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Air reacting with our breathing is creating this vortex... The more we breathe, the bigger it gets.

Doobie Wah! (ドゥービー・ワゥ!, Dūbī Wau!) is the Stand of Aisho Dainenjiyama, featured in the eighth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, JoJolion. It is a small clawed Stand dwelling inside of a mini-tornado. When Aisho summons it, it automatically tracks its target, appearing from the target's breath to pursue them relentlessly.


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Doobie Wah! manifests as a vaguely humanoid Stand lacking a lower body and disproportionately long arms, with bladed index fingers. Doobie Wah!'s arms are wrapped in cloth, and pads stick out from its shoulders. Its body is cone-shaped, resembling a tornado, and at the center of its chest is a hole.

Doobie Wah!'s head is wrapped in cloth, with spikes jutting out from it, and what resembles a crown sticks out from its head. Doobie Wah! has a single eye at the center of its head, resembling the hole in the center of its chest.

Doobie Wah! appears inside of the vortexes that it creates, which can change its size and shape to pursue its targets.

Color Schemes

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Doobie Wah! is a powerful automatic Stand that relentlessly pursues its target no matter how far they are from him but with a straightforward power. Because of its power, it is more suitable for Aisho to sic it on an enemy and simply wait until it kills them than openly confront them.

Pursuing Vortex

Doobie Wah! pursuing Yasuho and Tsurugi from inside its vortex

Doobie Wah! manifests itself inside a small but highly destructive tornado and implacably pursues a target.[1]

When Aisho touches someone, or at least touches their Stand,[1] he is able to make Doobie Wah! automatically pursue and attack the target(s).

Doobie Wah! materializes itself near the target through their exhalation, which gathers and forms a small tornado on which Doobie Wah! hides. If the target manages to escape a tornado, Doobie Wah! will use their breath to appear near them again.[1] Thus escaping Doobie Wah! is impossible, as it will keep appearing unless the target wants to hold their breath indefinitely. It is possible for the target to hide their presence from Doobie Wah! by holding their breath, and even stay inside the vortex, but it is only a temporary measure.[2] Attacking the tornado also doesn't harm Doobie Wah!, thus people cannot defend themselves either.[3] The only option is to flee or attack Aisho.

The vortex itself is strong enough to cut the flesh and destroy objects such as a laptop,[1] at least when Doobie Wah! is consciously attacking. The vortex will also increase in size as long as it is materialized by using the target's breath to feed itself,[2] but getting separated from the target such as having a sealed window between it and the victim will make the tornado weaken and disappear.[1] Doobie Wah! can also claw at its victim from inside the whirlwind.[3]

Doobie Wah! is able to pursue multiple targets, notably manifesting from both Tsurugi and Yasuho's exhalations after Aisho stepped on their combined Stands.[3][4]


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