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Derived from this forum post and a companion page to other page layouts.

This page will demonstrate the basic layout required for voice actor pages. All sections should be placed in this specific order and follow the guidelines below. When adding optional content, ensure that it is related to the VA and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. For specific details regarding the page content, see Manual of Style.

Directly below the infobox and above everything else is the basic information about the voice actor. Always mention their name, nationality, and their prominent role and part they appeared in, usually written in 1 to 2 sentences. You can also mention what other JoJo role they were casted as (if applicable).

This next paragraph will be their other famous roles in voice acting, i.e. anime or video games. At least 4 roles are enough.

EX. Japanese Voice Actor (Japanese Name Name in Romaji) is a Nationality voice actor notable for voicing This JoJo Role in This Part. They also voiced This Role in This Part.

Voice Actor is also notable for voicing This Other Role in This Anime, That Role in That Anime, and This Role in This Anime.


This is a required section. The voice actor's educational background, how they got into voice acting, and any awards they won if applicable go here. Remember to cite the sources with <ref></ref>.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

If the voice actor has any story about JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, such as how they got into the series or how they got casted, it goes here. The information should be enough to fill a paragraph to guarantee a subsection below the biography; if it is too short, it can simply go in the Trivia section.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Roles

Use the VA template to list all their roles in JoJo media and the year they were featured. For the template color and the |Part parameter, you can simply use PB, BT, SC, DU, VA, SO, SBR, JJL, PHF, 4thday, JORGE, or TSKR.

Character Name
Title Media Year
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Anime Year


Although this is an optional section, it is useful for voice actors who had been featured in interviews. The interview must be about or related to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and their role. For the template color and the |Part parameter, you can simply use PB, BT, SC, DU, VA, SO, SBR, JJL, PHF, 4thday, JORGE, or TSKR.

Lorem ipsum.
—Voice Actor, Source
—Voice Actor, Source


Also an optional section; if there is an interesting YouTube video about or by the voice actor related to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, it can be featured here. It is recommended to only add videos from official sources. Simply copy the YouTube video's ID (usually the long string of random letters and numbers after .com/) into the {{Vid|}} template. For the {{Color| template, you can simply use PB, BT, SC, DU, VA, SO, SBR, JJL, PHF, 4thday, JORGE, or TSKR.




  • Optional. Other miscellaneous info that cannot fit in other sections go here. If they mentioned something like, for example, their favorite JoJo, it can go here. However, if it's something about how they found JoJo, how they felt about getting casted, etc. (AND if it's long enough), those will go in the Biography section under "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure".


Site Navigation

Include the appropriate templates from Navboxes. (Usually only requires {{Voice Actors}} and {{People}}, as well as the CSS template corresponding to the JoJo part their role was featured in).

Note: Be sure to add the proper voice actor categories.

Example Voice Actor Pages