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Limp Bizkit... That which is resurrected from the depths of the abyss... Darkness, together with joy!

Limp Bizkit (リンプ・ビズキット, Rinpu Bizukitto) is the Stand granted to Sports Maxx by Whitesnake, featured in the sixth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Stone Ocean.

It is a pure ability Stand that allows Sports Maxx to turn deceased corpses into invisible zombies, including his own; in addition to reanimating partial dead remains.


Limp Bizkit does not have a physical appearance. Victims of its ability will appear invisible, though they can be seen when coated in a material.

Since it lacks an appearance, the undead form of Sports Maxx partially covered in blood has been used to depict the stand on several occasions.


Limp Bizkit is an unusual ability Stand as it persists even after the death of the user, allowing Sports Maxx to control it after he expires. After becoming undead himself, his command over the invisible zombies makes him very deadly and difficult to defend against.

Invisible Reanimation

Invisible zombies

Limp Bizkit enables Sports Maxx to create "zombies" from the corpses of the dead at his command.[1]

When Sports Maxx activates Limp Bizkit upon command, all corpses will generate invisible wraith-like undead.[1][2][3] These "zombies" manifest as tangible yet unseen enemies from their deceased counterparts and attack at the user's bidding. The ability works on anything deceased the user has previously interacted with, regardless of the species or the date of death, such as maggots, taxidermied animals (such as birds and alligators), deceased prisoners from the Green Dolphin Street Prison graveyard, and even Sports Maxx himself.[1][2] Sports Maxx also displays the ability to track the zombies he creates to a degree, as he was able to sense the Green Baby and feel its movements.

These zombies all gain similar characteristics: being enhanced strength, the ability to walk along any surface[4] and permanent invisibility.[1][3] They can be killed a second time through conventional attacks, with their original body mirroring any damage taken.[2][5] However, these zombies do display the ability to live past normally fatal injuries for some time, with Sports Maxx being able to animate his own body and speak after decapitating himself to trick Ermes.[6] These zombies also display a heightened sense of aggression, with it mainly being due to their hunger for blood and human brains (although Sports Maxx was able to maintain his emotions for a short while after becoming a zombie).[5]

Partial Reanimation

Despite his misgivings, Sports Maxx is able to use his ability to affect partial remains, such as body parts, as shown when he helped Whitesnake to revive a version of DIO's spirit from his bone, which manifests in the creation of the Green Baby. Despite being unable to command nor control its actions, Maxx could sense the bone's presence from afar with his ability and track its location to the Ultra Security House Unit.[7]

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Creation and Development

Sebastian covered in blood.

Hirohiko Araki states that this Stand's abilities were inspired from the film Hollow Man. When the character Sebastian Caine, portrayed by Kevin Bacon, turns invisible in the film, his innards can be seen, and Araki wanted to draw people in that kind of unfamiliar form.[8] Later in the film, Sarah threw blood on Sebastian to see him, possibly serving as the basis for the aesthetic of Limp Bizkit's blood-covered zombies.



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