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Toonami, headquartered Atlanta, Georgia, is an American television programming block that's geared towards airing American cartoons and Japanese anime.

Toonami initially ran as an afternoon and evening block on Cartoon Network from March 17, 1997 to September 20, 2008. On May 26, 2012, Toonami was relaunched as a block on Adult Swim. The first three seasons of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure aired on Adult Swim's Toonami programming block from October 15, 2016 to June 8, 2019. The fourth season, Golden Wind, premiered on October 26, 2019.


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The first season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure premiered on Adult Swim's Toonami block on October 15, 2016.[1] On December 24, 2016, Toonami reaired the last 6 episodes of Phantom Blood leading up to Battle Tendency (episodes 5-10) from 12:00am to 3:30am as part of their JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Marathon event. After the first season concluded, it was replaced with the second season of Attack on Titan on April 22, 2017.

On July 1, 2017, it was announced that the second season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders, would premiere on Toonami on July 29, 2017 at 12:30am. Subsequently, it was announced that Toonami would regain the 11:00-11:30pm time slot and the third season would instead air at 12:00am. On April 1, 2018 at 12:00am, the Toonami premiere of SC Episode 31 was interrupted by a surprise early sneak preview of the first episode of FLCL Alternative, followed by an airing of the 2004 feature animated film Mind Game.[2] The episode aired later at 2:45am entirely in Japanese with English subtitles. The dubbed episode aired the following week, on April 7, 2018, at midnight.

The third season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Diamond is Unbreakable, premiered on Toonami on August 18, 2018. On January 5, 2019, the series was moved to the 1:30am time slot and on April 13, 2019, the series moved again to the 1:00am time slot. After the third season concluded, it was replaced with Lupin the Third Part 5 on June 8, 2019.

The fourth season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Golden Wind, premiered on Toonami on October 26, 2019 at 2:30am, replacing Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. On February 8, 2020, the series was moved to the 2:00am time slot. On June 3, 2020, the series was be put on hiatus due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and that the premiere of GW Episode 29 was delayed until August 1. The series was meanwhile replaced in the lineup by Ballmastrz: 9009.[3][4] Subsequently, it was announced on July 26, 2020, that the series would be moved to the 12:30am time slot.[5]

# Season Start date End date
1 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure October 15, 2016 April 15, 2017
2 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders July 29, 2017 February 10, 2018
3 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable August 18, 2018 June 8, 2019
4 JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind October 26, 2019 October 25, 2020


Toonami significantly censors the anime, although it is mostly visible through the script change. Some aspects of the series such as the violence and other details such as Jotaro's underage smoking are not modified, and the uncensored Blu-ray version is aired on TV. The series has a TV-MA V content rating, signifying that this program is intended to be viewed by mature, adult audiences and may be unsuitable for children under 17 mainly because of its violence. However, cases of nudity are censored. Jean Pierre Polnareff and Hayato Kawajiri's genitals are thus blurred.

The Toonami version mainly censors the original names and some of the profanities. Since many characters and Stands have names inspired by Western music bands in the original version, the American version changes several names to avoid legal troubles. Examples include Oingo and Boingo who become "Zenyatta" and "Mondatta", Killer Queen becoming "Deadly Queen", King Crimson becoming "Emperor Crimson" and so on. Shots that include a problematic name may be altered. For instance, a shot of a text mentioning Moody Blues has been changed to show "Moody Jazz". The anime also censors some of the strong profanities in the series. For instance in the episode "The Faraway Journey, Farewell Friends", DIO's line comparing the Joestar Family to "dog shit on the street" was modified so that DIO says "You Joestars have always been a nuisance" instead; in the episode "Goodbye, Morioh - The Golden Heart", Kira's line about having a "rock hard cock" is beeped to prevent the sentence from being completely heard. In Golden Wind's English Dub, most of the profanities are said in Italian as well.

Some shots covered in Japanese text were also modified to remove the text.

Japanese Blu-Ray Toonami Broadcast
Kars Ultimate Form.jpg Kars Ultimate Form Textless.png
BD GW Ep 18 Moody Blues.png Toonami Ep 18 Moody Jazz.png



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