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Space Trucking... can hide things in a space between a card and another card. They may appear to be being crushed, but... they're just hidden.

Space Trucking (スペース・トラッキング, Supēsu Torakkingu) is the Stand of Kaato Higashikata, featured in the eighth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, JoJolion. It allows Kaato to store things inside her cards which she can summon out to attack her opponents.



Space Trucking has a humanoid appearance with thin mechanical limbs. It has a large shoulder cape that extends beneath its chest, with long triangular shoulder pads attached to it that jut out perpendicularly to its arms. It has an egg-shaped head with a pointed protuberance extending from its chin. The top right side of its head is covered in a patch with a polka-dot pattern. Its face consists of a large smiling mouth and above it a rectangle resembling a 2-dot face of a die.

Each of the Stand's body parts is a hybrid of king cards of all four suits, but dominantly displays the king of spades. On the left of its shoulder cape is a pattern of hearts. The top of its right shoulder shows a design from the king of spades, including a flower. Below that is a circle displaying a pattern from the king of clubs. Finally, emerging from the circle is the image of a large king card covering the front flap of the shoulder cape. This card is a fusion of all king cards, as it has a heart under the K, the king faces toward the right like the king of spades, he holds the same sword as the king of clubs in the same direction, and he has a diamond pattern on his clothes.

Below its navel is a pattern from the king of spades card covering its waist. There are several diamonds embedded in its crotch. Space Trucking's right knee has an ace of spades card on top of it. Its right foot displays another pattern from the king of spades card.

Space Trucking is bound to a deck of cards, from which it manifests its power. The deck itself is relatively ordinary and bears the Higashikata Fruit Company's crest.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
Body(Gold body, red lipstick and accessories)
Card Borders(White tinted violet)
Face Designs
(Red, magenta, yellow, green and periwinkle)


Dimensional Storage

Kaato can store objects between the cards of her deck

Space Trucking allows Kaato to store objects and hide living things inside the space between her cards as if nothing was there. She can store objects that are considerably larger than the deck, as seen when she brings forth a chair to attack Joshu,[1] and even summons Tsurugi's whole body from them. It can also be used to immobilize people, as Kaato pins Toru to the floor by hiding his limbs inside her cards.[2]

Kaato explains that the objects hidden in her cards may appear to be crushed but in reality, they are merely hidden. However, she is seen crushing the Locacaca branch in her deck to extract its sap.[3]


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  • Like the other Stands of the Higashikata Family, its name contains the word "king" (Space Trucking).


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