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The Villa on Hawaii Island, Part 2 (ハワイ島の別荘 その②, Hawai-tō no Bessō Sono 2), originally titled Vs. Rohan Kishibe (vs.岸辺露伴, Bāsasu Kishibe Rohan), is the fourth chapter of The JOJOLands and the nine hundred sixty first chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.

This chapter was originally published in the June 2023 issue of Ultra Jump, alongside the final chapter of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond's Demonic Heartbreak.


Rohan suspects that the rain that just fell was unnatural. Panicking, Jodio tries contacting his allies, telling them that Rohan is a Stand user, but they don't respond. Meanwhile, Paco struggles to escape from the string Stand and grabs a pair of scissors from Usagi. Usagi offers to transform his Stand into scissors as well for Dragona if it's wished for, but Dragona screams from the string tightening around their wrist. Paco then attempts to cut the string around his ankle, but the blade of the scissors breaks off. Paco mentions that the string's durability is like stainless steel, even if it feels like it's a semi-transparent string made of natural materials. Usagi tries explaining to them that they're being attacked by a Stand and that it isn't just some security system, but Paco argues that his idea is crazy and it wouldn't make sense for a cat to ambush them with a string trap.

Dragona answers Jodio's call, who worriedly exclaims that Rohan just went into the living room. Dragona orders them to put their masks on and they decide to leave through the window. However, the wires continues to tighten around Paco's foot and Dragona's hand, so they have no choice but to try getting them off. Dragona summons Smooth Operators to slide their thumb down from their hand onto their wrist, going below the strings. With the altered shape, Dragona easily pushes the strings off from their hand. Paco understands what he has to do now and grabs the broken scissor blade. With the blade wedged in between the strings, he summons THE Hustle to vibrate his lower leg muscles, pushing the blade upward. The force of his muscles causes the blade to break through the string, freeing him from the trap.

As they're about to escape through the window, Dragona notices Paco's backpack is unzipped and the diamond rolled onto the floor behind them. This confuses Dragona, who was certain that they closed the zipper of the bag. Just as they head back to grab the diamond, Rohan touches Dragona's hand. Rohan is impressed that Dragona opened the safe, but threatens that they'll be in danger if he picks up the diamond again. Dragona pities Rohan, saying they'll have to tie him up now, but Rohan explains that it's impossible for that situation to occur. He activates his Stand, unraveling Dragona's hand into pages of a book. Through reading it, he learns Dragona's name, age, goal, and that one other person is on lookout by the pool. Usagi is afraid, but Rohan tells them that they're still going to be fine at the moment, sarcastically pointing out that all they did was open his safe and tear apart his original painting. Rohan approaches them, wanting to read them all with Heaven's Door to understand how they learned of the diamond's existence.

Suddenly, Paco leaps up and hangs from the ceiling by sticking his back muscles into a vent. He grabs Rohan by the neck, putting him into a chokehold. Rohan pushes his arm away, but his hand sticks through Paco's bicep. Usagi and Dragona then grab zip ties on Paco's orders. However, Rohan tosses the diamond toward Usagi. As the diamond hops from Usagi's hands to Dragona's, Rohan is able to turn Usagi into a book and sends him flying away. Paco attempts to strengthen his chokehold, but Rohan taps his arm with his other hand, turning Paco into a book as well. Rohan reads them while they're unconscious. He learns about their boss, Meryl Mei Qi, and is relieved that their goal is simply just wanting money. Nonetheless, Rohan warns them of their current predicament. The diamond rolls on the floor, but Dragona is certain that they caught it and can even still feel it in their hands, despite it looking like nothing is there. Thus, the mystery of the diamond deepens.


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