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Originally posted in Riarisu's blog.

First-time Watching & Reading Opinions

Part 1 was fun. My prediction about the stone mask was wrong LOL. I thought Dio would be punished by the stone mask since the stone mask was acting like watching all of the truths and lies between Jonathan's father-Dario (Dio's father) and Jonathan-Dio. I expected to see Jonathan's mom and curse onto Brando's family through the stone mask haha but she never showed up anymore. The ripple backstory was interesting and it made me think if ripple in JoJo was the same concept as Dr. Strange. I even googled it haha but since there wasn't any joke about it, no one thought the same thing like me LOL. Too bad Jonathan died too soon. And I was shocked when Erina said that she was already pregnant LOL.

I started to get interested when I reached Part 2. Joseph was a likeable man. I laughed a lot at all of his acts. And cried too. Yeah. Shizaaaaaaaaaaaa 😭 Oh yeah, I also realised that Iyon and Raidiance used the Pillar Men theme as their alarm ringtone. Damn that's pretty annoying for an alarm ringtone but I had to admit that it was cool when it became the background music of the Pillar Men. Btw the subtitle said Column Men not Pillar Men which was confusing to me. Also ripple is not the usual word to define hamon. Hamon is hamon. I guess that's the reason why I couldn't find a joke about Dr. Strange's power and hamon. I was disappointed when Joseph was announced dead because it would be the same annoying fate like the previous Joestars from Jonathan's father. Fuck Jonathan's mother LOL why did she have to buy a cursed stone mask without knowing what it was. But the moment when Joseph came to his funeral, I felt relieved and happy.

At that point, I also realised that JoJo's characters were based on music bands. The first character that made me realise it was Whamuu. That's definitely Wham! the band who sang "Last Christmas". There was also Esidisi aka AC/DC. I don't really know about AC/DC but I am sure that's the AC/DC band that Araki referred to. In Part 1, I thought that Tarkus and Bruford were real based on history but when I searched and found that Tarkus and Bruford were music references...ok I was a fool.

And then I started watching Part 3. I didn't watch this part intensely since I was busy preparing my trip to see IU in Jakarta. Part 3 was cool and there were some unpredictable fights I never thought. There were some gags by the Crusaders but not as many as Part 2. Again and again I cried because of Avdol and Iggy's death 😭 I felt Polnareff a lot! The background music really supported the situation in the story like Caesar's. There was also Kakyoin who was dead but I didn't feel sad over him like Avdol and Iggy. That time, the fight between Jotaro and DIO was more important than his death I guess. And Joseph was "temporarily" dead as well but the situation wasn't sad. To be honest, I hadn't known yet that the fight between Jotaro and DIO was being a high-tier meme on the internet. I have seen the manga panels and I didn't know that the manga panels referred to this fight.

After that I continued to watch Part 4. At this time I was cursed with too many spoilers since I couldn't stand many deaths like in Part 3. At least Kakyoin could be still alive but Araki said NO!NO!NO! I regretted that I read too many JoJo wiki articles because Part 4 was very peaceful. I just simply didn't want Rohan to die when I saw Bites za Dusto effect but that made me didn't enjoy the story of Part 4. I didn't really like the story of Part 4 though. Too many evil stand users but they weren't cool. However, I liked Part 4's OPs and ED except Chase the OP 2 LOL. Chase wasn't bad but it wasn't as good as the other powerful JoJo's OPs. Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town was my favorite one. I tried to find that song on Spotify but I found an unofficial one. Luckily it was good and I decided to save it to my playlist.

I didn't watch Part 4 and Part 5 in a hurry because I didn't want my eating-companion to finish too fast. When I was watching Part 1-3, I always wanted to watch at least a story arc so that it wouldn't be cliff-hanging. I have to admit that Part 5's art is sexy but Jotaro is horrible DAMN I wanted at least Part 4's Jotaro! Part 4's art is beautiful but it could make me forget that I am watching JoJo because JoJo is known for buff men. I forgive Part 4 because Part 4 is too "slice in life". I don't know what to say about Part 5 because I am already too spoiled and then when Bruno, Abbacchio, and Narancia died, I didn't shed tears. The music is very Italian and eargasmic. I searched for the original soundtrack albums and literally downloaded the whole albums. I love Mista so much and I want to be his Sex Pistols. When I heard his Stand name for the first time I thought, "WTF why is the name so vulgar? I know Sex Pistols is a music band but you can use other names like Guns and Roses or anything with 'gun' or 'pistol' right? 😑". Despite his Stand name is indecent, I guess that's because he is sexy HAHAHA.

Okay so that's my story when I watched JoJo anime. I wonder when Part 6 will be animated. Based on the release date of each season (Part 1-2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5), Part 6 should be animated this year. But I doubt that because there is still no official announcement and Rifqy said Part 6 was not liked by many people. Because I was impatient, I started to read the manga. Araki's art in the manga is very gorgeous. Besides that, the completed manga series (Part 6-7) are already colorized. I knew I couldn't waste my time to not read these masterpieces.

The moment when I read Part 6, I felt uneasy since the protagonist Jolyne did something indecent jeez... I even reread the first chapter to make sure that I didn't misunderstand those panels. But yeah that's Jolyne for ya. Hermes' appearance is cool. Sometimes I don't understand why men could be pretty like Part 5 gangsters when women could be handsome like Hermes in Araki's art. Part 6's story is not bad as people said. I like how Pucci is related to Dio, which is the whole reason why JoJo's Bizarre Adventure exists. Pucci is definitely the most annoying villain even worse than DIO. Yes it's true that the protagonist and the allies died including my man Jotaro but I think it makes sense because that's what Made in Heaven does right? It's more logical than GER though. By the way, Araki were you joking? Where the hell was Giorno??? I still can forgive that though, but I won't forgive if the death of Jolyne, Jotaro, Hermes, and Anasui aka Diavolo cosplayer won't be sad in the future anime. I expect a deep 'in memoriam' especially for Jotaro before we get into the high tense fight between Pucci and Emporio after that.

Not longer after finishing Part 6, I immediately read Part 7. People said Part 7 was the best part and I agreed with that. I got so many awesome plot twists that I couldn't predict, especially the part when Lucy got the last corpse's part inside her belly, referencing the virgin Mary. If only SBRverse is related to the new universe made at the end of Part 6 and Gyro is not dead, I will love Part 7 100%. Damn Araki sensei you're so cruel. He made me fall in love with Gyro's irresistible charms and silly gags but decided to kill him in a lame way. Well yes he was heroic but his death's not. I wish Gyro will have a sad death theme like Caesar. I want to cry over his death even though I already know he would be dead. I hate the moments when I watched Part 5 because spoilers and I wish it wouldn't happen again.

Anyway, since Part 8 is still ongoing and I have a principle to prioritise completed series so I can't review Part 8 yet. I have read that part briefly though and Gappy is definitely beautiful if only he is not "gappy" 🤓

Overall Review

After reading Part 7, I realised that there were a lot of plot holes in previous parts. Part 4 and 5 are the worst parts with plot holes I think. I could choose between those parts because they have different weaknesses and strengths. Here I am going to explain the details of all the parts in my opinions after watching many fanmade videos, memes, theories, etc.

Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency are underrated. I hate people who skip those parts and say those parts are not important. As a person who chooses Part 2 as the favorite one, I can't forgive that. The anime's art and music is good and David Productions didn't disappoint us. I once watched the very first Phantom Blood forgotten movie on YouTube and it was scary. I didn't like the vibe about that movie if it's just because the story was about a vampire. Part 1 and 2 produced "To be continued" with Roundabout instrumental as one of the most popular memes on the internet. I think it's interesting to see the origin of the meme. Sometimes people overuse that meme without the proper context and it's annoying. In my opinions, part 1 is not really memorable as it has only 9 episodes.

Part 2 started to have more likeable characters like Joseph, Caesar, Lisa Lisa and even the Pillar Men could be considered as a favorite character. The most important of it is the bonds: Bonds between Joseph, Caesar, Lisa Lisa and bonds between the Pillar Men. Part 1 only had Will Zeppeli as a mentor not a friend and I guess that's the reason why we love the one and only Speedwagon because of his royalty. He wasn't a powerful ally but he supported the Joestars till the end of the universe through SPF. I can't think of any plot hole in these parts since Part 1 and 2 were already crystal clear telling the origin of Dio who WRYYYYYjected his humanity and stone mask.

Stardust Crusaders is said to be the peak of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures popularity. Well since I am new to be a JoJo fan then I can't 100% agree with that. The Stand concept is definitely the greatest decision of Araki since hamon is boring but I actually felt sad when hamon wasn't used anymore. And why DIO didn't make a vampire clan anymore and he preferred to gather stand users? His abilities like freezing people and laser eyes when he was in Part 1 were never used anymore. If only he supported all the stand users he gathered with the vampire blood like Vanilla Ice, I bet the Crusaders will die easily LOL. Also don't forget the flesh bud for them so a person like Hol Horse wouldn't ever think to betray. Ah yeah I am also disappointed with Kakyoin and Polnareff. When they were possessed by Dio's flesh bud, they had cool abilities. For example, Kakyoin could hurt someone from a painting. I have ever watched a funny video about "What if Kakyoin slash Jotaro's neck in the painting rather than his legs?" and it actually makes sense LOL. Stardust Crusaders would have ended faster. Kakyoin could also possess someone using a mannequin. I think these abilities were better than "NO ONE CAN DEFLECT MY EMERARUDO SPLASHUUU"...right? As for Polnareff, I just never saw him taking off his stand armor and making shadowed Silver Chariot anymore. Again, these abilities were only shown when they were possessed by Dio's flesh bud. It looks like they forgot that they were more powerful than what they thought they were. I am not sure but didn't Joseph say that a stand could only have one ability and that's mentioned in the very beginning of the part. I think it's okay to have more than one ability though as long as the abilities are still related to the other abilities like Polnareff with his naked Silver Chariot.

Those are the plot holes that I felt annoyed in Part 3. No, it's not over yet. I still wonder what happened to Holy, Jotaro's mom? In my opinion, her Stand was still there but it's not harming her body anymore like Josuke. They said Holy was pure right? I could imagine if her Stand's ability was for doing cures like Josuke. Too bad there's no explanation about this. Still not only that! I also wonder what the exact abilities of Star Platinum are? I don't want an answer like oraora-ing people because I think that's a pretty normal combat ability that Stands could have like Giorno, Jolyne, or maybe Diavolo who liked to "donut" people with his King Crimson. There's a meme who says Star Platinum could steal Stand's abilities by saying "So it's the same type of Stand as Star Platinum". It's funny though I think it only worked because of Joestar's fate through Dio with Jonathan's body and other Joestars' stands. What I hate about Star Platinum is that he only used Za Warudo time stop ability that he "stole" from Dio's The World after Part 3. I'm okay if Star Platinum doesn't have any special ability since it's already useful in many simple ways. I like when Jotaro operated a surgery to pick a flesh bud LOL.

Despite those plot holes, I like Stardust Crusaders as part title the most. It also had very beautiful OP and ED animations. Oh yeah by the way I recently found JoJo's Anthology Songs album and it contains very good songs especially for the Crusaders. My favorite songs are Star Platinum (Jotaro's theme), Fire of Soul (Avdol's theme), and Naked Silver (Polnareff's theme). I also like Jonathan's Ballad and Crazy My Beat for Battle Tendency gang's theme. Please listen to all of the songs of this album by accessing this playlist. I beg you this is très bien.

Okay that's all I thought about Part 3. Now we're going to BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN on Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable, one of the parts which I think had the most annoying plot holes. I won't say about Josuke's saviour because that's okay if he's forgotten since he won't affect anything. I am more concerned about what the purpose of making Joseph Joestar came to Morioh-cho. I thought the gang would use his ability to track down Kira right? WHY DID THEY FORGET THIS? Even though Kira changed his face, I think Joseph could still find him out, like Dio with Jonathan's body...haha. There's an explanation that Hermit Purple couldn't track a person perfectly like what he did before to find Josuke but found Angelo instead in the photo. That's very disappointing though. If Joseph still practiced his hamon and Stand, I bet he would be a cool DILF.

The last one that bugs me is...well I don't know how to say this because it may be because I forgot what's the story of Part 4 since it had so many characters but very short screen time. What the fuck was Akira doing? I mean, why did he want to trouble himself to defeat the Joestar gang? He could keep the arrow for himself or maybe like Kira's father creating stand users as allies. Even Kira's father himself was weird in my opinion. If you're DIO then it's understandable you could gather stand users as the worshippers but Kira's father wasn't someone to worship(?) and yet the stand users created by him had to defend someone who was unknown. So basically the entire plot of Part 4's villain side was so wrong in many ways. But to be honest, I still like Yoshikage Kira as one of my favorite villains because of his principle to have a quiet life. Also, Duwang Gang had the funniest jojokes and references in the internet.

At first I didn’t understand why people liked to comment something like, “What a beautiful duwang, chew” or “My nam is (you don’t need to remember) Guanglai Kangyi”. After I found out what it was I couldn’t stop laughing at jojokes about Duwang. I like this the most: “Are you ok reatard? I am wood. Stupid.” The Morioh-cho references are also cute. Maybe I should share my favorite fanarts in the other part of my rants.

Next is about Part 5. I only want to mention just one plot hole that I fuckin hate it but I want to scream out my deepest cry first. IF ONLY SQUADRA ESECUZIONI COULD BE PATIENT, they didn't have to die miserably. Please I watch JoJo not to feel sad. This sadness eats me a lot lately and I couldn't sleep well without thinking about that team. Araki sensei made that team look evil while in fact they just wanted to overthrow the boss which was also the same goal with Bucciarati's team. If I'm not wrong, it started when they wanted to know the boss' identity but in exchange two of their teammates died in a gruesome way. The more I learn about Sorbet and Gelato, the more I feel sad towards Squadra Esecuzioni 😭

I am also sad because a lot of people talk shit about Fugo just because he left. I am thankful though to Araki sensei because he withdrew the idea of making Fugo betray Bucciarati's team. I could understand how Fugo felt. He was the smartass among the team and of course he didn't want to do something dangerous just to protect a girl from her father that they just knew several days. Trish was annoying because of her spoiled acts and so does her father. What the heck is wrong with Diavolo/Doppio? As the main villain he was a sick psychopath. There were only very little stories about his past. I don't get the reason why Diavolo is being likeable as a main villain by some people in the fandom but well this is just my opinion okay.

So the plot hole in Golden Wind was only one. Rather than asking how does King Crimson work I'd rather ask how does GER work? Why did Diavolo have to die in a lot of different ways like dumb ways to die game LOLOLOL. Since Gold Experience's ability was making objects into living organisms so I think it would be simple if Diavolo's infinite death was as same as Prometheus' infinite death in Greek myth. Prometheus was punished by Zeus by having his heart being eaten by falcons but in the next day his heart was growing again and then being eaten by falcons again and so on and forever. The infinite deaths that Diavolo had to experience were random and meaningless...or maybe there's a meaning but I don't know about it. Yeah that's it. I'm sorry if I said Part 5 had too many plot holes. Yes it had so many but there were some of the plot holes that bugged me already being debunked on the internet. Oh yeah I would like to ask how many ladybug brooches that Giorno had actually?

I think I should read the manga of Part 1-5 if I had some free time again, especially Part 5 since it had so many anime only features. To be honest, Giorno is likeable because he is smart and has a resolve which is shining upon the path even brighter than the rising sun. But he stole too many spotlights duh. Are you sure you're just a 15 years old kid? Also he didn't have stand fight experiences before joining Passione but he knew about how to fight stands a lot. If I was one of the members in Bucciarati's team I envied him.

Stone Ocean has the first female JoJo as the protagonist. Somehow fandom thinks females in the JoJo series always sucks. I also thought the same thing on a female protagonist because I am female as well so I know how annoying a female could be. Glad to see Jolyne was not just a spoiled tomboy girl and had the perfect personality to be a JoJo protagonist. I also like the allies of this part like Part 5. Each ally and the protagonist had their own features and got enough spotlights. Pucci was also likeable because he wasn't like the other main antagonists who just sat down and watched the chaos and then suddenly came as the main boss. As the main antagonist, he got his own personal development. So basically I don't get why people dislike this part. No, I don't want a reason like, "Hey the protagonist failed to save the world." or "What's the purpose of the personal development if all of them died?". My opinion about those reasoning is, Araki is the god of this series so he could do anything he liked. The reality wasn't always like we wanted to right? I wish I could see Part 6 become animated sooner. I am tired of defending this part. Thanks to Hamon Beat in YouTube who debunked some of "Araki forgot" moments about Part 6 which were absolutely stupid. I agreed with him very much. I even didn't know the "Araki forgot" moments that he explained about Part 6. In my opinion, as long as it didn't annoy the plotline it's okay. The video had the longest time just because to deal with stupid misunderstandings. He also debunked the previous parts too. Enjoy all of his videos in this playlist!

This part repeated the sadness from the previous part, it became ironic. Damn Jolyne, Jolyne, Jolyne, Joleeenee. You can use the Joestar's secret technique NIGERUNDAYOOOO before dealing with Made in Heaven. She was saved by Jotaro but she wasted that chance just to die and let Emporio finish it. Also I was kinda sad when F.F. sacrificed herself to Anasui and never saw Jotaro. I bet Jotaro would be happy to see F.F. because he was an "ocean man 🐬" so he would force Jolyne to marry F.F. instead of Anasui LOL. By the way this paragraph is a joke okay.

The thing that I dislike and also being an annoying plot hole from Part 6 is the same like the fandom's common thought I guess. We need Giorno damnit. I know he wouldn't join Pucci's team because he wasn't a failure as DIO's son but he could join Jolyne's right? I am disappointed that Jotaro only spied Giorno in the beginning and didn't get in contact with him again. Let's say, Giorno was busy with his mafia jobs and that's why he didn't join Jolyne's gang. He already achieved his dream to be a gangstar after all. To be honest, this became my reason to love Jotaro as my favorite JoJo protagonist and I will explain why.

I once simply chose Joseph as my favorite because he was a likeable man for me but after Part 2 he disappointed me too much. He didn't train his hamon ability. Wait, he actually hated the hamon training with Messina and Loggins back then and that's a bad decision. I mean, he could be like Lisa Lisa who had a younger appearance despite her old age. I guess it's because hamon wasn't practical anymore since there's no vampire anymore and everyone's being proud with their Stands. Okay let's say it's Stands time to rise but unfortunately Joseph also didn't train his Hermit Purple damnit. His stand was only used for finding DIO. After DIO's death he never used it anymore. So basically he acted like hamon and Stand are used only for his fate. He also said something contradictory about hating Japanese but had an illegitimate child from Japanese. Because I want to defend Joseph then I want to believe the fan theory of Tomoko raped Joseph LOL. Well this one is okay since I don't really care about anyone's love life though. After all, JoJo is about the true man's world.

Now compare him to Jotaro. Jotaro's goal to save his mother was achieved but he didn't stop there. In my opinion he worked for SPF as an agent with Stand. Even though one of his reasons to go to Morioh-cho was to visit Josuke as one of Joseph's heirs, he still cared about Stands phenomenon and helped Josuke to fight the antagonists. His appearance in Part 5 to spy on Giorno as DIO's son was also because of Stands. His decision to leave his wife and Jolyne was also because of Stands and he didn't want to hurt people who he loved very much. Unless they had Stands as well, he came and that's why he came after Jolyne manifested her Stand. What I want to say here is Jotaro cared a lot about Stands. He would fight against every enemy Stand user even though his goal was already achieved. He was different from Joseph and Giorno who only cared about Stands because of their fate. I didn't include Josuke because Josuke didn't have a powerful goal related to Stands like the other JoJos so he was definitely not likeable by me. Joseph fought against Pillar Men who wanted to get Red Stone of Aja and Giorno fought against Diavolo to be a gangstar (and stop drug dealing LOL). Josuke fought against Kira who wasn't related to anything to him besides murders in Morioh-cho and avenging Shigechi's death. I wish Josuke would work as Jotaro's partner but yeah we won't get to see him again. That's why I like Jotaro compared to other JoJos and he deserved to get a lot of part appearances.

I am actually very sad about Jotaro. There's a term made by fandom called PTSDio and that's very influential to Jotaro's life. In Jotaro's age of 17 he had to go around the world in 50 days because of Joestar's fate. He had to face the deaths of his teammates. Part 4 gave him a lot of PTSDios. Crazy Diamond's appearance is similar to The World, Koichi had the same uniform color with Kakyoin, and Kira the blondie evil like DIO. I think this video explained them a lot. He had endured all of those things just because he cared. Jolyne's fate was actually similar to her father LOL. She was (captured) in jail at the beginning, had a fate to save her parent, had to burn herself to fight an annoying enemy Stand user (Rykiel with Sky High, as in Part 3 ZZ with Wheel of Fortune), and was thrown with knives by the main antagonist. This father-daughter's bond was very lit 🔥 I envied it very much. Ah yeah by the way Jotaro died with his head splitted up like Boingo's Thoth prediction. Jotaro, you really deserve a deep 'in memoriam' for your death. PLEASE DAVID PRODUCTIONS MAKE IT REAL.

Part 6 also led me to the world of Smolyne's wholesomeness with Dadtaro. Sometimes I also found Mudad (DIO) and Giorno's bond too. I can't cover up my feelings about Smolyne. As a female I can feel her.

Now let's talk about Part 7: Steel Ball Run. This might be a joke but why the race name was Steel "Ball" Run? Yes it was held by Stephen Steel but why Ball? It could be just Steel Run. Well that's not a pretty name though. I am in love and hate this part and I already told it in the first part of my rants. This universe was completely different from the Ireneverse and Gyro died. Because SBRverse was not Ireneverse, I am not sure we will see the main universe's life anymore. I am also not sure if we will have Part 9. Part 8 Jojolion took a very long time to finish. It was started in 2011 and it's still ongoing until today. Araki's age wasn't young anymore and if there will be Part 9 I am afraid the writer won't be Araki anymore.

In the beginning of Steel Ball Run, we were introduced with Gyro Zeppeli first then Johnny Joestar later and I once thought Gyro was the main character of SBR because he stole too many spotlights from Johnny Joestar. Gyro was cooler and Johnny was really a sadboi. I agree a lot that this part can be considered as a favorite part. I had told about the cool features that SBR had in part 1 of my rants. To be honest I even don't know what kind of plot hole that I can point out here. Rather than plot holes I caught too many miseries in this series. I even decreased my pace to read the whole manga too fast because I didn't want to feel sad. From a sadboi to have a dark determination, Johnny was awesome but he became a sadboi again after Gyro was dead. I feel bad for Diego and Hot Pants as well. Both of them had a miserable past they wanted to cleanse. I cried when I read Diego's past about his mother 😭 No, I don't feel sad towards Funny Valentine. I like him but he was kinda similar with Diavolo in avenging his past. I mean, they did anything even though it was evil just to deal with their past. Yes he was patriotic because he was impressed by his father's love for America but he's not as good as Pucci. Pucci wanted to "reset" the universe for everyone's sake except Joestars (but instead he made Joestars live happily without him). Funny Valentine threw out all miseries to the other side of the world. That's unfair and it would lead to a war dude!

Oh yeah I know what to point out in this part. Sandman, or rather liked to be called as "soundman", was a damn loser. He hated white people but he chose to be Funny Valentine's side. That's ironic. I expected to see a character development on him since he was the first character to be introduced even before Gyro and Johnny. It's okay if he wanted to be on Funny Valentine's side but I need an explanation. What kind of deal could he have? Or was there anything he left to his sister? I also didn't understand why Funny Valentine had a quite big number of Stand users on his side without the corpse. Did they develop them by themselves? If yes, how did he gather them? Or maybe he let those people use the corpse for a while but I wasn't sure about it because Hot Pants left a piece of the corpse's spine to Johnny so he wouldn't lose his Stand. I am too lazy to reread so I will wait until someone mentions this in the future LOL. I also need an explanation about the "Zombie Horse" mural which cured Gyro's leg and Johnny when he was shot. How did it work? One more, Johnny was surely a quick learner huh? But I guess that's just because of his strong will and let him learn Spin and develop his Stand very fast. By the way, some of Johnny's cries about hunting corpse parts made me want to hug Gyro so much. Gyro never cared about the corpse but because Johnny wanted it he was willing to help Johnny train Spin. If only Gyro still focused on the race he could beat Pocoloco. But yeah he was "Zeppeli the Joestar ally" after all and he was the softest Zeppeli in SBRverse so he felt Johnny was a cure to his loneliness and wanted to help him as a best friend.

I think that's all I can say about Part 7. To be honest I thought SBR was overhyped and made Part 6 look bad just because people wanted to read the new alternate universe part sooner. It is indeed overhyped but I still agree that Part 7 is good. The art design was also very beautiful.

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