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Pluck for Tomorrow and the Successor, Part 3 (あしたの勇気・うけ継ぐ者 その③, Ashita no Yūki Uketsugumono Sono 3), originally Blast Him with Rage! (怒りをたたきこめ!, Ikari o Tatakikome!) in the WSJ and tankobon releases, is the thirty-fifth chapter of Phantom Blood and the thirty-fifth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Zeppeli, having been cut in half, is slowly dying. After transferring his Ripple energy to Jonathan, he begins to age and his hair turns white. Tarkus jumps into the air and attempts to crush both of them, but Jonathan grabs hold of his end of the chain, which prevents Tarkus from coming down on them. Tarkus is confused as to how Jonathan is still able to move after having his neck broken. Jonathan, using his new-found power, is able to tear the collar from his neck, along with the rest of his shirt.

Tarkus throws a punch, but Jonathan blocks it with a knife hand strike. The chain in Tarkus's hand manages to graze Jonathan's face. Jonathan continues with his knife hand and pushes it further into Tarkus's fist, completely slicing through his arm. Tarkus's arm is completely destroyed due to the Ripple, causing him to scream out in pain. Jonathan tells Tarkus that "not a single bone will remain in this world. I'm gonna erase that evil spirit from this world!" Tarkus immediately fires out his two front fangs and manages to impale them into Jonathan's face. Regardless, Jonathan launches forward, and the two each throw a punch at each other. Jonathan's fists manage to connect with Tarkus's face, sending a Ripple through Tarkus's body. Tarkus is defeated; Jonathan throws the body into the air, where he disintegrates completely, only leaving his armor behind.

After telling Jonathan that he had been like a son and best friend all in one to him, Zeppeli passes away.


Dio Brando
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With Dio's reappearance next week, the story will finally progress toward his final meeting with JoJo. Thank you for your support!



  • In the original Weekly Shonen Jump publication of this chapter, as he is dying, Zeppeli states that he did not marry nor have any children, which contradicted with his grandson Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli's appearance in the later part Battle Tendency. After fans complained about Caesar's existence, Hirohiko Araki changed Will's line in the Tankoban release, having Will saying he lost his family instead, and also made a written apology.[2]


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