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Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan


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Behold the 'Kushagara' Pizza! Ha ha ha ha ha...! (なんと「くしゃがら」ピザだツ! ハッハハハハハ...!Nanto 'kushagara' pizza da! Ha ha ha ha ha...!)
—Jugo Shishi, Kushagara (TV Drama)


Taro Hirai Namesake?

  • "Taro Hirai" was famous Japanese crime & detective novelist Edogawa Ranpo's real name.
  • Akira Otoishi's model Kenji Ohtsuki wonders if Taro Hirai is based on Edogawa Ranpo in this tweet. Same
    • たまたま「岸辺露伴は動かない」というテレビを観たらいきなり顔が本になってビックリ。すごいなぁ。「平井太郎」が出て来る、江戸川乱歩かな。
  • This article also asks about it.
    • ちなみにドラマ版だけ苗字がついている「平井太郎」は江戸川乱歩の本名と同じ。ドラマの奇妙な世界観は、乱歩リスペクトか。
  • Fun fact: Edogawa Ranpo is actually based on Edgar Allan Poe's name. (Edogaw-aRan-po → Edgar Allan Poe)
  • Thanks Google Translate.


H.G. WellsLink to this section
Novel Debut: JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 8: Nero Nero Island

H.G. Wells (HGウェルズ HG Weruzu) is the spaceship lead by Captain and former President Funnier Valentine to travel to Mars. Jorge Joestar and Narancia Ghirga later board it to Mars with the help of Tsukumojuku Kato.


Quote.png Quotes
I'll come to Japan someday. I'll come find you, even on the other side of the world. And we'll solve more cases together!
I cursed God and cried. I don't know what plan You had, but the price for stealing my friend was very, very high. He was my first and only friend. He was amazing. He should have been the main character!
—probably not adding this one
I was having fun. I'd been bullied my whole life and never been much of a fighter and while I'd let it bottle up inside me until I exploded and took a swing at someone a few times, John had pulled the rage out of me so easily the curses just spilled off my tongue. It felt amazing. Liberating. To think I could talk like this! That I could trade blows instead of snapping!
A year before John's boss Rolls had put out the Silver Ghost, which could do 80 kph without any noise, a guy named Ford in America had started mass producing his T series and this was the age of cars, baby!
—not adding this, but it's funny
Fuckkk offfffffffffffffffff! What was this prick doing here?!
—Not adding, just funny
Oh, shit, I thought. This was bad. We needed a relationship revolution! With that wind in my sails I decided to go see Lisa Lisa.
I agreed, Lisa Lisa was beautiful and amazing and I was still laughing about it when I got her pregnant. ... Crap.
Arrghhrghhrghrgh woah woah woah woah woah I I I I'm gonna I'm gonna piss myself oh shit I did sorry!


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Ha ha ha, I guess my life belongs entirely to Jorge Joestar. To both Jorges: Don't worry about it. In the words of Iason Sobra Quatro: 'Life is an explosion.' My life is exploding as we speak. Ha ha! See you again. (はははっ。 僕は完璧にこの命をジョージ·ジョースターに捧げることになったね。 でもジョージたちよ、 気にしないでくれていい。 イアソン·ソブラ·クアルト日く 「人生とは爆発である」 ってね。 僕は今命を爆発しま くっている。 ははっ! ではまた!Wa wa ha~tsu. Boku wa kanpeki ni kono inochi o Joji Josuta ni sasageru koto ni natta ne. Demo Joji-tachi yo, ki ni shinaide kurete i. Iason Sobura Kuaruto-bi ku 'jinsei to wa bakuhatsudearu' tte ne. Boku wa ima inochi o bakuhatsu shima ku tte iru. Wa ha~tsu! Dewa mata!)
—Tsukumojuku Kato, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 8: Nero Nero Island


Quote.png Quotes
I am Jorge Joestar's guardian! I fight to protect his beautiful blood line! Breathe, Lisa Lisa! Indigo Blue Overdrive!
—Lisa Lisa, JORGE JOESTAR Chapter 1: Tsukumojuku
I don't really get love, or any of that stuff yet, but... I am glad that I could marry you.


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