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I'll never forget what you did for me.
—Sadao Kujo to Giorno Giovanna, Chapter 444: Bucciarati Is Coming, Part 2

Sadao Kujo (空条 貞夫 Kūjō Sadao) is a tertiary but key character first mentioned in the third part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders. He fully reappears in the fourth part Diamond is not Crash and fifth part, Golden Wind as a tertiary ally.

Although his full identity is yet to be revealed, he plays a key role in the life of Jotaro Kujo, Josuke Higashikata, and Giorno Giovanna as he is considered a childhood inspiration to the three of them. Sadao is the father of Jotaro Kujo and husband of Holy Kujo.


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Sadao Kujo is an adult Japanese-Italian man with fair skin and an extremely athletic build. He is a mysterious character and his irises are never shown as his eyes are depicted as shadows instead. Between Parts 4 and 5, his look changes dramatically for unexplained reasons.

  • First Outfit: Sadao's most noticable characterstic is his exaggerated pompadour hairstlye. In his first appearance in a flashback, he dons a a delinquent's school uniform similar to that of Josuke. His jacket is styled with three vertical metallic stripes on the left side of his collar and a metallic emblem with vertical holes inside on the right side. Beneath his school jacket, he wears a sweater with long sleeves.
  • Second Outfit: In a flashback in Part 5, Sadao now has long wavy dark hair kept at shoulder-length. He typically wears a fedora along with a suit.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Part 5 Outfit
(Brown hat and suit, yellow suit collar, white shirt.)
Part 4 Outfit
(Blue uniform with golden-yellow pins and a cream sweater.)
Part 5 Outfit
(Black hat, gray suit jacket, black vest and pants, white shirt, purple tie.)
Part 4 Outfit
(Blue uniform with golden-yellow pins and a purple sweater.)


He's sick isn't he? I'll push your car.

Sadao is a reticent and maverick, but ultimately benevolent individual with a strong sense of justice. Sadao is also very perceptive, shown when he could tell that Josuke was sick in the back of Tomoko's car on a dark night during a blizard. Despite the frigid temperatures, he voluntarily helps them move their car out of the snow despite being in a rough state with several fresh bruises and open cuts on his face. He also sacrifices his school jacket, which is considered his badge of honor, underneath the car's tires without any hesitation.[1]

Sadao does not hesistate to assist people in need

Despite being a gangster, the man also chooses to repay his debts to Giorno when he is saved by the child. Although he would keep his distance and only watch Giorno from afar, Sadao treats Giorno with respect. He acts somewhat cruelly by not speaking to Giorno, trying to ensure that Giorno doesn't get involved with gangs, although this is out of his consideration.[2] The anime expands on his personality by adding more to his flashback. He seems to be respected in his community, as the owner of an ice cream shop says the man always takes care of him and gives Giorno a free ice cream. He also has no qualms about killing a boy's father because the man was selling drugs on his turf to even women and children.[3]

Helping Giorno get double-scoop pistachio ice cream

Sadao has an amazing ability to inspire people around him. Josuke not only based his hair and appearance off of Sadao[1], but became a strong-willed and kindhearted person because of his actions. Sadao is respected to the point that Josuke will beat up whoever insults his hair.[4] In a similar way, Giorno inherits how the man feels about drugs and eventually gains the dream of ridding Italy from gangsters who sell drugs to children.

Sadao has been described as independent and lonely. Giorno feels that Sadao is just like him, appearing solitary and melancholic.[2] This is further supported by the fact that he had left his family to pursue his interests of playing jazz.[5] He seems to be disliked by his father-in-law Joseph Joestar, as Joseph starts disliking Japanese people after Holy marries Sadao and moves to Japan.[6] Sadao's tendency to get into fights is demonstrated by his injuries in both Josuke's and Giorno's flashbacks.



In 1967[7], Holy Joestar married Sadao and moved to Japan, 20 years before the events of Stardust Crusaders. Jotaro Kujo was their only child born three years later in 1970. Sometime before Jotaro was locked up in jail, Sadao left his family to travel the world as a famous jazz musician.[5]

Saving Josuke

November 28, 1988[7], Sadao is in Morioh when it is hit by its worst blizzard in a decade. For unknown reasons, the young man had just been in a fight with several fresh bruises and open cuts. He stood alone in the middle of a blizzard on a country road with no houses for more than a kilometer in any direction. He's then noticed by Tomoko peering into their car through her rearview mirror.

Josuke's Savior First Appearance.png

Initially wary, she told him to go away. However, the young man noticed Josuke was sick and helped them by placing his jacket in front of the car's rear tires and then pushed their car out of the snow. Sadao then retrieved his now-shredded jacket and walked away never to be seen again. Josuke took a glance at him and saw his hairstyle while he was pushing the car. For the next fifty days while he was unconscious with his fever, Josuke would dream of Sadao. Tomoko attempts to find him but does not succeed. Since then, Josuke replicates his hairstyle as homage to his hero, and aspires to become someone who would save others like the young man.[1]

Saved by Giorno

In the 1990s when Giorno was a child, Sadao had now moved to Naples, Italy. Sadao is first shown hiding in an alley from a group of suspicious-looking men, severely injured with gunshot wounds. When Giorno Giovanna was walking home from school as a child, he finds the man lying on the ground. Soon after that, the group of men ask Giorno if he saw the man running away. Giorno saves the man by lying and unconsciously using his Stand, making grass grow long enough to hide the man's body. The man turns out to be none other than Jotaro's father and promises to repay the child for saving his life while recalling how he saved Josuke a couple of years ago.[2]

Sadao crtically injured

The anime adds a scene of Sadao shooting someone in an alley and then speaking with his partner afterwards. Giorno sees him and runs up to him, but the man silently walks away. Just then, a boy runs up to them and points a gun at the man, shouting that the gangster killed his father. Sadao explains that he killed the boy's father because he was scum who was selling drugs to women and children on his turf. The boy attempts to shoot him but fails, and breaks down crying thinking that the gangster is also scum. Sadao then walks away, inspiring Giorno.[3]


Body ManipulationLink to this section
Debut: Chapter 444: Bucciarati Is Coming, Part 2 / GW Episode 2: Bucciarati Is Coming
Man X Watching Giorno.png
Similar to the body manipulation abilities of Pillar Men, Sadao has been shown to be able to curve his body an oridnate amount forward, without falling and seemingly unfazed. This technique also somehow allows only half of his shadow to appear.

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Quote.png Quotes
  • Hit the gas. As soon as you're free, keep gunning it. Slow down, and you'll get stuck in the snow again.

Quote.png Quotes
  • Your dad was scum. He broke the rules of my turf by selling drugs. He even sold them to women and children. That's why I killed him.
    —Sadao to a drug dealer's son, GW Episode 2: Bucciarati Is Coming



  • In Japanese, the sada () part of Sadao's name can also be read as , making him one of the few JoJos in the series who are not direct descendants of the Joestar Bloodline.
  • For some reason, Sadao is named Man X in the anime credits and Stardust Shooters. He is referred to as Mr. X in the English dub.