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That cat was targeting us this whole time!

Wild Cat Size (ワイルド・キャット・サイズ, Wairudo Kyatto Saizu) is a group of tertiary antagonists featured in the ninth part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series, The JOJOLands, specifically the "Hualalai - Cat Size" story arc.

They are a trio of cats belonging to Charming Man and wander around Rohan's villa, targeting Dragona, Paco, and Usagi after they steal from Rohan. They all share the Stand Cat Size, which turns their fur into wires that can target their opponents.


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The three cats are all of the same breed with no notable differences between them. Their physical characteristics include pointed ears, light-colored eyes, and long tails that often point straight up. Their coloration closely resembles Siamese cats with the fur on their bodies being primarily light-colored, and their extremities being much darker. The pattern on their faces in particular resemble an executioner's mask with the mouth exposed.

Upon activating their Stand abilities, the cats' tails unleash several light-colored strings. When they're enraged, the cats begin to change in appearance with the wires spawning from every part of their body, their ears pinned back, and fangs fully out.

Color Schemes

The series is known for alternating colors between media, the information presented below may or may not be canon.
(Cream fur with black markings, brown nose)
Eyes(Aqua Blue)


Not much is known about Wild Cat Size, but Rohan considers a stray cat coming to his villa unnatural. They wander around the mansion, attacking the gang attempting to steal from Rohan.[2]

The cats are highly intelligent,[1] capable of considering the Stand ranges of their opponents. They also act ferociously, baring their fangs and narrowing their eyes when one of their allies is beaten. They are capable of efficiently working together to stalk and capture their prey, using their shared Stand ability to form a net out of their wires.[3]



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All three cats share Cat Size, which produces translucent wires from their fur resembling fishing line. The wires follow a target and wrap around their limbs, constantly getting tighter.

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Constricting Wires



Wild Cat Size belongs to a unique species native to the island of Hawaii.[1] For unknown reasons they are allied with Charming Man, who uses them to watch Rohan Kishibe.

The JOJOLands

The Diamond Heist

When Jodio and his allies approach Rohan's villa, one cat leaps off the gate and wanders inside.[4] While Dragona opens the door to the mansion, the cat walks nearby and is spotted by Usagi. The cat then heads to the balcony and sniffs the flowers near Jodio before hopping onto the roof. Rohan spots it jumping up there and finds it strange that it suddenly appeared, thinking the cat might belong to someone. The cat enters the house and Rohan is about to search for it before Jodio distracts him. Usagi points to the cat approaching them, but it walks right past them, so Paco thinks it will be fine as long it doesn't make any noise.

A cat walks away after attacking the gang

After the gang steals Rohan's diamond and attempts to escape, a plastic string resembling a fishing line suddenly wraps around Paco's ankle. It quickly tightens and Paco is unable to get it off. Dragona tries to help, but a string also wraps around their arm. Another string approaches Usagi's foot, but he jumps to dodge it. The string floats back into the hallway and turns translucent. Usagi realizes that the cat must be a Stand user and set up the string when it went down the hallway. Rohan realizes that the stray cat and the rain both aren't natural phenomena and that something is up.[2]

Meanwhile, Dragona, Paco and Usagi are still dealing with the wires that have wrapped around their limbs. Usagi insists on accusing the cat of being an enemy and points at it, but all Dragona and Paco see is the cat cleaning itself, seemingly ignoring them before disappearing behind a corner.[5] When the gang leaves Rohan's house, the cats pursue them.[6]

Jungle Warfare

The cats make a net out of their fur

In the jungle, the cats use a moment of distraction from the protagonists to launch their attack. They stealthily send a wire that coils around Jodio's ankle and pulls him up, leaving him dangling to a tree. Although they stay hidden within the vegetation, Jodio spots one and warns his companions. The cats then have two wires tied together attack Dragona from behind and pierce their stomach. When Paco comes to Dragona's aid, the wires stitch Paco and Dragona together, binding them. The stray cats send in another wave of wires from upwind. However, Jodio uses November Rain to destroy this attack.[7]

Usagi gets burgers from the car and fills the patties with caviar he stole from Rohan's fridge, which he then feeds to the cats. After, the cats continue their onslaught by sending wires toward Paco, Dragona, and Jodio from behind the bushes. They climb up the tree Jodio is tied to and shake their tails in unison to generate more wires from their fur. The wires ensnare their targets, suffocating Paco and Dragona. Jodio manages to swing himself upward and fires rain using his Stand toward one cat, shooting it away. This causes at least that one cat's wires to loosen on the three of them, but the remaining two intensify their assault, creating a net of wires to capture their prey. However, their efforts are thwarted when Usagi arrives by crashing the car onto the tree they're on, causing them to lose balance. The two cats charge toward Usagi, but since they were fed caviar, they became valuable and are drawn towards the Lava Rock when Usagi drops it. As they slip towards the rock, Usagi captures them using a transformed net with THE MATTEKUDASAI.[3]

Although they were captured, the cats manage to escape the net and flee into the jungle. Charming Man later tricks Jodio by seemingly showing their decapitated heads inside Jodio and Paco's food bag to intimidate them.[8] However, the three heads were actually potatoes disguised by their owner's ability.[9]




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