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Rurubu Special Edition: Moriohcho (るるぶ特別編集 杜王町, Rurubu Tokubetsu Henshū Moriō-chō), abbreviated as Rurubu Moriohcho (るるぶ杜王町, Rurubu Moriō-chō), is a booklet created in collaboration with Rurubu, a series of Japanese travel guidebooks. It was released in conjunction with the release of JoJolion's 12th volume.[1]

It was not sold but rather distributed by Shueisha to various bookstores as promotional goods. It was given away with purchases of the new volume, older JoJolion volumes, or simply books related to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure as conditions varied per bookstore.[2]


The booklet contains an introduction to Diamond is Unbreakable and JoJolion, information on the town of Morioh in Part 4 and Part 8, and information on Hirohiko Araki's hometown of Sendai. It also includes an interview with Araki and a short interview with voice actors of the then-upcoming Diamond is Unbreakable anime adaptation.


  • Morioh is this kind of place - Page 2
  • "Diamond is Unbreakable" Introduction to the Work & Voice Actor Interviews - Page 4
  • "Diamond is Unbreakable" Sightseeing References - Page 6
  • "JoJolion" Introduction to the Work - Page 8
  • A walk through the setting of "JoJolion" - Page 10
  • Interview with Hirohiko Araki - Page 11
  • Sendai Keywords that appear in both works - Page 12
  • Let’s walk through Mr. Araki’s hometown - Page 14


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Published March 18, 2016



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