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This user is a fan of Usagi Alohaoe

About Me

Hi! My name is Sartuki. I'm Argentinian and my birthday is March 3.

I first got into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure around the end of 2020 when a friend told me to watch the anime. I started to read Stone Ocean after finishing Golden Wind, and I'm currently up to date with both manga and TV and following The JOJOLands.

Outside of JoJo, I'm a big fan of Argentinian Rock and IDM music, as well as a Geography nerd and (hobby) software developer.

Favorite Part

Favorite Araki Illustrations


  • Update JoJolion articles (outdated format, citing, information, etc).
  • Keep the following up to date:
    • Part 9 articles in Spanish (whenever I can aka not often).
    • International releases.