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As of the posting of this forum post, we have more stub articles than completed pages for foreign voice actors. While new articles are bound to be stubs, please make sure that if you are creating a new page, you should come back to finish it.

Kindly ensure that the page has the following sections before publishing it (underlined ones are required):

  • Infoboxes. This is already a given. See the character info page for the template. Do NOT publish a page without an image for the infobox.
  • Brief description. Who are they? Who did they voice? What else are they famous for other than JoJo?
  • Biography. Just a couple of sentences about them will do, but make sure that it is updated later on to fill at least a paragraph.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Roles. See other VA pages for a guide on this.
  • Commentary. Optional. If the VA has said anything remarkable about JoJo, it can go here.
  • Videos. Also optional. If the VA has any videos (on YouTube) related to JoJo, you can display them here with this template:
{{Vid|video ID|size}}
{{Vid|OCVVP5U4Ovk|340}} (example)
  • Gallery. Ditto with videos, but with images. Also optional.
  • Trivia. Optional. If they mentioned something like, for example, their favorite JoJo, it can go here. However, if it's something about how they found JoJo, how they felt about getting casted, etc. (AND if it's long enough), those will go in the Biography section under "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure".
  • References. This is important for the infobox and the biography section. Just put {{References}} and it's good to go.

If you are unsure on what the page should look like, here are some VA pages that you can use as a guide:

Should the page have any missing parts from the underlined sections above, it will be considered a stub until it is updated. (NOTE: As of 25/3/2022, we will be holding off from creating new VA pages until most of the stubs are completed. That is unless we see that the new page has the required sections. As mentioned, you are free to create a page but it shouldn't be missing anything once published.)

If you can help out with the stub pages, you can check the list of articles that need support. It will be very much appreciated.

Feel free to ask any questions or other queries regarding editing in the replies below. Thank you very much!

Posted by FrizzleLamb on 25 March 2022 at 09:36.
Edited by FrizzleLamb on 26 March 2022 at 08:19.