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Singer/voice actress Shoko Nakagawa reported on her blog and Twitter account on Saturday that she broke her tailbone (coccyx) while recreating Narancia Ghirga's pose from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. "Shokotan" was performing a live concert at Nagoya last Sunday when "I broke my tailbone. lol My first ever bone fracture was in my behind. (;∀;) lol"

Despite her fracture, Nakagawa continued her nationwide tour as planned with a stop in Osaka on Saturday. After the Nagoya concert last Sunday, she went straight to the hospital where her fracture was diagnosed. "My #1 reason for living is performing live in whatever bind I'm in. So, I fought through today no matter what, and I didn't want to change anything."

She added, "My behind hurts severely when I sit, stand, use stairs, or even turn over in my sleep." Nevertheless, she continued with her concert: "All of you were there, so I was able to put on a good show. You were pumped up, so I was pumped up." She said that she performed with gastroenteritis and inflamed vocal cords, so this was no different.

Shokotan scheduled a live concert in Osaka on Sunday as well, and she vowed to go all out in performing no matter the pain and to be with her fans.

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