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Can't wait for the remaning Stone Ocean episodes to release alongside TSRK,CDDH 2nd chapter and potietially Part 9

I started to watch JoJo in 2020 and am currently done with all the parts. .I edit stuff in this wiki,I mostly add links to other pages so navigation is easier. I prefer English Dub over Sub.My favourite JoJo Dub Voice Actor is Zach Aguilar(Voices Koichi btw).This is the top 5 list of my favourite anime:
1.JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

2.My Hero Academia

3.Black Clover

4.Seven Deadly Sins

5.Death Note

My ranking of the JoJo parts
1.Diamond is Unbreakable

2.Golden Wind

3.Steel Ball Run


5.Battle Tendency

6.Stone Ocean

7.Phantom Blood

8.Stardust Crusaders