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I can’t tell you for sure, but there’s a flock of birds I can see! They can’t fly very well yet, but they’re trying to learn with all their might!

This unnamed Stand used by Sasha Loggins is featured in the light novel rey infinito.

It hatches a colony of birds from Sasha's baseball cap, which then rapidly grow from chicks into adult birds of all kinds of breeds.


When the Stand hatches, it appears as a flock of hairless chicks. They quickly grow into adult birds of various breeds and sizes. Although they are imitating real birds, the Stand differs in body color and shape compared to the actual breeds.[1]


The Stand follows the instincts of real birds, even though they aren't real organisms. When they first hatch, the birds fight each other with their beaks, constantly chirp, and threaten each other as if they are competing to be the leader. They also try to fly without any fear of crashing or falling. Even if they fall down, they immediately turn their bodies over and attempt to fly again. They persistently carry out their mission by flying, regardless of whether they'll fall on the way.[1]


Bird Generation and Manipulation

When Sasha's baseball cap is turned inside-out, the Stand hatches a flock of chicks inside it. The growth rate of the chicks vary for each individual, but all of them rapidly grow within minutes. First, their tail feathers and flight feathers sprout, and then some of them are able to fly several centimeters before falling. They fully grow into various bird breeds such as crows, pheasants, toucans, kingfishers, cuckoos, woodpeckers, sandpipers, and parakeets.

The birds can then be controlled by their user. They will handle flight missions such as carrying Sasha's Ripple-conductive braided cord around to where she needs it to be.[1]


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