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Realice (リアリス Riarisu) is a minor contributor to JoJo's Bizarre Encyclopedia. She creates this user profile for the sake of being a serious editor of this wiki. Her goal in this wiki can be read in her editor's plan. There will be a lot of edits made in this user page because she often uses this profile page to test DokuWiki features.


Riarisu is an average woman. Her ideal appearance is to be like a bifauxnen character.



She has known JoJo since she was in high school. She saw some of her friends using JoJo LINE stickers. They were also talking about some quotes that she didn't understand because she didn't read or watch JoJo but at least she knew if those were JoJo references.

Then, she ganged up with most of the members who were anime watchers. Most of them liked to use JoJo references and sometimes shared jojokes in the group chat. The notable people who used jojokes a lot were: Dio (yes it's his real name), Seth (not a real name), Madesi (not a real name), and Satou Kazuma (definitely not a real name). Seth influenced Raidiance (another fake name) to watch JoJo and Raidiance became one of the JoJo fans among the gang.

Since she knew Raidiance was being a newbie as a JoJo fan, sometimes she shared jojokes in the group chat even though she never watched it. Because of that, Seth tried to influence her as well. She wasn't really interested in anime because she didn't really have time to watch and she preferred manga because she could read faster. When Seth said JoJo had not ended yet it made her less interested because she didn't like waiting time. However, she still lent her external harddisk to let him copy all JoJo anime from Part 1-5.

She never touched JoJo anime until the end of the 2019 when she was finally free from college life. She used her eating time to watch the anime. She started to get interested when she reached Part 2. By the time she finished the whole anime until Part 5, she started to read the manga. Araki's art in the manga is very gorgeous. Besides that, the completed manga series (Part 6-7) were already colorized. She knew she couldn't waste her time to not read these masterpieces. She even catches up JoJolion manga's latest chapter.

Joining the Fandom

She likes JoJo because of its wholesomeness. Now the next thing you're going to say is: "Srsly Ari? This ain't wholesome! You've seen a lot of dead bros and foes in JJBA." Her simple answer is: You just haven't seen the wholesomeness. There are so many wholesome fanarts, fanvids, and edits of JoJo. She also watched too many shitvids and saw too many shitposts of JoJo to the point that her YouTube and Instagram recommendations are full of JoJo. She even tried to learn Japanese so that she could watch Japanese fanvids and read some Japanese mini fan comics of JoJo. She loves JoJo's cute merchandise such as Nendoroids and Tomonui Plushies. Getting one of JoJo Nendoroids, especially Jotaro, is one of her bucket list although it's almost impossible to order it again now. She is also an active player of JoJo PPP.


JoJo Related Recommendation

Here's some recommendations by Riarisu to make you love JoJo's Bizarre Adventure more and more.

  1. Read the f-ing manga! (Seriously, why not?)
  2. Listen to JoJo's Anthology Songs (Personally she likes NAKED SILVER and Fire of Soul song)
  3. Listen to JoJo's Diamond is Unbreakable Drama CD (Although it's the only one JoJo's original drama CD, it's too precious to listen to it)
  4. Find JOJO (ジョジョ) MMD, 手描き, or 手书 in YouTube because there are a lot of awesome JoJo shitvids and hand-drawing animated videos from Niconicovideo, Bilibili, etc. (Her favorite videos can be found in this playlist)
  5. Watch Eyes of Heaven Story Mode - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (Only if you already read the manga at least until Part 7 because it contains spoiler for Part 6 and 7)
  6. Follow Hajnarus, Gamusaur, Ari, , and Hutanna12 in Instagram for your daily dose of JoJo's cutesy and comedies.
  7. Play JoJo PPP! (Friend code: 991459122327)
  8. Join JoJo related subreddits. Here's some of her favorites: StardustCrusaders, ShitpostCrusaders, PitterPatterPop, BlessedJoJo, CursedJoJo, DepressiveJoJo, WholesomeJoJo, ZeroContextJoJo, and CasualKujo.

She also wrote a bunch of JoJo reviews in essay. You can read it here.


JoJo Related Favorites

Here's the list of Riarisu's JoJo related favorites.

Type Character
JoJo Jotaro Kujo
JoBro Gyro Zeppeli, Guido Mista, Rohan Kishibe
Main Antagonist Yoshikage Kira

Disclaimer: This least to favorite list is based on Riarisu's satisfaction of the part's story progress, the whole characters' personality, and how good the part or the JoJo is related to other parts. Keep your opinion by yourself because she doesn't want to hear it.

No. Part Comment
1 Battle Tendency Joseph is smart and funny, every character is likeable even the antagonists, story is full of plot twists.
2 Stone Ocean Strong heroines who don't need to rely on men, Pucci is the only main antagonist who is active from the beginning of the story not like other main antagonists, story ending is kinda controversial but it's actually a happy ending for all Joestars.
3 Steel Ball Run Loves Gyro and Diego very much, pretty art, good characters development except that goddamn Sandman, story is great because of Jesus history and Corpse hunting.
4 Stardust Crusaders Easy to like the story and the characters, has the most wholesome fanmade comics, but the story is kinda boring because of too many stupid evil stands (it becomes interesting again in Pet Shop and Vanilla Ice battles).
5 JoJolion So far story is good, best cover artworks, still praying that Jobin will not be the main antagonist.
6 Golden Wind Love all the characters including all the members of La Squadra Esecuzioni but hate the story progress because she thinks Risotto should join Bruno Bucciarati's team since they have the same goal and it's disappointing to think that Chariot Requiem's arc is longer than the main battle of Giorno and Diavolo. Also no more Giorno when he is needed the most in Part 6.
7 Phantom Blood Jonathan is too innocent, story is good but not memorable.
8 Diamond is Unbreakable Too many goddamn unimportant fillers, Akira's main goal to beat Joestars is stupid, Joseph's appearance is useless since he is unable to find Kira (She wants to see little Jolyne too honestly), no more Josuke again in the next two parts (she expects Josuke will join Jotaro in SPF).

Type Name
ED Song I Want You
ED Design Walk Like an Egyptian
Overall Music Golden Wind
Overall Design Diamond is Unbreakable (She chooses this because Jotaro Kujo has the best look in Part 4)

Other Favorites

Here's the list of Riarisu's other favorites beside JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Listen IU, Allie X
Play A3!, Twisted Wonderland, Voltage Inc., Rusty Lake
Read/Watch Free!, Bungou Stray Dogs, Star Wars

Social Media

Riarisu can be contacted via these social media accounts. She actually has more social media accounts but she just doesn't want to promote all of them since they won't be JoJo or Japanese cultures related.