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DIO is the greatest rock legend that ever lived

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Gyro Zeppeli didnt deserve to die

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Chase is a good op, Fight me

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The Spin is actually better than stands and hamon

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Cowboy Bebop: Knockin on heavens door, The end of evangelion, Fantastic Planet, Akira


Spawn HBO, Cowboy Bebop, Clone Wars 2003, Evangelion, Trigun


Gorillaz, DIO, The Seatbelts, Rainbow, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath


Gorillaz: Rise Of The Ogre, Jojo: Obviously, Ashita No Joe

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HFTF (Heritage For The Future), Sonic Adventure 2, Rockman X4, Killer Instinct, Legacy Of Kain


TIME.......has stopped.

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posted 44 days ago

That's weird. It never showed up in the moderation queue. It doesn't say anyone rejected them either.

posted 45 days ago

Does it show you an error or something when you try uploading it?

posted 686 days ago

Ey np, glad to contribute I've already filled OVA Eps. 1-3 with stitches already. Just got the painstaking task of finishing the others now

posted 688 days ago

Np mate. I've got a huge checklist of OVA stuff to add and do since the wiki has bare bones of OVA content. I've added a majority of stuff to most part 3 character galleries so far.

posted 688 days ago

Yo no worries with this message. But I'm the OVA guy. I've been busy doing stitches and whatnot of them and am going to make a file redirect to that DIO OVA PNG. Been hella busy.

posted 723 days ago

I don't think you need to replace the game renders with transparent ones since they still have visible white outlines.

Also when you add files to galleries, don't put "thumb". That doesn't work.

posted 723 days ago

Thanks for the reply. Yeah so basically when you open the image, there's a button on the bottom left of that image that says "File Page" if you click this it takes you to the destination of the files upload, and there you should be able to see if the file is a jpg or PNG. If you scroll down on the files page, there's a link saying "Upload new version" you click this and match the image with the same filetype. Only do this if the image you have is at a higher resolution than what we already have. Thank you for understanding.

posted 723 days ago

Hi I don't know if you saw me revert your edits the other day, but I basically said for you to stop abandoning current files and overwriting them with your own? Could you perhaps upload new versions on the files page instead of abandoning the main files as it makes hard work to then re-add your uploaded image(s) on the other language character galleries. So at this point it'd be best to upload a new version.

posted 725 days ago

Thanks a lot, and you're doing great. I appreciate it.

posted 727 days ago

The file names could just be stuff like "Tusk4Branpesto" or "Ball_Breaker_Branpresto," just names that are clear and tell you what the image is about. It helps to find images through searching and prevents file names from being the same or too similar. I appreciate your filling the galleries with figure images, and thanks.