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SPOILER WARNING: Part 8 spoiler details may follow.
I may not know who I am, but I know you're my brother Josuke! (私が誰なのかわからないかもしれませんが、あなたが私の兄の仗助だと知っています!Watashi ga darena no ka wakaranai kamo shiremasenga, anata ga watashi no ani no jōjoda to shitte imasu!)
—Haruno Higashikata, JJL Chapter 44

Haruno Higashikata (東方 初流乃 Higashikata Haruno) is a major ally featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion

Introduced in the "Love Once Buried" story arc, Haruno was first seen in a flashback in JJL Chapter 3: Soft & Wet, Part 2. He has not played much of a role in Josuke's fight against the nefarious Rock Humans, but the search for his and Josuke's identities is the driving force behind JoJolion. Following the A. Phex Brothers fight, he and Karera Sakunami depart in search of their own answers, and neither have been seen since.

Haruno is a Stand User, and his Crazy Little Thing allows him to create bubbles capable of redistributing small amounts of matter.


Haruno Standing.png

Haruno is a young, physically fit man of above-average height. Haruno has a diastema between his upper incisors and a star-shaped birthmark on his left shoulder. He has two sets of irises, no testicles, and two tongues, all joined as one, differing in texture and color.

Much like his brother Josuke, he wears a tasseled "Dixie cup" sailor cap and dons a sailor suit, cut with a wide neck and above the navel. The outfit includes a neckerchief with a button resembling a slotted screw head, large emblems of a compass rose on his right side and, following his first appearance, a ladybug on his left, fitted pants with a belt, and a pair of high-top athletic shoes

Yasuho mentions he resembles her second dog, Haruno. Josuke and Haruno both got their new names from Yasuho's previous dogs.

Yasuho notes that Haruno does not have testicles, as they were exchanged to Josuke, but it is also noted that Haruno took two of Josuke's teeth, giving him a total of 34 and Josuke 30.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Skin(Fair, sky blue lipstick)
Hair(Sea green)
Eyes(Half blue, half purple)
(White sailor suit with dark pink bands, aqua/gold belt and pins, and black shoes)
Skin(Fair, cyan blue lipstick)
Eyes(Half brown, half green-gray)
(White sailor suit with light magenta bands, light pink beetle pin, brown pin, red belt, and green shoes)


You don't get it, do you? You're in my way! (わかっていないのか?邪魔なんだよ!Wakatte inai no ka? Jama nanda yo!)
—JJL Chapter 74: Ozon Baby's Pressure, Part 2
Yasuho was the second person Haruno ever met and knew about

Haruno is afflicted by extensive retrograde amnesia, lacking memory of himself or events prior to meeting Josuke Higashikata and Yasuho Hirose, but retaining various degrees of knowledge.[3] As such, Haruno is driven to discover who he was by investigating the circumstances of his presence in the beach prior to having been saved by Josuke and Yasuho. That goal occupies nearly all of his activities, and no action on his part is made without attempting to reach the truth. That drive is sufficiently strong that he was willing to interrupt a rare moment of bonding with his brother Josuke to investigate Karera Sakunami.[4] After learning about his past identity as Yoshikage Kira, Haruno set for himself the new goal of retrieving the Locacaca branch and using the fruit to heal Holy Joestar-Kira.[5] He still demonstrates the same steadfastness in investigating the fruit and the whereabouts of the Locacaca Organization, with the addition of deferring more to Rai Mamezuku's opinions, deeming the plant appraiser's expertise about the fruit worth listening to.

Haruno wants to retrieve the Locacaca and save Holy, as a "proof of his existence" and his "bond with Josuke"

Unlike his brother, Haruno seems to have only retained certain quirks from Yoshikage Kira, most notably his ruthless demeanor. Haruno is not a very expressive individual but he is calculating and open about his conclusions when the situation calls for it. While he mostly resembles Kira in his attitude, Haruno ultimately considers himself separate from both him and Josefumi. Reaching a similar conclusion to his brother Josuke, but taking more time to comprehend himself as a person. Through this realization he begins to acknoweldge a stronger bond between him and Josuke, declaring that they are ultimately united by fate to revive their mother.

Haruno is incredibly ruthless, showing no restraint when it comes to achieving his goals. owever, Haruno is willing to defend himself and the people he knows from anyone who wishes to harm them. Unlike his counterpart Jotaro, Haruno isn't disturbed at the idea of hitting women and readily knocked out Kei when she attacked him.[6] Haruno is not afraid to threaten to kill, and he indeed killed Tamaki Damo in cold-blood in retaliation for threatening his adoptive family,[7] though his main goal of discovering his identity means that killing his aggressors is counterproductive. That killing intent is easily triggered when someone hurts Yasuho. Haruno has also proven to be proficient at manipulating people, notably Jobin with whom he would adopt a more nonchalant persona to seem harmless.[8] Apart from that, Haruno approaches his task calmly and methodically.

Haruno's rare outbursts of rage
Haruno is relatively polite and has been shown to strongly value familial relationships. Being amnesiac, Haruno places a great emphasis on one's family and legacy, wishing to learn his own past. The fact that no one came looking for him while hospitalized deeply unnerves him, to the point he can shed tears at the thought,[9] and Haruno honors Norisuke Higashikata's adoption of him, considering himself a part of the Higashikatas.[10] When Karera rejects her own parents, Haruno comments that they would never get along.[11] He's not only willing to defend his adoptive family, but he strongly desires to cure Holy of her illness despite not having any memories of her. However, Haruno continues to suspect members of the Higashikata family of working against him. Haruno cares for Yasuho on a stronger level than even his family, and any threat to her well-being greatly angers him. In fact, during his battle with Yotsuyu Haruno is shown to possess a similar type of willpower to Johnny Joestar's "dark determination."[12] However, when it comes to his goals, Haruno is straight to the point and hardly tolerates any circling around the subject. For instance, he didn't hesitate to directly ask Norisuke if he killed Yoshikage Kira, forcing the latter to explain his motives.[13]

Despite all this, Haruno also has a certain number of humorous quirks. He seems to be totally oblivious when it comes to mundane things while at the same time retaining in-depth knowledge of animal and plant species.[14] Haruno prefers sleeping underneath a whole mattress rather than the bed sheets for "increased compression."[15] He also regularly spills food he enjoys.[16][17] During his earlier interactions with Yasuho, Haruno would pry on her breast size offhandedly, measuring it by sight (a trait that he probably gained from Yoshikage, as Holy was shown to possess a similar skill).[18] Haruno has also demonstrated a more childish side, implanting his hair into Joshu and Hato Higashikata for fun.[19] Whenever the mood is right, Haruno seems to have fun declaring his victory. He notably consciously poses after outsmarting the population of Shakedown Road[20] and also smugly claimed his win against Jobin in a stag beetle fight.[21]



Main article: Killer Queen (JoJolion)

Crazy Little Thing is Haruno's Stand. As a result of Josefumi Kujo's fusion with Yoshikage Kira, Crazy Little Thing retains facets of both of their Stands.

Its primary ability creates a bubble bearing his birthmark, which has the ability to shift the position of small objects, which may be returned or transferred to a position within 20 meters of him. This ability has been used both offensively and strategically. Crazy Little Thing demonstrates below-average strength and, like other humanoid Stands, the ability to perform rapid melee attacks.

Crazy Little Thing (クレイジーリトルシング)Link to this section
Shifting Bubbles

During his fight with Yotsuyu Yagiyama, Haruno decides to "use [his] Shift bubbles for offense rather than defense..." Crazy Little Thing is shown to be able to surround and contain objects by creating a large Shift bubble and punching it into said object. The bubble bursts but then reforms around the target; Haruno is then able to make the bubble and object inside float anywhere he wants to, just like his regular Shift bubbles.

By combining strikes with his bubbles, he is able to "inject" one of his Shift bubbles into the flesh of his opponents, causing superficial damage when he pops them. The explosive property of the Shifting bubbles was first demonstrated against the A. Phex Brothers and described by them as being very similar to Kira's ability.

Haruno utilizing his Marksman abilities and Sniper Rifle to defeat Poor Tom

Expert Marksmanship

Haruno is also shown to be an expert marksman, being able to shoot Poor Tom's head from tens of meters away using his signature Sniper Rifle



Haruno is discovered by Josuke Higashikata and Yasuho Hirose in the Wall Eyes, in the spot in which Yoshikage Kira had taken a self portrait a few weeks previous. Upon the discovery of the man, he revealed that he had no memory, or identity. However, upon meeting Josuke, he immediately believed him to be his brother, before passing out, and being taken to the hospital, where his DNA tests are inconclusive, however Yasuho determines independently that Josuke and Haruno’s hair samples share a 95% DNA match. After his recovery, Josuke and Yasuho lead him to Yoshikage Kira’s apartment, where he somehow remembers where everything is located, including his red and white sailor outfit, as well as his hidden sniper rifle, which he seems to understand as a second nature. Yasuho gives him the name Haruno, and the three leave the apartment, Haruno taking his gun with him.

Meeting the Higashikata Family

Haruno and Josuke are adopted by Norisuke Higashikata IV, and are taken to his family home, meeting their adoptive siblings. Daiya, the youngest of them, is to be watched by Josuke and Haruno, as she is blind, expressed by Norisuke. The two brothers watch over her, but she begins flirting with them, using her stand to make them forget various things. She steals Josuke’s memory of Soft & Wet, and Haruno panics as their greatest defense is now gone. As Daiya asks Josuke to close the blinds to prevent any sunlight from entering and creating a shadow, Haruno begins to panic, unleashing his Stand, Crazy Little Thing, which burns the window drapes, causing Daiya to step into Josuke’s shadow, causing his memories to return, and victory to be given to Josuke and Haruno. Daiya surrenders, and allows the two of them to sneak into the library, revealing the connection between the Higashikata and Joestar Families.

Paisley Park and Born This Way

Josuke and Haruno both decide to travel to meet Holy Joestar-Kira, Yoshikage Kira’s only living relative, who works as a doctor at the local TG University Hospital. With assistance from Yasuho, the two travel to the hospital, where the Stand Born This Way attacks them. However, they get assistance from Yasuho’s subconscious Stand, Paisley Park, and eventually make it to the hospital where the Higashikata Family maid Kei Nijimura meets them, revealed to be Born This Way’s User, and the sister of Yoshikage Kira. She asks them not to pursue her mother any further, and the two agree. Later, she explains to them the principle of the Equivalent Exchange in the Higashikata Garden, and Josuke and Haruno begin to realize that they are fusions of their previous selves, and that Haruno’s body is mostly Yoshikage Kira.

Shakedown Road

Josuke and Haruno both ask Norisuke to go to school, and Norisuke responds by asking Joshu to take them both to his university. Haruno, who very much dislikes Joshu, decides that he will travel to the school on his own, avoiding Josuke and Joshu.

Yotsuyu Yagiyama’s Attack

As Josuke and Norisuke began their face-off with Yotsuyu Yagiyama, Haruno was sound asleep. Upon waking up, he realizes the conflict happening, and quickly assembles his sniper rifle to assist the group. He initially fires at the projectiles flying towards Josuke and Norisuke thanks to Yotsuyu’s ability, but is later able to get a clear shot at Yotsuyu himself, which does not kill him, but rather turns the bullet wound into stone, revealing his status as a Rock Human. After Josuke kills Yotsuyu, he and Haruno reunite, and regroup, discussing the secrets behind the newly discovered Locacaca fruit.

Meeting Jobin Higashikata

Haruno is first introduced to Jobin Higashikata as he arrives back at the Higashikata house from his trip away. Jobin, unaware of Haruno’s presence in the house, had prepared no gift for him, leaving Haruno as the only member of the Higashikata family to not receive a present, making Haruno highly suspicious of Jobin. During Josuke’s beetle battle with Jobin, Haruno is told by Jobin to act as Josuke’s supporter, while Joshu acts as Jobin’s. Because Josuke is highly invested in the match, he is unable to realize Jobin’s use of his stand, until Haruno clues him into it, which gives Josuke the edge, leading to his victory.

Love Love Deluxe

Haruno, alongside Josuke, reunites with Yasuho after a long absence. As the three walk along the beach, a mysterious girl calls the two of them, revealing herself to have known their past selves. They travel to Kira’s apartment, where Haruno restocks on ammunition for his sniper rifle while Josuke and Karera talk to each other. Eventually, the group is met by the A. Phex Brothers, who attack Josuke, Karera, and Haruno. However, fueled by anger, Josuke defeats both brothers without the need for Haruno’s help.

After Josuke ruthlessly defeats the A. Phex Twins without the need for Haruno’s help, Haruno decides he should leave with Karera to uncover the truth of their previous lives, as well as to care for Holy as her condition worsens.

Dawn at the Higashikata House

Haruno is seen briefly during the family meeting after Tamaki Damo’s death.

Poor Tom and Ozon Baby

Haruno appears in the Ozon Baby’s Pressure arc, assisting Josuke from his room in the Higashikata house. Upon waking up late, and seeing the fire in the garden through his window, he uses his signature sniper rifle to fatally shoot Poor Tom straight through the head before he can get away. However, due to Josuke’s desire to keep Poor Tom alive to interrogate him, Josuke lashes out at Haruno, and the two have a falling out. This leads to Haruno leaving the Higashikata house in a fit of anger, going into exile.


After Tsurugi moves Norisuke’s body, Haruno’s shadow is seen briefly over Norisuke, revealing that Haruno had found his way back to the Higashikata Family. As Josuke arrives at the Higashikata Fruit Parlor afterwards, Haruno and Josuke reunite. Haruno and the rest of the family are having difficulty selecting a cake in celebration of Norisuke being discharged from the hospital, and eventually Haruno asks Josuke to pick the cake, which the family agrees to. Yasuho leaves the parlor, tears in her eyes, realizing that Josuke and Haruno have found their family. Josuke joins his brother at the table, as he selects a cake.





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  • Similar to how Josuke took both of Haruno's testicles, it is noted that Haruno took two of Josuke's teeth, giving him a total of 34 and Josuke 30. This is possibly a reference to Freddie Mercury having four extra teeth.
  • Haruno frequently references influential art pieces in a lot of his dialogue (Add a bunch of examples here)
  • Similar to his brother Josuke and mother Holy, Haruno has a great sense of measuring by sight. However he prefers to measure in feet and inches, rather than centimeters.


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