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This Stand may sometimes be referred to as "Tattoo You!".
Those guys came out of the 'mark' on that man's back! That's what this 'Stand' does!

TATOO YOU! (TATOO(タトゥー) YOU(ユー), Tatū Yū!) is the Stand of the Eleven Men, featured in the seventh part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, Steel Ball Run. This Stand appears as a mark on the back of each of the Eleven Men, and allows them to merge each others' bodies.


TATOO YOU! is composed of black graphics resembling tribal tattoos spanning the backs and the back of the arms of each of the Eleven Men; with a small mask of light color on the back of their heads, including a small face with closed eyes and a neutral expression.

Its appearance may come from a tattoo that Hirohiko Araki once saw somewhere.[1]

Color Schemes

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Appearance(White face and green body)


TATOO YOU! functions as an ability shared between the Eleven Men, greatly enhancing their teamwork and defense. This Stand is unique in that eleven individuals share it.

Body Slide

Four of the Eleven Men rising from one body

TATOO YOU! allows the Eleven Men to phase into each other by using the tattoos on their backs as portals, then reappearing through the tattoos at will.[2] The men can exist in the same spot all at once, appearing as if they are merged together.[3]

It allows the men to hide inside each other in order to avoid attacks. Even if a member of the group dies with companions inside, those inside the tattoos are unharmed and can move the bodies to position themselves to attack.[3]




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