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Sleep as a Hero (英雄として眠る, Eiyū toshite Nemuru) is the thirtieth chapter of Phantom Blood and the thirtieth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


Bruford survives Jonathan's Overdrive and prepares to attack his opponent again stating that the pain he feels is nothing to him. As he rushes at Jonathan, the latter simply stands still much to the dismay of his companions. Speedwagon calls out to Jonathan insistent that he counter Bruford's onslaught, however, he refuses to move. Surprisingly, Bruford stops before his hit can land and only barely cuts Jonathan's cheek. Jonathan addresses the zombie's earlier statement about pain; Bruford being undead should be unable to feel anything, least of all pain. As Jonathan states this, flowers start to bloom under Bruford's feet and around him and he begins to disintegrate. Zeppeli observes that the Ripple, though destroying the zombie knight, seems to have revived Bruford's true human soul in the process. Jonathan had come to this conclusion a moment earlier and at that moment decided to stop fighting.

Bruford comments that though Jonathan had been correct he had taken a serious risk. The former knight is grateful to Jonathan for reminding him of pain and through that his humanity. He now feels at peace and ready to rejoin his queen in the afterlife. Bruford requests Jonathan to speak his name to which Jonathan obliges. Bruford presents Jonathan with his sword, “Luck”. Bruford then affixes the letter "P" beside the "luck" using his blood, changing the sword's name to “Pluck”. With that last act, Bruford turns into dust. Moved by his actions, Jonathan recognizes Bruford's honor and recalls the one responsible for corrupting the noble soul of the knight. His resolve to defeat Dio and the Stone Mask is renewed.

Suddenly, Jonathan is ambushed from behind by Tarkus who gives no thought about trampling over the remains of his dead comrade's armor. Tarkus calls Bruford a coward and disgrace to those who have completed the trial of the 77 Rings, then kicks the shattered armor at Zeppeli. The Ripple master realizes that the shrapnel would be impossible to dodge entirely and makes his best effort to use his skills to minimize the damage. Injured, but still well enough to fight, Zeppeli remarks that Tarkus will be difficult to free from Dio's control, to which the zombie knight replies that he will crush him and his companions to pieces.


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About when I was a kid, I won a bicycle as a prize from Jump, and even now, I still use it. I feel like it's wondrously connected through Fate.




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