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About Me

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I'm a huge JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fan currently up to date with JoJolion.

I'm also a One Piece Fan.

To all fellow JoJo wiki editors: If you're particularly good at Rhetoric, feel free to fix whatever I write down. I consider myself fluent, but not necessarily skilled at writing coherent summaries.

If you have any questions regarding the series, or this site, go ahead and leave a message on my wall. Thanks and happy editting.  Kai  JoJo Admin 

My Favorite Pages

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Stuff That Needs To be Done

Anyone is allowed to work on these and it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Merchandise
    • Add pictures to figures (Super Action Statues updated by BiteTheDusto)
  • Character Profiles
    • Expand the other Jojo's histories
    • Expand history of Main antagonists
    • add references/cite sources
    • Expand history on all the characters
    • Fill in Relationships for all main protagonists/Antagonists
    • Add reference chapter # to Major battles section
  • Anime
    • create a music section (Done.)
    • Add screenshots into episode page summaries or a gallery
    • Add animator credits to all episodes.
  • Manga
    • Clean Chapter summaries of vocab and grammatical errors
    • Add In Store Dates to all chapters.

My Sandbox