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Please… H-Help me… I'll do anything you say. So, please… Just help me get out of here…
—Kidnapped Girl, JJL Chapter 3

The unnamed Kidnapped Girl (裸の女性 Hadaka no Josei) is a tertiary character featured in the eighth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, JoJolion, specifically in the "Soft & Wet" story arc.

She was kidnapped and put under the control of Ojiro Sasame's Stand, Fun Fun Fun, to be used as bait against Yoshikage Kira.


She is a young woman of average build and height. She has dark eyes and dark shoulder-length hair that, once out the bath, is loosely parted to the right and tucked behind her ears. She appears completely nude in almost every scene, with only her hands to cover her breasts. While under the control of Ojiro's Stand, Fun Fun Fun, she also has four red "Q"-shaped brands on her hands and feet.

In the photo album planted by Ojiro, she appears tied up in bondage partially wearing Kira's sailor uniform and hat. In her last appearance, she is seen modestly covering herself using a trash can.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.

Skin(Pale with pink lips.)
Hair(Dark Red)
Eyes(Dark Orange)


Betraying Josuke by phoning Ojiro

Despite her situation, the woman doesn't seem concerned when Josuke first discovers her. However, once she spots Yasuho, her demeanor quickly changes as she desperately begs for help. Although she isn't a Stand user, she is observant enough to be fully aware of Ojiro's Stand ability, and as such remains mostly silent throughout the story, as to not attract her abductors attention. Even though she helps Josuke and warns him about Ojiro's power, she mostly cowers and tries not to get involved.

No matter where she lived, what school she went to, whether it was her parents or a boy she liked, she had always been used by others. Because of this, she views herself as nothing but an object for the gain of others. Someone that can easily be discarded when not needed anymore. When Ojiro called her in the apartment, she reluctantly picked up the phone and betrayed Josuke, pleading Ojiro to spare her and blaming Josuke for getting her involved in the first place. It's unknown whether or not she's really a good person, but in the end she sides with Josuke again and helps him identify her kidnapper.




An unnamed young woman from Tokyo who was sightseeing in Morioh until she was kidnapped and branded by Ojiro Sasame against her will.[1] Ojiro planned to use her as bait to get revenge on Yoshikage Kira when he came back to his apartment. Because of this, she was forced to suffer being helplessly locked up in Kira's bathroom, stripped completely nude and terrified for over 3 days. Additionally, in order to frame Kira, Ojiro disguised himself as Kira and took pictures of himself engaging in erotic bondage with the woman.

Despite not being a Stand user, and therefore unable to see Stands, she is well aware of Ojiro's ability and understands how it works. Later, she uses this knowledge to help Josuke during his conflict with Ojiro. She also believes that Yoshikage Kira was the one who held her captive.

Soft & Wet

Trapped in the bathroom with Josuke

When Josuke and Yasuho investigate the bathroom in Kira's apartment, they find her sitting in the bathtub completely naked. Yasuho asks Josuke who the woman is, and why that woman is casually going naked in "his" apartment, but Josuke says he doesn't know the woman. Yasuho asks the girl if she's Josuke's girlfriend; instead of answering, the naked woman stands up, pleading them for help, to the two's suspicion. Yasuho then finds a photo album that had pictures of the woman in bondage gear with what appeared to be Josuke; Yasuho flees the apartment in despair. While Josuke and the woman are attacked by Fun Fun Fun, the woman claims that both she and Josuke were equal captives in the apartment three days earlier, and given that he escaped, she assumed he had returned to free her. Josuke injures his left hand and foot on subtle hazards scattered inside the room in order for Ojiro's Stand to capture his limbs. The girl advises Josuke to avoid hurting his remaining limbs or he will be at Ojiro's mercy. Josuke is forced into saving the woman from instances of self-harm puppeted by Fun Fun Fun.

Telling Josuke about her past

After escaping the bathroom, the naked woman goes up to a ringing phone. She says that it's Ojiro who's calling and that both she and Josuke should remain silent. She then proceeds to say that she's been used by people throughout her life, such as her parents and a boy she liked; that she's treated as an object used for someone's convenience that ends up getting thrown away whenever she's not needed anymore. She proceeds to tell him that she doesn't want to simply die, and then telephones Ojiro to tell him of Josuke's whereabouts in exchange for her life. Telling Josuke that he's the one at fault and not her, the woman leaves him to die, but is intervened by Yasuho's return. She is present at Ojiro's interrogation, reassuring Josuke that it was Ojiro who kidnapped her, but then runs out while no one was looking; Josuke decides that she can't be blamed at, and leaves her alone.

Finally free but still naked and now homesick, she hides her naked body in a trash can. A couple of boys riding by accidentally bump into her can. She stands up in the can, and stumbles around, lamenting about going back home. Then she trips and falls over, humiliating herself in front of the boys.


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Quote.png Quotes
  • Please… H-Help me… I'll do anything you say. So, please… Just help me get out of here…
    —Kidnapped Girl, JJL Chapter 3: Soft & Wet, Part 2
  • None of this is my fault, got it! You've got it all wrong! It's because were in this town in the first place that I got kidnapped and had to go through all this. You're the one at fault here!
    —Kidnapped Girl, JJL Chapter 5: Soft & Wet, Part 4



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