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I have a gyro pfp to make me look soffistocated.

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I used to spend hours then left but I’m back now ig.

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Hi there.

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posted 709 days ago

It was just part of the social profile extension on MediaWiki. I didn't add it on purpose lol. And thanks.

posted 723 days ago

No problem! If you're unsure of what to do, just go to your profile, click "Use wiki userpage", then there should be an Edit button at the top (beside the "Read" and "Edit source"). Have a great day. :^)

posted 723 days ago

Hey fella, you did the User page wrong. I think you accidentally created a Category page instead of directly editing it.

posted 723 days ago

Thank you so much for the feedback about my drawing! Yeah I like it a lot too. Narancia's one of my favourite Part 5 characters.

I think Joseph being 100 is insane.

posted 724 days ago

Yeah it's pretty insane! To be honest even I don't know how I've had over 2 thousand edits here. I guess part of why I edited it so much is down to my love of this wiki, it's like a JoJo Wikipedia and I love it. It's one of my favourite wikis of all time, the other being Memory Alpha (Star Trek Wiki).

As for how many hours I put into this wiki, that's a hard question. I was extremely active from November 2019 to February 2020, then semi-active from July 2020 onwards. But during the months I was extremely active, I was editing the wiki every single day, and spent most hours of those days editing it. So if I had to guess a rough number of hours I've dedicated to this wiki, you're talking of at least 30-40 hours.

posted 725 days ago

You can help simply by reading the articles and correct any grammatical error, that's already great. If you want anything bigger, there's always something to do.

posted 891 days ago

Thank you for the support!