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This page details the guidelines for creating and adding to Trivia sections on articles presented on the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Wiki.

Trivia Guidelines
Appropriate Placement First and foremost, trivia must always pertain to the subject of the article. The trivia section is also generally considered a "last resort", as information should be placed in this section only if it does not pertain to any other section. For example, if an interesting piece of information about a character's appearance is to be added, one should first attempt to implement it into the "Appearance" section of said character. Similarly, if the information is already listed elsewhere, it should not be repeated in the trivia section.
Speculation As described in the Manual of Style, speculation of any kind is not permitted on the wiki. However, forums are available for discussing popular myths or theories within the fandom. In particular, any piece of information that is written in a way that includes words and phrases such as "could possibly be," "suggests," "seems to be," or "is likely" is considered speculation regardless of how "obvious" it may seem within context. Trivia should be cited with legitimate sources if possible.

Avoid creating lists of miscellaneous information. These lists, often placed in the trivia section, should in most cases be considered temporary, until a better method of presentation can be determined. A better way to organize an article is to provide a logical grouping and ordering of facts that gives an integrated presentation, providing context and smooth transitions, whether in text, list, or table.

Junk Trivia Information that can be directly deduced from the observation of the concerned subject and all related material does not qualify as valid trivia. This includes faulty comparisons between characters or concepts. Exceptions to this rule may be made if the information is important enough, but will require proper discussion here or on our Discord server.

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