List of every mistakes from French official materials

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Hey, you ! Are you French and want better french material, by learning where they failed ? Do you hate France so much that you want to know where to strike ? This blog is made for you !

I will, and you can too, regularly update this blog to add mistakes from every French official material. May it be French dub, subs, mangas, or even games if there is any mistakes.

Delcourt Tonkam

  • Angelo's IQ is mentionned to be higher than 160, which... doesn't really matter to be honest.
  • Ermes (called Hermes in french) is called Hermes Coste in a Volume Summary
    • Another Volume Summary mix everything up, saying Weather Report is called Foo Fighters, that Ermes is Emporio and his Stand is "???", that Pucci is the green baby, and Versus is Pucci. a big mix up huh.
  • Magent Magent, called Magenta Magenta in french, instead of saying that he liked Wekapipo, mentions that he was in LOVE with him.
  • A COLLECTOR JoJolion bookmark, with all the JoJos calls Johnny Joestar "Johnny Star". the bookmarks are also very ugly imo but whatever.
    • Jotaro is called "Jôtarô Kûjô", and his daughter share the same surname. This was something that was only in J'ai Lu's translations, not Tonkam.
  • JJL Chapter 106: Go Beyond is called Chapter 102, for some reason.


Anime French Dub

  • When he first explains his ability to Bucciarati, the boss says that King Crimson can stop time
  • Diavolo's ability is called Epitaph once during Chariot Requiem "wait that's not a mistake !", well kind of. For all of Golden Wind, the name Epitaph is removed, with just an eyecatch that calls it Eulogy, so it shouldn't have been called Epitaph, but something like "My vision of the Future" like they did with King Crimson vs Metallica.
  • Messina and Enya don't uses localized names either, despite every characters using one.


  • When meeting Polnareff as an ennemy, instead of saying "Another one ?", he asks "Where is Holy", as if DIO Kidnapped her.
  • In the car chase scene, instead of asking himself if DIO has some sort of teleportation power, Kakyoin confidentantly says that DIO teleport to a parallel dimension by opening a rift in space. This was around a decade before D4C.




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