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Youth with Dio, Part 2 (ディオとの青春 その②, Dio to no Seishun Sono 2), originally Immortal Monster (不死の怪物, Fushi no Kaibutsu) in the WSJ and tankobon releases, is the thirteenth chapter of Phantom Blood and the thirteenth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Jonathan, who has enveloped his deceased father in a drape and aid on a table, Speedwagon and the police officers are shocked that Dio is alive after having been pierced by several bullets earlier. Speedwagon proceeds to tell the police to shoot Dio again; Jonathan too picks up a pistol and points it at Dio telling him to stop his approach.

Though Speedwagon urges Jonathan to shoot Dio, he is ultimately unable to pull the trigger. As the vampire closes in, Speedwagon himself shoots a bullet through the right side of Dio's head. However the bullet doesn't do any damage or even slow him down. Dio then gloats that the Stone Mask, and George Joestar's blood have given him incredible power. Jonathan ponders Dio's words, wondering exactly how the Mask had changed him and if that had indeed been the cause of his transformation.

Dio, having jumped to the ceiling and hanging on it, pierces the forehead of another police officer with his fingers and proceeds to drink his blood, draining his life. He then throws the man into the rest of the police officers, who are killed and dismembered by the impact. One of the officer's legs hits Speedwagon in the arm and breaks it. Seeing the destruction wrought by the now inhuman Dio, Jonathan admits that he is terrified by this new power; but since it was his Mask and research that gave birth to it, he has to be the one to end it. He takes the spear from a suit of armor nearby, and prepares to fight the vampire.


George Joestar I
(Corpse only)
Police Officers
(Death of three)
Police Zombie
(1st appearance)

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