yet, Oliva effortlessly catches his fist, yanking Baki through the wall with surprising agility. However, instead of merely discarding Baki, Oliva uses him as a makeshift flail, shaking him vigorously as if to rattle his very cells. He then charges through several cells, each wall crumbling under the force. Baki is subsequently launched from the third-floor railing, attempting a retaliatory kick but failing. With an iron grip on Baki's leg, Oliva thrusts him into the ground, leaving a sizable crater and a deafening sound reverberating through the prison complex.

Baki melts from the pain

Left reeling from the assault, Baki savors the pain, finding the full might of Mr. Unchained, deemed America's strongest man, a peculiar source of exhilaration. He is reminded of his first bout against his father, Yujiro Hanma, and the insurmountable power gap that existed between them. Suddenly, he feels his body turning to liquid, losing its form and consistency until it seems as though he's spread across the prison floor in a puddle-like state.

Baki's Demon-Back awakens once again due to Oliva's attacks

In an astounding rebound, Baki springs back into a fighting stance, a mark on the floor as the only testament to his temporary fall. A nearby guard notices a transformation in Baki, his back muscles having contorted into the visage of a demon – the Demon-Back. This technique, unique to the Hanma lineage, augments their combat abilities and resilience drastically. The guard likens Baki's posture to that of the legendary samurai, Musashi Miyamoto.

Oliva, with a mixture of impatience and concealed apprehension, admonishes Baki for keeping him waiting. He steps towards Baki, prepared to unleash another assault, but inexplicably collapses. The guard onlooker swears he didn't miss anything.

Upon reviewing the security footage, the inexplicable event is elucidated: in a fraction of a second, Baki had struck Oliva's neck and resumed his previous stance. Oliva recalls reading about such techniques; they exploit the half-second delay in human consciousness from an action's occurrence to the body's response. Baki, with his ceaseless training, natural talent, and his unique Hanma blood, had managed to master this "domain of 0.5 seconds". Dismissing Baki's technique, Oliva boasts of possessing one superior.


The guards and Baki are flabbergasted to witness Oliva morph his muscular body into a spherical shape, resembling an armadillo. Baki deliberates on the feasibility of utilizing his 0.5-second technique against this odd defensive stance. He lands a jump-spinning back kick, reputed to be the strongest type of kick, but it fails to inflict any damage on Oliva. Baki notes the striking similarity between this technique and one employed by the super-doctor, Kureha Shinogi, a realization that amuses Oliva.

When Baki lands a punch on the transformed Oliva, the sound it emits is metallic rather than organic, further contributing to the surreal nature of the fight. As the spectators stand by in anticipation, Oliva seizes Baki's arm and, similar to a predatory Pac-Man, swallows him whole. Baki finds himself ensnared and crushed within Oliva's corpulent body before being spat out, unconscious.

With a victorious gleam in his eyes, Oliva reverts to his regular form and states that if this were a boxing match, he would have already been declared the winner. Baki retorts, arguing that their bitter animosity prevents any premature conclusion of the fight. The greatest weakness of Oliva, Baki proposes, is his desire for an official declaration of defeat, a desire that brings him closer to losing the battle.

At Baki's provocation, Oliva responded with a smile of acknowledgement. As they prepared for the imminent showdown, Iron Michael, a notable figure among the spectators, raised his voice in protest. He cautioned Baki against this contest, highlighting the stark contrast in their physical attributes: Oliva being a heavyweight, while Baki was merely a middleweight. However, Baki reassured Michael that he understood the risks and potential repercussions. Undeterred, he declared that the challenge was entirely worth undertaking.

With that, Baki made his first move, launching himself off the wall and approaching Oliva slowly yet assertively. His posture mirrored that of his father, Yujiro Hanma, embodying an almost eerie resemblance. It was abundantly clear that nothing could intervene now; the stage was set for what was anticipated to be the most phenomenal fist fight in recorded history.

The World's Greatest Fist Fight In History!

Baki and Oliva exchange blows

As they exchanged blows, the damage inflicted upon their bodies was of an unprecedented scale. The flurry of their movement and the sheer intensity of the duel proved too much for the onlooking guards to fully comprehend, their clashes transpiring faster than the eye could track.

Amidst the chaos, Baki pondered his strategy. To vanquish Oliva, would he need to employ a complex web of techniques and cunning tactics? Or, on second thought, was that path even necessary? In a fight against Biscuit Oliva, the renowned "Mr. Unchained" and America's strongest warrior, such methods seemed futile. What truly mattered was raw, unyielding power. A head-on collision, fearlessly pushing back against the opponent, propelling him to the walls, and then beyond.

And push back he did. Despite Oliva's significant weight advantage, the scales of the battle began to tilt in Baki's favor. Oliva, and along with him, the collective pride of the United States, found themselves being relentlessly driven back. In a final desperate bid, "Mr. Unchained" aimed a strike at Baki's head.

Baki delivers one last headbutt to Oliva's face, finishing the legendary bout

Briefly, Baki's world went into disarray, only to regain his bearings with a swift and explosive response. With a resounding headbutt, he met Oliva head-on, his ferocity fracturing the formidable warrior's skull and symbolically, the pride of an entire nation.

In the aftermath of the encounter, Baki mustered the remnants of his strength, preparing for one final attack. He unleashed a punch that not only found its mark but also continued its trajectory, culminating in a spectacular shattering of the prison wall behind Oliva. As he crumbled to the floor in exhaustion, his eyes opened to an awe-inspiring sight: an unobstructed shaft of light pouring through the breach in the wall. No longer was there a formidable obstacle in his path; his victory had paved the way for a dawn of a new era.

Post-battle, the unexpected arrival of an additional character took everyone by surprise: Maria, Oliva's obese girlfriend. The general bewilderment was not just due to her appearance at the scene of the combat, but also due to the fact that, given her size, her ability to move around, let alone walk, seemed a nearly insurmountable task. Upon witnessing Oliva's defeat, he confessed to his loss with a noticeable tone of shame. But her response was simply a request for him to return home with her, explaining that she could no longer walk.

Baki rides back home

Oliva's surprising defeat results in a change of the prison ranking, with Oliva making the announcement himself. Despite the loss, he can't bring himself to accept Baki as the new "Mr. Unchained" and arranges for Baki's immediate release. The warden is hesitant, but Oliva threatens to free all 4,000 prisoners if his demand is not met. Thus, Baki leaves the prison on a bike, accompanied by the cacophony of a helicopter containing Oliva observing his departure. The sound is a minor inconvenience for Baki, who begins his long journey home after an unforgettable encounter with America's Mr. Unchained.

The Pickle Wars Saga

After returning to Japan, Baki engages in rigorous training in his basement, under the watchful eye of Captain Strydum. Completing his session, the two move to the living room for a conversation. Strydum mentions that he wants Baki to meet a certain individual, describing him as someone Baki "has never encountered before." Baki jests, noting that many people he's met fit that description. However, Strydum poses a question to Baki, inquiring about what he believes to be the most powerful creature on Earth.

Baki Witnesses The Ancient Warrior: Pickle

In a light-hearted response, Baki suggests that Strydum isn't referring to Yujiro Hanma. Taking a more serious tone, Strydum urges Baki to give a genuine answer. Baki, pondering, wonders if Strydum might be alluding to dinosaurs, specifically a T-Rex. To this, Strydum hands Baki a newspaper bearing the headline "Man?! or Beast?!" Baki's expression shifts to one of shock as Strydum asserts that the man in question is mightier than a T-Rex.

They proceed to watch a live broadcast showcasing the man from the newspaper, who is remarkably tall, measuring over 2.6 meters, as he traverses an airport. Later on, they come to discover that this man, named "Pickle," is an ancient warrior who has been preserved in salt water for over 160 million years. He was reanimated through the advanced scientific methods of Nobel laureate, Albert Payne. As the footage continues, Pickle, unfamiliar with contemporary societal norms, impulsively approaches a female news reporter and proceeds to rape her. Despite intervention from several military personnel, he only retreats when he suddenly falls asleep.

This astonishing event, broadcast for the entire world to witness, leaves Baki, along with countless viewers, utterly taken aback.

Several days later, Baki reconvenes with his younger friend, Rumina, at a local cafe. Curious, Rumina inquires if Baki has heard about Pickle and whether he believes he could triumph over him in a duel. Confidently, Baki asserts he would emerge victorious. However, he expresses his lack of interest in such a match, likening harming Pickle to damaging a priceless artifact. Rumina ponders Baki's reasoning, questioning why, knowing Pickle's immense strength, Baki wouldn't aspire to be the most formidable entity alive. Baki clarifies his objective: it's not about being the world's strongest but possessing enough might to defeat his formidable father. Rumina observes that Baki appears to regard his father's prowess with a touch of pride rather than resentment. Baki, taken aback, wonders if he truly conveys such sentiments.

Later that day, Baki's path leads him to a Chinese kempo workshop where he encounters the skilled practitioner, Retsu Kaioh, who showcases his mastery in martial arts. Eager to learn, Baki proposes that Retsu tutor him in the art of Chinese kempo. Retsu, however, declines. Pressed for a reason, Retsu divulges his sole interest: facing off against Pickle, the prehistoric warrior. He admits to being captivated by Pickle's raw energy, dismissing concerns about jeopardizing such a unique specimen.

Departing from the workshop, Baki acknowledges Retsu's fixation on Pickle, albeit slightly perturbed by the escalating "Pickle fervor" gripping Japan and the world beyond. His day takes another turn when he encounters a news segment detailing Pickle's latest antics: hunting a Siberian Tiger for sustenance. Baki remains unmoved by the revelation.

Subsequent events find Retsu challenging Pickle. Employing his four millennia-old Chinese martial arts tactics, Retsu manages to hold his ground. Yet, in a startling turn of events, Pickle bests Retsu, gruesomely consuming his leg in the process.

Visiting a recovering Retsu, Baki expresses his astonishment over Retsu's injuries. A remorseful Retsu laments his inability to uphold his end of a perilous pact with Pickle, wherein Pickle could consume him if victorious. Baki consoles Retsu, emphasizing that his indomitable spirit defines his true strength, noting the meaning of "Retsu" in Japanese.

As Baki departs the hospital, he reflects upon Pickle's predatory tendencies, drawing parallels with his own father, Yujiro, and his menacing threats to opponents. Lost in thought, Baki silently acknowledges the formidable nature of his potential adversaries, thinking to himself: "Pickle really will eat you! What an amazing opponent!".

Baki Begins to Get The "Pickle Fever"

During an unknown segment of the narrative, Baki begins his day with an early morning jog accompanied by his dog, Musashi. Completing his run, he dedicates a few moments to stretching before heading home. Once there, he attends to his personal hygiene, brushing his teeth and cleansing his face. Later, at school, Baki faces his teacher's disapproval over his underwhelming academic performance and unexpectedly receives a love confession letter from a classmate. As evening settles, Baki enjoys dinner and unwinds with a bath. Unexpectedly, Baki reflects on how Pickle has dominated his thoughts recently, confessing an unprecedented desire to challenge him.

Days later, Pickle, attempting to blend into Tokyo's bustling streets in borrowed attire, crosses paths with the Yakuza figure, Kaoru Hanayama. A brief but intense confrontation ensues. Just as the two seem set on a serious clash, Hanayama pauses, signaling Baki's arrival. Baki, upon observing Pickle, extols the caveman's phenomenal prowess and physical allure. Although Baki had initially shown no inclination to engage with Pickle, witnessing his peers' fascination stirs his own interest. As Pickle extends a hand towards Baki, the latter approaches, only to be playfully spun around—a maneuver reminiscent of one Yujiro had used on Pickle. Caught off guard but invigorated, Baki retaliates with a swift kick to Pickle's head. To Baki's surprise, rather than retaliate, Pickle beckons him to follow. The duo eventually finds themselves at Tokugawa's underground fighting arena.

Tokugawa, who was present at the arena, was furious at Pickle for leaving the arena. He shouted at him that he was not supposed to "go on walks". Pickle ignored him and focused on Baki, who seemed to understand that Pickle wanted to challenge him. As they were about to start their match, Baki hesitated and said that there was no need to involve innocent animals like he did with the Yasha-zaru ape. He warned Pickle not to be reckless and risk his life. Before he could finish his sentence, Pickle kicked him in the gut with great force, sending him flying into the seats of the arena. Baki was knocked out and Pickle celebrated his "victory" by doing a tribal dance.

Later, Baki lay on his bed, with a clear mark of the kick on his chest. He wondered what his father would say about his defeat by Pickle. He imagined that he would say: "The idiot stepped in carelessly, unprepared! He didn't consider the consequences of a battle of life and death!". This was a correct guess, as Yujiro was having a conversation with Tokugawa about the same thing at that moment. Baki then had a revelation: if he could surpass Pickle's power, he just might be able to reach his father's level.

Meanwhile, Katsumi Orochi, the karate master, trained for his own fight with Pickle, seeking revenge for Retsu's loss of a leg. He learned to master his "Mach Punch" technique, which allowed him to increase his speed by imagining his body with countless joints. He achieved a speed of over 80 times the speed of sound. During this training, Baki also continued his own training regime, inviting Rumina and Strydum to watch him fight an imaginary T-Rex.

The day of Katsumi's fight arrived, and as he was about to enter the arena, he saw Baki outside, covered in blood and sweat. Katsumi was puzzled, but Baki simply told him: "Didn't think you'd ever be first".

Baki is Fully Invested in Pickle

Katsumi's battle with Pickle was long and hard, but he ultimately lost, and his arm was severed. He collapsed and was close to death, but Pickle spared him and prayed for his friend instead of eating him. He left him to the doctors who saved his life. Baki retracted his previous statement, saying that Katsumi's progress was incredible.

Later, Baki visited Katsumi at the hospital, bringing a bouquet of roses. He told Katsumi that he lost. Retsu, who was also there, was annoyed by Baki's remark, but Katsumi accepted it. He said that someone had to say the truth. Katsumi then tells Baki he passes on his efforts of defeating Pickle to him. Baki then took the roses and crushed them with his hands. He then used the juice from the roses as a perfume and put it on Katsumi's head, imitating Hanayama's gesture towards his mother in Baki the Grappler. Baki then said "I will take them".

At night, Baki tried to visualize Pickle in his basement using his Shadow Boxing ability, but he failed. He could not imagine Pickle's power. Before he could try again, Retsu came to see him and told him that he did not know Pickle's limit either. Baki was silent, trembling and sweating. Retsu was confused. Baki then told Retsu that he could not stop shaking. He screamed that he was going to fight a creature so powerful that he could not even imagine him. He said that he was eager to meet Pickle.

As Retsu left the house, he thought that Baki sounded like his father, Yujiro. He thought that he might as well have talked to the Ogre himself.

Before Baki got a chance to fight Pickle, his brother Jack Hanma showed up to fight Pickle and have a "Bite-Off". Tokugawa informed Baki about this, and Baki felt humiliated for being late. After a brutal fight between Jack and Pickle, Jack was unconscious at the edge of the arena, but Pickle did not eat him. He saw a strange vision of a wasp behind Jack. Baki and Tokugawa were puzzled, and when Tokugawa touched Jack's body, his reflexes made him close his arms violently, almost killing Tokugawa, who was lucky enough to avoid the deadly blow.

Baki realized what would have happened if Pickle had touched Jack's body: Jack's middle fingers would have pierced Pickle's ears, possibly reaching and damaging Pickle's Medulla Amygdala, changing the outcome of the fight. It was explained that this was a reflex that Jack had programmed into his cells in case of defeat. Even though he was defeated, and his jaw was broken, he was able to deliver the most powerful "Fuck You" in history.

Despite his initial defeat, Jack did not give up and attacked Pickle two more times, but before he could try a third time, Baki stopped him. He told him that after Jack was knocked out again, Pickle carried his body gently to the top of a tower and saved him for later. This shattered Jack's pride, and he howled in pain, admitting his defeat.

With that, all the fighters had tried their luck against the primitive beast, and Baki arrived at the arena, sitting next to Pickle. Pickle offered him a piece of T-Rex meat that he got from Professor Payne. The two sat next to each other for a long time, but because they were full, Pickle had no reason to attack Baki. Baki came up with a simple idea: He reached over to Pickle and patted him on the cheek gently. This enraged Pickle and he attacked Baki with full force. Baki was grateful and happy to see that Pickle understood his disrespect. He responded with a classic Baki Hanma move: A high kick to the head. With that, the final battle between modern and ancient fighters begins.

Baki VS The Strongest Male of the Dinosaur's Era

After being hit in the head by Baki, Pickle is sent to the floor and lies there for a few moments. In the meantime, Baki takes off his shirt and puts on duct tape on his arms and legs, his usual getup for a proper fight. Differently from his previous fights, Pickle will now fight for his honor and pride rather than for survival.


  • While the Baki the Grappler and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchises have never made any official collaboration, actors Nobunaga Shimazaki and Takayuki Sugo who play Baki Hanma and Doppo Orochi respectively are the voice actors of Toru and his Stand Wonder of U in All Star Battle R.


  1. Baki the Grappler as a whole appears to take place in a Floating timeline, as Baki is shown to still be a teenager despite the current American president switching from Bosch to Ozma, Tramp and Bidem, which should take over 20 years in practice. Baki's birth year is most likely around the year 1990~