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Berry Berry Skull (ベリーベリー・スカル BerīBerī Sukaru) is the Stand of an unnamed female student council president, featured in JOJOmenon.

The Stand is depicted alongside Assy the Horse as part of a painting by Japanese modern artist, Akira Yamaguchi, titled Campus Bizarre Adventure, Conquest in School (学園奇妙な冒険、お嬢校内征伐 Gakuen Kimyō na Bōken, o jō kōnai Seibatsu). The painting was done in preparation for Yamaguchi's formal dialogue with Hirohiko Araki.


Berry Berry Skull is depicted as a humanoid garbed in ornate Samurai armor, featuring a helmet affixed with a jagged skeletal mask. The stand also carries three swords and is typically seen riding Assy the Horse around school campus.


Berry Berry Skull is a short-range power based Stand that has the abilities and dexterity of a samurai.

Mount: Berry Berry Skull is able to mount Assy the Horse to extend its range and speed of traversal throughout campus. When mounted, the Stand works remotely, allowing it to leave the proximity of its user and "discipline students smoking cigarettes behind the gym".[1]



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