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My favorite JoJo: Jotaro Kujo. He's the only JoJo who has the most contributions in fighting the enemy stand users until his death.

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My favorite JoBro: Gyro Zeppeli. No doubt.

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My favorite JoJo part: Can't really decide honestly, because each of the parts has its own flaw. If I have to choose then I would like to recommend Part 2. The number of unexpected Joseph's moves are incomparable. The least favorite part is Part 4. I don't hate it, just pretty bored with a lot of forgettable stand users who are there just for fillers.

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My favorite main antagonist: Yoshikage Kira. Contrary to my least favorite part, I love Kira because of his principle to have a quiet life which is very related to me. His stand Killer Queen is also one of my favorites.

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Star Wars


Free!, JJBA, BSD




Junji Ito's mangas

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A3!, TWST, Voltage Inc., Rusty Lake

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Yes, I'm a woman. Feel free to talk to me on Discord: Riarisu#3532

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